We're In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for TeamMalaysia CNY Steem Meetup!

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I'm thrilled to inform you that I'm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my friends and crew @varunpinto, @shenoy and @sjennon. We're here for the meetup and it seems like it will turn out into an international mini meetup of sorts with people from a couple of different nationalities coming together this weekend.


The details for the meetup are posted on this post from Team Malaysia.

There is another amazing meetup happening for the ladies. @angiechin28 is hosting it and I'm hoping to meet some amazing Steemians from this event at the TeamMalaysia meetup if they visit later in the evening.

For a while now I've been thinking of meeting Steemit users from other geo-locations. I want to thank @bitrocker2020 for the invitation to the attend this one. I felt this was a unique opportunity that must not go wasted. We'll be shooting pictures and interviewing some of the participants at the event. It will be a lot of fun!

This was my third time visiting Malaysia but to be honest I haven't seen much of this beautiful country yet. But we're planning a roadtrip on Monday and I hope we get to experience more. I got into town with a bad tummy after my meal on my flight to KL. After feeling really sick for 2 nights I decided to go see a doctor and pulled @sjennon along with me.

I try to remain cheerful even under difficult circumstances and ensure people around me aren't stressed out too much. It's hard to keep my energy down.

Once again I have to thank @bitrocker2020 for recommending me a good hospital to get us checked out. Shannon's been suffering for the past week herself and therefore I forced her into meeting the doctor and he's given her some meds as well.
It sucks to have a stomach infection but it'll pass.

If she doesn't get any better I'll get her to see a doctor in India when we fly there on the 28th. She's visiting India and my family back home and we're doing a bit of travel together.

I flew in early to get some time alone to write my witness proposal. Shannon is on her world trip and was nearby in Penang, Malaysia and we planned on meeting on the 22nd and with my friends arriving on the 23rd. This trip was planned few days ago and I felt we'd have some time to ourselves to catch up on life and work after SteemFest 2017. Shannon has assisted in execution of both SteemFest conferences as part of my crew.

Posing with the most cheerful hospital lady ever

Varun and Phalgun have just landed at the airport and are coming over to meet with us. The next few days are going to be a lot of fun with my friends from India and Malaysia.

Malaysia-if you haven't been here yet, is an amazing place worth visiting. It's easy to travel, people are very nice and the food is great too. I'd love to hear some recommendations from you guys about places to visit, and things to do.

Now everyone's here with me in KL and life's great again. Hoping to feel better soon though!

Please check the blogs of the people I've tagged in this post. They are all doing some amazing things.

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Welcome to Malaysia!!! I would really love to meet you during the CNY Gathering but I've already made plans with friends for another event! But Hope you enjoy your time meeting all the amazing individuals of #teammalaysia !!!

Malaysia is one of the most beautiful places, you are lucky to come there and do not menyidakan time at the tourist attractions

I honestly like your post how far you go to advertise steemit and by doing that you are increasing the steemit community.
Cos of how much I love your post, I will follow you up hence

Hi @firepower, @varunpinto, @shenoy & @sjennon welcome to Malaysia :). Looking forward to meeting​ you all at the CNY Gathering this Sunday. :)

Great to have the whole team on the trip..@firepower, @varunpinto, @shenoy and @sjennon.. this is a good team which can move steemit to record numbers of users and indeed I believe it will turn out into an international mini meetup... You influence a lot of people world over you guys. And we here in Uganda always follow up your events. It's so unfortunate you had to go through this sickness @firepower.. Hope you'll be in great shape to meet the new users. We need to increase activity on steemit as we show these new users various tools they can use.

Thats great more, More advertisement for steemit. The community gets bigger and better.
Nice work @firepower

Have fun guys! :D
Miss me during the Roadtrip.

No we won't miss u.. We have @shenoy 😂

great to see you all up and about now @firepower @varunpinto, @shenoy and @sjennon ! looking forward to Sunday's CNY Gathering gonna be loads of fun ...

I like your post following you @firepower

Come over..Singapore is just nearby

Enjoyable trip. Malaysia is a beautiful country worth visiting.

wow very good ,, welcome to malaysia

Together we are stronger. grow faster 💪


I do hope you come to Nigeria real soon, we have a great community here and would really welcome you!!

Wooow! That is great. Three wonderful people togather. Have fun.I think I should also organise a meetup with fellow steemians of my level. Wish you a happy meetup

I also really like the country of malaysia and KL also I say welcome to the beautiful country

I wish you the best of luck and try to catch some fun as well

welcome to malaysia sir even though i am not a citizen of malaysia, but i like to settle here, best regards from me beginner in steemit sir, i am steemian from Aceh, indonesia.And now i work in malaysia

looks like you are very happy. enjoy your trip @firepower

please help me @firepower , I have long in level 25 thank you

Glad to meet you @firepower and your friends @varunpinto, @shenoy and @sjennon during the meetup last weekend. Do let us know when you swing by Malaysia next and we promised to have an even bigger party with a larger group of #teammalaysia Steemit members. Enjoy the rest of your travels in Malaysia and look forward to your announcement on Steem Fest soon!

Yaaay.. Finally here.. Let's all have fun..

Wow @firepower sir thats great to hear that you are on the way to Malaysia mini meetup i have heard from my brother that their are huge talent on malaysia i mean steemian. malaysians are doing great all the best hope to see a great meetup story as well regards raja dutta blogs keep up the good works going...And make steemit even more popular and bigger than any other media till date

Welcome back @firepower to Malaysia! Glad you and the others can make it for our CNY Gathering 2018.

