Steemit.Chat Contest #17 + Contest #16 Winners Announcement!

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The 16th contest was about sharing the most difficult conversation you've ever had. There were some good entries and I’ve picked out a few as winners.

The 16th contest had to be extended beyond the usual timelines. I'm traveling a lot more now due to the meetups I’m conducting. I felt that instead of running a rushed up contest late last week, it would be good to wait until today to come back to the regular schedule.

Congrats to these Steemians who won Contest #16:

  1. @hardikv - My son just turned 4 years old. On his birthday after the party was over, I was putting him to sleep with a story.
    Suddenly he asked me: “ Dadda, when am I going to die?”
    This took me by complete surprise and I was at a loss for words for almost a minute. Being the energetic kid he is (and probably high on sugar with all the birthday cake and chocolates he ate), he asked me the question 5 more times during that minute.
    I finally said: “When you grow really old.”
    Then he asks: “When are you going to die?”
    Now I kind of had a direction: “When I am really old.”
    He asks: “Amma will also die?”
    And I say: “Everyone dies when they grow very very old, beta.”
    And then I had to distract him with a story.
    I have no idea who put the thought in his head, and you can’t really talk logically to small children. He doesn’t really know what dying means. He is repeating something he heard from somewhere and I think it’s best to treat it like any other normal question and give a simple answer without attaching the weight that comes only after you become an adult. But the child doesn’t need to know that, yet.
    You can never really be prepared to be a parent. It’s always learning on the job.

  2. @onenecha - My most difficult conversation happened few years back as a teenager. I was in a friend's house dinning with her parent when suddenly (at this time, she and her mom had left for the kitchen) her dad started asking serious questions;
    Her Dad: So what's the deal between you and my daughter?
    Me: We are just friends, em best friends.
    Her Dad: are you just friends or best friends?
    Me: (looked confused) we are friends
    Her Dad: I see, where do you see this friendship in the next five years?
    Me: em em
    Her Dad: (he cuts in) or don't you have plans?
    Me: Sir. I do. I just...
    Her Dad: you don't sound confident.
    The conversion went on like that to the point where he asked; "Have you had sex with my daughter?" Then I was really mute. I felt disappointed in myself. This was really difficult for me because I was not prepared to face him. He wasn't supposed to be in town that day,

  3. @xhunxhiss - When I was in high school, my parents told me not to salute the flag and sing our national anthem, "Lupang Hinirang". Back then, our school was under a Catholic System Education and the priests strictly required all students to attend the flag ceremony and sing the national anthem every morning.
    One day, my teacher tasked me to lead the beating of the national anthem for the next morning. I shook my head a few times and barely said no. She looked at me suspiciously and asked, "Are you a Jehovah`s Witnesses?" I trembled. My innocent eyes met her eyes but I could not answer her.
    I wanted to say something but her words already stabbed me with fear. I turned my head away and took a deep breath. It was easy to lie but I knew, she will be going to find out the truth about our religion, sooner if not later. I stood in silence for a couple of minutes. At last! I found myself able to speak what in my heart. “I am not but my parents are one of them. “ I softly said.

  4. @camillius - The most difficult conversation I have ever had was with my lecturer in school.
    That fateful day, she came to class for her period which lasted for two hours taking us on the topic PHOTOSYNTHESIS. After the lecture, she asked if any of us has a question to ask; then I raised my hand and asked her with smiles on my face "since photosynthesis is the process by which green plants manufacture their food, what of those plants that are not green in colour?". Instead of answering my question, she said am stupid and asked me in return "what is the difference between green plant and plants which are not green? " I answered her confidently saying "chlorophyll" she asked again "what is the difference between chlorophyll and xantophyll?" this time around I started looking like a dummy, before I could utter a word, she asked again what if the difference between "xantophyll and carotenoid?" trying to give her an answer though I wasn't sure, she asked again, what is the difference between carotenoid and chromoplast. This time around she had succeeded in making a fool of me, I just stood there in class looking down while my classmates were looking at me with the "I pity you" look

  5. @rosemaryekanem - At the hospital bed with dad that evening, I had tried all I could as a nurse, he was brought to our hospital from his workplace on that Monday morning. Dad was said to collapse at work, much investigations revealed his blood pressure was so high that he collapsed earlier that Monday morning. He remained in coma for over 12 hours, it was a trying moment. Few minutes to ten that night mum called to ask if I had seen dad as he never returned from work since morning. I told her yes that dad was with me at my house and all was well. Dad died at few minutes to 12am. I cried my eyes out but he would not come back. The most difficult thing was how I would break this news to mom who had become so restless and worn out. I didn't want another calamity, no not at that trying moment. I got home early the following day, paced up and down for minutes trying to find a way to spill the terrible news. It had to be said anyways but the question was "how?"

