Spending My Downtime At The Hospital!

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I've been at the hospital for a week now. I was admitted on the 9th for my 4th (in the past year) and final surgery on my leg. It felt good to get the rods and screws removed once and for all. I'd been riding motorcycles for most part of my life. I hope to get back to it someday again in the future.

Surgery was planned but chicken pox wasn't.

Well I've been on my feet for the past few days. But, soon after the surgery I got chicken pox and a bad case of it. So I'm stuck here at the hospital for a while longer. Chicken pox is horrible and extremely uncomfortable. Somehow pulling through it all by keeping calm and resting up.


Took this pic after the surgery was done and before chicken pox struck me.

Chicken pox has an incubation period of 2 weeks so it's possible that I might have crossed paths with someone with Chicken pox on my recent travels.

I've been on certain meds to help me with the healing and I've had high fever everyday. Some of these meds work as sedatives so I've been asleep for most part of the day. This itself isn't so bad as I'm getting some good sleep off late. But i'd have preferred them under different circumstances.

Anyway I'm happy to write this post down as an update. I'm behind on a couple of contest announcements as well. I hope to get them soon. The winners for India specific contests will be made once I am home and I get to review all the entries in detail.

Meanwhile I hope everyone on Steemit has a good and healthy week ahead. Cheers!

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Get better soon brother..

Good to know that your body has successfully thrown out all those artificial support of screws & rods now. But acquiring Chickenpox at this age is a test of your patience. But I know you can handle it with ease.

You do need some rest at this stage. Remembering to make an update from the hospital shows how much you care and miss your followers here. IMHO, you should do away with concerns like declaring contest results and organizing new ones during these times and take complete rest to recover quickly.

More power to you!


Thank you very much :D Getting more rest than I need but enjoying the long sleep. :)


You are replying to the comments 😮😮

Good to know your last surgery was a success. I really hope you can ride bike soon. Take care and get well soon from the chicken pox. Wonder why it is called chicken pox anyway...lol

Oh my word, chicken pox on top of surgery! You were looking good after the surgery, but I'm sure you don't want to share a pic of yourself now! Why I'm saying that is when I got chicken pox at the same time as my children; my one son looked at me one day and said 'Mommy why do you look so ugly?' Well that did not help me feel better at all, but then that was from the mouth of a babe :):)
I really hope you get better soon @firepower, but enjoy the rest if you can, and hope the itching stops soon as well, that's the worst!


Thanks a lot! I'm on meds for the itching which was insane. But these meds are sedatives so I've been sleeping most of my day :D


That's good @firepower, rest while you can!

Awww :( I wish you get to feel better soon!
Looking forward to meeting you at the Steemfest again! :D


Thank you. I will be there! :)

Get well soon @firepower. Hope to see you back on track as early as possible. Wish you sound health and speedy recovery! Cheers :-)


thank you very much bro :)

It's good to hear that your final surgery was completed successfully and those Roads are finally removed from your leg,

But get caught by chickenpox is sure a horrible thing because the pain of chickenpox is really bad,i hop you would be alright very soon, keep steeming bro and get well soon 😇


thanks buddy! :)

Wow as if the surgery wasn't bad enough, to get chicken pox on top of that just sounds horrible. How on earth did you contract chicken pox while at the hospital, does anyone know how that could have happened? Rest up man, get well.


Might have crossed paths with someone with chicken pox anytime upto 2 weeks prior to the surgery. It sucks though but i'll get through. Thank you for your message. :)

hope and praise you will get well soon sir.
I have suffered from chicken pox when i was of 16 at my 9th standard full of sensation and high fever.
You can get rid of it by bathing daily with adding Tulsi leaves and flowers in our water which is really effective and proved.Just do that for 5 to 6 days you will surely get rid of it i bet.


thanks for the headsup bro. :)


your most welcome sir.
get well soon sir.
sir have you remember me.

So who wants to see firepower's dots , aka, chicken pox :-D
Jokes apart, you got the fire. So we all don't need to worry - I am sure you are recovering fast and can't wait to get behind the wheels. Cheers


haha! the dots suck man. But good it happened whilst I was still admitted at the hospital. Will be home soon as its over. :)

Love you! Hope that you will get well soon.

Very happy to see you with your great updates.I had already prayed for your sound health. Please take care of yourself, mainly you had caught with chicken pox too. Wish you good health and happiness every day.

get well soon big bro :)

Sorry about your health @firepower. I wish you quick recovery. I have had the pox many ago, and I know how discomforting the itching can be.

Please keep the smile on, it is the best we can wear come what may.

Get well soon sir

I hope that you get well soon. I wish you a healthy life.

Get well soon bro, and thanks for give me Upvote on my post , keep supporting 😊

Wishing you a quick recovery.

Wow!. So sorry about all that. My thoughts are with you right now, and I wish you strength. You will pull through. I wish you perfect health too. Stay strong. Come back stronger as always.


@firepower i wish you speedy recovery... the steemit community needs you.

Take care buddy.. get well soon..

OOOoooo finally I get a face, you know what that means right? Selfportrait Pricasso style in your honour and dedicated to you, I shall be busy for the next day creating for you a masterpiece. Wishing you a speedy recovery my sire, hoping to see you back on those bikes as soon as you are better do post pics eh?

Portrait to follow shortly.

Yours Always

Glad to hear that you are recovering . Pray and good wishes to you . Get well soon.

O no sorry to hear about your illness and also the time you have spend in the hospital. I pray for good health for you to recover and be ngaged in your desire daily activities you really want to do.
Chicken pox is a really bad disease because someone have experienced it before and i have seen the outcome on the skin.
I wish you great recovering in your health and wish to see you next time on your post showing your health been sound

I wish you will come round soon bro @firepower
We miss you .
We also miss your valuable post.
I hope God bless you

I'm to hear all this. Come back to us with full firepower.

i wish you full recovery and sound health.