Hopefully, you are able to fully recover before the event 🙌🏻.
Look forward meeting with​ all of you (@sjennon, @varunpinto & @shenoy) 😆 this Sunday and it will gonna be a blast gathering.

Malaysia is an amazing country! Enjoy your time in there!

Wish i was there to join in that steem meetup,i strongly believe youll have a swell time. Sorry about your little stomach upset maybe you were just jetlagged..nice work boss,hope to be like you soon..more firepower @firepower

Very good wau you post .....
thank you.....

a great post.
you are great at making posts. I admire you.
Good luck @firepower

good for you guys

A great endeavour you are doing..Your stories really inspires me a lot not to give up on this platform..You are the steemit Narendra Modi who travels all over the world!

Wishing all the best for the meetup bro @firepower

Wow wonderful work you are doing in Malaysia by promoting our beautiful steemit community .Sorry to hear about your sickness, please take care of yourself, you are our precious part, your every move brings beauty to steemit world. Thanks for sharing such a great post, wish you good luck and good health and happiness in life.

you guys are the most motivating personalities on Steemit..!! @firepower @shenoy @exyle also some more..!! I am motivated a lot by seeing you guys succeed :) Hope to see more content and I wish I could meet you in person.

I also really like the country of malaysia and KL also I say welcome to the beautiful country.

do not forget where we are


i think you spending a good time and feel very pleasant and you done a good job.... i like your writing skill.....

Hope you are doing fine by today. Nice meeting you eventhough it was just hi-and-bye as was about to go home. Before that everyone was busy chitchatting in respective groups. Anyway, thank you for an opportunity to be interviewed by your friends and crew @shenoy and @varunpinto. It was impromptu and hope whatever we answered make sense. Still new in cryptocurrency. Thank you for joining us team malaysia 😊

Pretty good writing skill and even more good are the pictures.
Followed you @firepower just to have the power of fire

Feeling good....steemit seems to be growing now at a rapid rate..... You gyus are doing great...lets getore and more users in under a single community...

I really like to read your post I am also very proud of you with the current state. and I will support you to be a witness. I actually also need your help friend. if you can help me on this steemit. I will help you to be a big 20 witness

hopefully his journey pleases my friend

Nice trip @firepower, you are a great mentor

wow ... this is an interesting post. i want to spend my holiday in Malaysia. What is the weather like right now

and where are the best tourist centers in Malaysia

Its pleasure if you also come to indonesia

thats great, have fun!

These Innovative ideas of yours in trying to spread the steemit platform is mind blowing and inspiring. Definetly in time, I'll do the same as you are doing. Keep up the good work brother. Big fan.

I hope it was great meetup Sir (@firepower)...
Best of luck Team Malaysia for meetup with @firepower

Thanks for i like this traveling..i appreciate this post...

I wish I were with you, alash!
Its not possible

This post motivates me more to continue growing in Steemit @firepower. I would love someday to meet with you and my team from Venezuela to learn from your great team that is an example to follow. I hope you enjoy it a lot and are nurtured with valuable information to continue sharing weekly with us.

Waao it's really good to see that you are in Malaysia right now and it's really good to know that people approaching you for Steemit meet-ups,

Well done bro @firepower

Malaysia is a really good place .I like your post have fun guys

So much Steem Power in one pic ahaha!

Very nice👍
do not forget to follow and upvote our steemit @ryanrizky.
please help him, thank you

Hey @firepower and others, it was great meeting you at the TeamMalaysia meetup yesterday! Appreciate and learn a lot more about the Steemit platform. Thanks for the great talks!

Coool...for sure you gonna have nice time in coming days....alongwith the international meet up..👍👍👍..make sure to explore as much s possible

Welcome to Malaysia!
Too bad I am not here to join for the CNY Gathering ...

Welcome to KL, Malaysia. It is good to have international visitors who can bring with them different perspective. I am from the Borneo part of Malaysia and hopefully you can visit one day too.

Saludos desde Venezuela, se miran increíbles las imágenes.

i really love the place malayasia kuala lampur i really love to see different types of articles there and even i wan t to visit there too its my dream land

Great, njoy.

i have choose for witness you mister @firepower

Muy buen post! Felicidades me gusto mucho. Muy buenas las fotos.

Wow...selamat datang (welcome) to Malaysia.

We will be at angiechin's event with steem-cartoon and steem-music...

See ya there.

Welcome to KL, see you tonight ;)

Really great to meet you in person today! You're doing an incredible job. Keep it up!! :-)

Ah this is the big surprise @Bitrocker2020 had in store.... It's a shame I had to miss the get together and really hope you enjoy your stay and the road trip

oh man this is to bad, would have loved to join. i am currently in kuching. well have a great meet up!

That was really nice meet-up! Looking forward for many more to come and curious about the steem-fest :D

Have a safe flight to India!

Really happy to finally meet you guys in person @firepower , @shenoy, @varunpinto and @sjennon!

@sjennon I really hope you are better now. Don't try the ice potong durian just yet until your tummy is much better!

@firepower if you want to have a pre-challenge for durians you can go to any 99 mart or 7 eleven or any small grocery shops (we call it sundry shops) and go ahead to the ice cream section and look for small rectangular ice sticks. I think they cost not more than MYR2. If I get to stop by a shop today and see one I will take a picture to let you see.

Totally love what you guys have been working hard for Steemit platform.

It is an honour to meet all of you.

I felt honoured when someone from East Malaysia coming to our event... having not one but 4 of you from another country just blow my mind... so it was great meeting all of you.. I had a busy day and will work on the photos soon... see you soon and enjoy Malaysia..

nooooo!!! If I knew this was happening I would've come to KL for this! I'm going next week anyway ahhhh