  6. @thot2word - The most difficult conversation I've ever had. The day I had to break up with a guy who wasn't even my boyfriend in the first place. First let me state that 25 minutes out of the 30 minutes we spent talking was total and utter silence. I called to ask why he was being distant towards me. I wanted to ask if I had done something wrong. He responded that I didn't do anything and he just wanted to be on his own. I didn't know what that was supposed to mean because it's not natural. I asked him if he was sure and I assured him that he could tell me anything. I wouldn't feel bad. He proceeded to tell me that he had caught feelings for me and he was trying to distance himself because he wasn't sure I felt the same way. I told him after a very long silence, in a shaky voice that I felt the same way but I respected our relationship as friends and pushed them aside because I wasn't ready for a relationship. He didn't seem to understand that and he said as much. To cut the long story short, one of us had to finally start the dreaded sentence of break up. I started with, I think we really should separate because it seems it's for the best. But I believe We should separate amicably and not like before. He agreed with me. After another long silence, I hung up the call and had my first short real cry over a boy🙈. We are still friends till now though

Congratulations to the winners and @vdux for contest idea suggestion. Cheers!

Contest #17

Let's get on with the 17th contest and it’s quite simple. I'm sure many of you will participate in this. We’ll run this in the official contest channel on Steemit.Chat.

Share your experience!

  1. 1 Entry per person.
  2. Please answer this: What is the weirdest thing you’ve done in your life? - Keep responses below 200 words.
  3. Post a single comment in steemitchat-contest channel with your entry.
  4. You have until the next Monday till this post pays out or my announcement in the channel closing the contest (whichever is earlier).
  5. There will be 5 winners who will get 10 Steem each sponsored by the new management of Steemit.Chat aka @followbtcnews.
  6. Multiple entries will lead to disqualification so kindly post a single comment in the chatroom!
  7. Contest will take place in steemitchat-contest channel on Steemit.Chat.

You are also welcome to drop more Steemit.Chat contest ideas in this post or in the contest channel and you may get some SBDs if your idea gets selected for a future contest.

Let contest #17 begin!

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Congratulations to all the winners and thanks @firepower for organising this wonderful contest to give an opportunity to show ourselves to other users.

@firepower I'm so glad you liked my suggestion. These were amazing stories. I started a contest of my own!

Hahaha... the 2nd one from @onenecha killed me with laughter. Honestly that was so out of the blue. It's a conversation you can never expect at any one time. And am not surprised @onenecha was caught off guard. This completely showed he was guilty of not admitting he's true feelings to the girl.

The first one from @hardikv was handled with a high level of intellect, Your kid asks you the least expected question you expect from him. No one would have been prepared for this. Smartly handled indeed. is getting so fun.. let me give a shot at the 17th contest

Hello Mr Firepower.
I just want to say WELL-DONE.
your generosity and intelligent contest is worth everyone's time here on STEEMIT.
Allow me to give you a pat on the back.
And now to participate in your upcoming contest.

Wow I won! 😁Thank you so much. ✨
I am gonna give my son a big spoon of Nutella tomorrow as reward for having that conversation... ha ha 😇

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Congratulations, you are doing a great work, highly appreciable, congratulations to those whose day you made.
I will be in contest and shared my movement on steemitchat. I think there are too small people like you who are making steemit more successful by contests like these.

Congratulations to all the Winners. And well done👍🏻

beautifull contest & congratulations all winers

resteem & followed sir

In all honesty, this is beautiful and awesome.
This post also also speaks volumes of your kindness and generosity towards the success of others....keep it up. Providence has a way of rewarding charity. Long live steemit....

Hi @firepower,
This is great work from you .
It shows steemit is getting deeper into India.
The guy that talks about free money.. he he.
It's not free money.
It's money paid for content you take time writing.
Wish you all the best for your job bro....keep going.