Get well soon!

You will no longer be attacked by Chicken Pox as it will hit one only once in a life time. I went through that stage quite a long time ago and have never suffered from it later. I wish you could ride your motorcycles back again as you once used to be. Wishing all the best bro!

I hope you feel better now and I am sure that you will be back to your old Hobby. Life can be challenging, but only good time comes after difficulties. Be patient and bless you :)

Get well soon. Sorry to hear about your health problems. I was lucky I had chicken pox when I was little and I don't remember a thinks. Best wishes @firepower!

An effective experience ...
How are you now Mr. @firepower

Hope you get well soon man! From the Op and the chicken pox ... I am pretty sure you will to ride your bike again :)

Get well soon !!

Hmmmm i can relate. Been in the hospital is not a good thing.. My mum broke her knee cap some years ago, an internal feastor was screwed in her leg she is doing well now tho... Get well soon!!!

Get well soon sir, speedy recovery 💐💐💐

Get well soon

Welcome back man. Is feels good to be healthy. Take your medication religiously and take good rest. You week be good soon.

@Mychidera-eu founder of @mysteemitnation

I wish you will get recovery very soon and waiting for your come back on steemit.
wish you good health
and thanks for informing your followers.

Downtime comes in everyone's life but we don't know when and where. So don't worry for your downtime. It is a part of life. It will go away. You will get better soon.

Get well soon @firepower i know how bad it feels when you are lying down on the hospital bed......dont worry good days are coming soon....

Get well soon dear

Voted for @firepower, witness india:)

Cheers ! Get well soon!

Take care, hope you get better soon!

I am Pricasso most wonderful artist and I thought I would draw a special portrait for you while you are resting and healing in hospital.

firepower selfportrait.png

Your blog in honor and dedication to you here


Be well soon.

Yours Always

Hi @firepower I hope you are feeling better since this post has been written. It seems like chicken pox was worse than the hardware removal!
Looking forward to more posts once your well. Cheers!

Get well soon. Wish you a speedy recovery! :)

Thanks for update.. And am glad you are back on your feet again ,
It really feels good to hear that it was your last surgery

I'd been riding motorcycles for most part of my life. I hope to get back to it someday again in the future.

You surely will get back to this in future, since you are physically doing well , now that you don't have those screws and rods.
Chicken pox seems to be spoiling your happiness after the surgery but have hope that your happiness shall still not be in vain, just focus on treating it, and do some physical exercises as well to regain back that physical well being that you had before.
Looking forward to your full recovery.

That’s unfortunate but good to know that you are recovering. Wishing speedy recovery, good health and more power to @firepower!

Good Luck friend. Sending Good thoughts your way. God Bless!

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care man.

that you recover soon!

Always pray to God, for He is our great Healer and good provider.

Hope that you will get well soon.

Hope you will be cure soon... Lots of prayers for you dear

@firepower I know the time is not good for you health but it's good to give rest. You are working hard and I know this is best time for you to take rest.

Give this time to you and your family members.

You will be ok soon. I know what chicken box is. Bro I only suggest you to take rest because this is good for chicken box patience.

Take time and come Back with full power.

Have a great time. Enjoy 😄✌️

So sorry about your health. Get well soon.

Hey @firepower get well soon..wasn't aware about it....do take coconut water helps during chicken pox...waiting for your faster rexovery......indian community is waiting for your power...👍👍...

You are going through tuff time . Hope you will recover soon. Take care 😊

I wish you a very quick recovery.
You are really strong though, at the hospital, but still able to make a post....

I am also sick but the fear of going to the hospital and receiving injections has kept me away from visiting the hospital.

Do rest a lot and come home stronger....

We care about you Firepower....

Get well soonest! @firepower

Sorry to hear that but at least the recovery is going well. Did you not beat chicken pox as a kid or is this second time you have them? What helps enormously with chicken pox - Potassium permanganate - you basically put a bit of it in a bathtub and soak in there like a cabbage :D It dries out the chicken pox and helps reduce the itch.

Get better soon! xo

Get well soon!
I just happened to be on an accident site yesterday (on my first day as an EMT on the ambulance), I don't know nothing about the guy's injuries (too many paramedics around) but I witnessed him saying his birth date, he was 24 years old and the bike was completely broken. I never broke any of my bones and I hope I never will. I might be scared of the surgery.
There's an increased probability to get some flu or something at the hospital so the chicken pox could but must not have come to you during the travels.

P.S.: I'm happy to announce there's 21600 followers now. I will browse your archive later.

I can only pray for your speedy recovery and get back to the normal flow of life. Your absence is highly felt. Get well soon champ.

Good to see you doing great, get well soon man.

Get well soon @firepower :)

Get well Soon !

I hope you get better the soonest!

Chicken Pox is the only children's disease I remember so vividly, due to the horrible itch I had during the whole time! I had it when I was appx 12 years old and I cannot imagine what you are going through.

I am sending positive vibes from Greece, get well soon!

(p.s. thanks for reading my blog 🌹)

Get well soon.

Good to hear the surgery went well @firepower. Sorry about the Chicken Pox. I know it is a very nasty affliction to deal with.

Best of luck for a full recovery :)

Good to see you smiling. Get well soon! Have a healing week.

good to hear that your surgery is finished and will pray for you, get well soon and i am sure you come back with bang. take care and god bless you.

@firepower Get well soon. I am sure none of these obstacles stop you from doing great things and being adventurous. Come back stronger and we need you.

Oh God.

Get Well Soon Rockstar !

get well soon bro....
god may bless you...
jaldi jaldi thik ho jaao

Get well soon brother