Debunkation – Upgrade Inside

in blog •  6 months ago

Yes. It happened. Even amazing guys like myself need a break from time to time. Relax, sit back and watch the world burn. Or something like that.
So, with this in mind, I hereby announce my one-week vacation, starting by tomorrow.
That includes, you guessed right, my Debunk-Tuesday series. Twice.
So, basically, my debunking efforts are taking a vacation. Or Debunkation. I’m so creative, I know.


So, yes, you will not be able to read my awesome pieces of literature for quite a while. You should complain about that to the person I’m having the vacation with. I’m not dropping names…but I really hope she appreciates my shift of priorities for once. Jeez. I’m getting weaker as I’m becoming older. Tough life.
But I can promise you guys one think: once I’m back (I assume, I won’t die during my vacation, but you never know), there will be (hopefully) soon some kind of “upgrade” to this series. I’m aiming to make the articles more detailed, more extensive and also more entertaining. I’m not sure, whether I will be able to deliver on all of these aspects, but I will try my best for sure.
In addition to that, I have planned for quite some time now to make this a video series. Because of the high production efforts accompanying this particular idea, I will most likely kill the German audio version (I kinda have the feeling, nobody listened to that stuff anyway). I will still provide the German translation though.
I am not sure, how soon I will begin with video production, since I have to teach myself first a lot about cutting, editing and all the other fun stuff you can do with videos.
But I always liked the idea of having my own successful YouTube channel (yeah, it’s still better accessible than dTube) – maybe this will be the very start of it. And if, in many years, I am going to be rich and incredibly famous, you guys can say “Well, WE knew this guy right from the start. What about you, he?”
If that’s nothing, I don’t know what is.

There are some semi-concrete ideas in my mind right now, how to pull all this of and to present the videos, but I will still need to figure some stuff out. I don’t want to leave you guys with low effort trash videos. Nobody likes that. That’s why I cannot announce a specific date at which I will start with it, so most likely the whole thing will at some point suddenly just…stumble into existence.
After 21 articles about the fascinating world of bullshit (which is, put together, almost a small book), evolving into something more fancy is just the next logical step.
I hope, you will find the new format as interesting as the old one. While I’m enjoying my vacation, you can read the old articles again, just in case you have missed something.
Take care and stay tuned.


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I honestly can't wait for the video series to be out so I can finally put a face to the amazing persona. Enjoy your vacation and don't stay too long man :)


I will, thanks a lot :)

I wish you & your companion a wonderful, wondeful holiday! 😊❤️✨
Looking forward to the return of Debunk Tuesday in video format!
Take care & lots of love :*


We will, she was smiling while reading your comment :D

Have a nice vacation @egotheist! You earned it ;)


I really needed it, thanks! :)

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