Take a look first while understanding

Nice contest, congrats to the winners.
Really liked number one. I recognized it , my son (also 4) asked me questions about dead.

i will done upvote

This work is great, really with time, this will keep d house bubbling. I am joining the race now.

Congratulations to all winners and u are doing great job i appreciate ur work keep ur efforts like this u are always good @firepower

Congratulations to all the winners !!! Thank you 🔥 firepower ... we actually missed you .... have been checking your blog for over a week now !!!

Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks @firepower for the announcement of next contest.

Can u please see my last post on Water pollution and conservation of water. I posted this post just to create awareness among the people's.

upvoted ! contests are the great ideas , i will participate in your future contests. because i'm newbie and need some help about steemit . when i fully understands about steemit than i'll participate in your every contest. thanks for sharing , resteemed done!!

wow , amazing contest series . dear @firepower i will do participate in! but now i'm little busy these days . i will participate in your future contest . thanks for sharing

Nice post.good job.

I congratulate all the winners and to @firepower

my most sincere congratulations to all the participants and the winners of this contest. But someday I can participate in them ... I count on you to make it possible. Congratulations.

This is really encouraging. Thank you for all you do. Really nice. It's about time i register with

What incredible work you are distributing @firepower. This is such a fresh concept. What inspired you to conduct this contest if you don't mond me asking?

congratulation @hardikv and thanks to firepower for the contest, i wish i had contest in the contest. concrat. hoping for the next one.

I am so grateful sir @firepower for considering my entry among the winners.

I am so encouraged

I cannot but say well-done sir. Your generosity is noticeable and I cherish how your influencially cause the growth of community. I say well-done

thats great

Congratulations to the 16th contest winners; all your entries are really powerful and truly deserves this honour.

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
I'm so happy to be part of the winners.

Thank you @firepower, you rock!

Cordially congrats to all the contes#16 winners and all the best for all the participants in contest #17.
@firepower you are really supporting the steemit community by organizing these health contests. Your work for the steemit community is exemplary. I really appreciate your efforts.
Here I must say that excellence is never an accident, it is the result of intelligent and continuous hardwork.

Your contest was added to Steemit Contest Compilation (19.02-25.02): Win free SBD and STEEM
Thank you @firepower for giving Steemians a chance to win some STEEM.

Steemit really getting more interesting new to this platform though

nice post.thanks for shearing sir.
beautifull contest & congratulations all winers
resteem & followed sir @firepower

Congrats to these Steemians who won Contest #16
And Thanks sir @firepower for sharing this post. Waiting for the next contest #17🙂🙂
Resteemit and Upvoted done

Thank you for the whole sum amount of sbd you sent to me @firepower. I am so much grateful. Namaste! :)

Congrats to all the winners. Their entries were great and awesome. Thoroughly well deserved!!!

congratulation for all the winner, next i will participation contest

Short stories moved me. It was a great read. Keep it up.


I pity you. Look

Joined!!! Oh this is a fun topic. :)

Congrats to the winners too!

A big congrats to the Winner, looking forward for thr next contest.

Thanks for this contest @firepower im am glad to join and share my story too God bless us

while browsing my feed i bumped into your post and read the content,, man this awesome,, why didnt i saw this earlier so that i can join the previous topic, i might have the chance to win hehehe,, (who knew?),, anyways thank you for having this contest,, i dont know yet how to join i mean i want some clarification and if you happen to read my comment will you please reply me what to do and where to submit,,, thank you so much

Hello @firepower. I want you to know that I deeply appreciate your picking my entry. I was literally screaming and jumping around yesterday 🙈 when I opened my wallet. I never expected it. Thanks very much for considering my entry. Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks again. 😘😘😘

What the heck? Jehovah's Witnesses are like that?

@firepower Hey Sir! Wanted to let you know, I am unable to join I don't know why,but I am not receiving the confirmation mail.

Nice steemit chat contest

wow this great, but cant i post it using a tag or in this comment??

U guys really !made! My day,I was jut like gosh ,hard conversations,jut like DAT son that ask his dad when his he gonna die😂😂😂.!men .and also ,thanks fr this wonderful n joyful contest, looking up to CONTEST #17.

Genial, un concurso excelente muy buen concurso las historias conmovedoras, divertidas y únicas. que bueno ver gente creativa por aquí. felicidades a los ganadores y me voy a preparar para el # 17.