CritDay Coin - Sndbox Weekly Question

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CritDay Coin - Sndbox Weekly Question

This week Sndbox have asked the cohort to consider how we could utilise Smart Media Tokens, otherwise known as SMTs to support our online communities and activities.

What is an SMT?

Simply put, a Smart Media Token (SMT) is a custom token (or digital currency coin) run off the back of the Steem blockchain. SMTs offer individuals and organisations the opportunity to launch a token to monetise and fund their content and communities. SMTs reward the community for proof-of-brain type work, with up-votes and likes determining the highest quality content, as seen on Steem.

Although the SMT whitepaper is available, the feature itself will not be live until 2019. Until that time we can only speculate about the power and opportunity SMTs may have.

This next section is purely hypothetical (for now at least!)

Introducing the CritDay Coin

The aptly named CritDay Coin would incentivise the promotion of architectural education. CritDay Coin would reward students, universities and individuals who positively and actively celebrate their architectural journey, sharing their processes and experiences. Sharing within architectural education is key to allow the development of teaching, learning and the industry as a whole. It is vital for students to explore outside the four walls of their studio, and learn from others.

Integrating SMTs into the CritDay platform would provide an incentive through rewarding contributors with CritDay Coin tokens. As discussed in my recent post why all architecture students should be using steemit, traditional social media platforms provide little incentive to post, limited to just likes and comments. Blockchain technology, namely Steem and the associated SMTs, enable value based rewards.

CritDay Coin would encourage international discussion and collaboration. Architects are trained all over the world, as the method and techniques of architectural education vary between countries. For example, students in the UK are taught different processes and techniques to those in Malaysia, but information on this is not readily available. CritDay Coin would support global interaction, where a student from India could share their design process with American students and vice versa, all visible on one platform.

Three quick ideas of how CrtiDay Coin could look.


Steemhunt is a Steem powered community who share new products and innovations. Each day new products are found by users and posted to the site. These posts are then rated up (or down) by other users to determine the best finds of the day. Top finds are then rewarded with Steem.

CritDay could work in a similar way. Each day CritDay receives hundreds of submissions of student work, sadly these cannot all be posted to the Instagram feed. However, if students could upload their work directly and the community could rate the best models, visuals and drawings, like products on Steemhunt. The top posts of that day could then be awarded CritDay Coin.

This process would decentralise the decision making process that currently exists, where I determine if a post is featured or not, why not let the CritDay community decide...?

More information on SMTs can be found here:
Steem - SMTs
SMT Whitepaper
Smart Media Tokens at a Glance


This post is part of the Sndbox Weekly Question Series.

You can find out more about this challenge here: Sndbox Weekly Question: What would your smart media look like?

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Thank you for participating in the @sndbox challenge, in association with Utopian.

As I read through the responses to @sndbox's question, I am getting more and more excited about the future of SMTs. Some great ideas are being proposed, and this one is no exception. You already have a great platform and infrastructure, and SMTs seems like an absolutely natural extension for what you're already doing. Kudos.

As appropriate for a project that is education based, this post is well written overall. I did, however, have a couple of issues in regards to style, grammar, and proofreading. I'll cite a couple of examples.

  • "as such the method and techniques of architectural education vary between countries" seems to be a proofreading issue. The word "such" is redundant, and looks like it may have been left over after the sentence was edited.

  • "visa-versa" should be "vice versa."

  • "Until this time" is a grammar issue. "this" is used for things that are here, or close at hand. For example, "at this time." For something in the unknown future, one should use "Until that time."

These aren't huge issues, and I found the post to be well done overall. I look forward to seeing CritDay coin become a reality.

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Thank you @didic. Really appreciate the feedback! I’ll correct those errors.


Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 2 contributions. Keep up the good work!

This is a great proposal as that first step towards getting architecture students involved with the Steem network through the exposure of their drawings and models.

Great stuff @critday!


Hi @twotoedsloth, I think it is the exact incentive architecture students need to get into steem and blockchain.
Just need a developer who wants to help the cause!

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This is a fantastic SMT concept @critday. It makes so much sense to leverage the pin-up / crit culture that architects and designers have... the profession desperately needs an incentivization structure to share more work and ideas. This stuff all too often gets lost after a competition prompt is over and done with. Which is such a shame, because there's clearly a powerful interest here.

SteemHunt is a great (and beautiful) interface to draw creatives in! I could imagine a secondary marketplace (or just another tab) for this as well, where firms could post contests / renderers could be hired for visualization gigs.

Sign us up for your CritDay Coin! :D


Thank you as always @sndbox!

I completely agree. I personally put hundreds of hours of research into my design projects and dissertation at architecture school (like all architecture students). For most that energy dissipates as we enter the "real world" of architecture. Perhaps this concept could provide an incentive to share that energy with a wider audience and at least prolong that raw buzz of the architecture school studio.

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What you put on display here, is a brilliant and innovative idea to incentivice creativity, collaboration and integrate it with economics.

I couldn't help but wonder if you are aware of the currently running Steem Use-a-Thon by Byteball?

The contest is basically to describe and realize interesting and innovative use cases, and creating a token on the platform is a straightforward 10-minute proces (perhaps 30 if you start from scratch) that doesn't require any programming skills at all.

Any ideas can join the contest - even if it remains a proof of concept for when the SMTs are implemented in march next year.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to take a swing at entering the contest, I definitely wish you good luck with the project.


Hi, thank you for sharing your contest. I'll check it out.