We Are Sheep Or Are We?—The Brainwashing Is Real!

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This is the result of a poll I ran on my facebook account generally asking the friends on my account what they think about the government. It's actually a general question for a poll. Ruling party, previous government or a future government they have and will continue to engage in all these things.

This may not be a realistic statistical sampling because it only reached 2.5% of people on my list thanks to FB's algo + people not being interested in answering it objectively. But the results are what they are. 21% of the educated people on my list voted that governments are honest and flawless.

Remember Adolf Hitler was voted into power by people who believed blindly in his ideology and the rest they say is history.

We must always use logic, ascertain facts, maintain objectivity and rationality when we follow agendas and ideologies of our so called leaders. Facts over fiction, rationality over manufactured perceptions!

Any thoughts?

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I am not familiar with your government's stance on those who criticize it. Is it possible that people are giving it "flawless" reviews because they are afraid to speak out against it?

India is a country of blind supporters .

Wow I can't believe that anybody would even consider that a political system or government can even be "flawless"?
Lol every human created system has some flaws to it and the people in "power" most likely will use that system for their advantage.


This is proof that there's no dearth of stupid!

If a person does not make a practice of stepping back to observe objectively as you say, and independently from my perspective, they are probably being jerked around by their emotions / sentiments like a dog on a leash (by an abusive owner).


Couldn't have said it better myself.

The people are sheeps of course. The brainwashing is working well.
But example before the WW2 dont forget there was a WW1 and that guy he made germany the NO.1 economy after one lost war. I think that was the reason why he was sucessfull. It doesnt change the fact that he was also guilty but to be honest even nowdays there are countries who are killing inocent people with a fake reason.
Everything what we see and what we learn is a propaganda of somebody. Usually of those who have the power.


Well said!


Thats why i believe in the block chain technology. That can be a solution one day to manage the countries or the world. With a block chain maybe we can stop the corruption and the stupid laws. When everyone can decide. By the way in that case we even dont need politicans😁

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Wow. Don't people know there's no such thing as perfect?

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There's no dearth of sheeps in this world. :)

Follow your leader blindly
But make sure he is not Blind 😁
The agenda politics is the most practiced card by any party these days. The act of feeding false or overrated info is working out well for the parties. I personally known, there has been noticeable progress in govt contributions. But for each rupee of development, there is 5 Rupees of publicity.

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Well, Nothing is Perfect as every thing has some good & bad points but as far as I can see current ruling government is much better than the other available option and they are trying to be flawless.
Thank You for Sharing your thoughts as well as this Survey Result :-)

We all are really sheeps I believe strongly. And researchers also proven that Imitating any act by other person you seems strong is main act by the human psychology since we are not even homo sapiens i.e. humans..

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Not everyone is a sheep but many truly are.

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