Recipe for writing the perfect blog post 🚀

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Do you want to write the perfect blog post, capable of generating sharing, opt-in, and new passionate readers?

In this article I want to guide you through the best strategies and tricks you need to get a post that remains in history. What you will learn in this article will help you achieve great results starting from tomorrow: more traffic, more visitors, more profits, and more sharing.

Are you ready? Let's begin!  

The recipe for the perfect post: many know it, few apply it, but you will be a master.

After reading this article you will have full control over the best strategies for achieving every kind of result with a single post or at least, this is my intent!

I invite you to write down these 7 fundamental points:

1. The title
2. The persuasive intro
3. The subtitle / promise
4. The emotional connection
5. The first call to action
6. The how-to content of value and utility
7. Call to action

#1 Write the best title for your blog posts: tips and tricks

"Eight out of ten visitors will read the title, only two of them will engage in reading your post." (

 Statistics like this one should make you understand how, on the web, the slightest detail results in DRAMMING CHANGES

A well studied title, written according to the following rules can lead to a 70% increase in clicks.

Just to make you understand the scope of this concept I want you to be aware of datas from some of the biggest ecommerce in the world: Did you know that simple changes of the web design of a marketplace such as ebay or Amazon, can lead to changes of several million Euros in the revenue of their annual budget?

Incredible right? 

I cannot teach you how to become a millionaire, but I can explain how to get the full attention of your readers.

Let's start with length.

According to Neil Patel of Kissmetrics, visitors tend to focus only on the first and last three words of your title.

Remember: the decision wether do read an article or not is driven by how eye catching the elements of your title are since that's the first thing a person will look at.

In terms of SEO (search engine optimization), titles should not be longer than 55 characters.
Here's what happens when you pass that number:

There are several methods for persuading visitors and writing captivating titles.

I want to show you the best strategies so you can no longer go wrong.

Here I mention eight suggestions from Buffer 's blog:

Surprise the visitor - "This post is not perfect (but could be)"
Ask questions - "Do you know how to create the perfect post for your blog?"
Make use of Curiosity Gap - "10 ingredients to create the perfect post. It is not impossible! "
Take advantage of negativity - "Do not even write another boring post on your blog"
How to - "How can you create the perfect post for your blog"
Take advantage of the strength of the lists - "10 tricks to create the perfect post"
Refer to a target person - "Dedicated to anyone wishing to write the perfect post"
Be specific "The Seven Steps Needed to Get Double Traffic with Your Post"

Can you tell me what is the main goal of your blog posts titles?  "Certainly let readers get to read the first 4 lines of my posts!"  That's right. The title, if written accurately, has to generate in the reader the desire to read the first lines of the post.  The first sentences are a persuasive introduction. 

# 2 - The persuasive intro: the secret of every good post.

Okay, your title has convinced the google searcher to read the first few lines of your post.

Beware though, the game has just started: now is the time grind!

If you have written a good post, this is likely to be quite long. For this reason, the reader may be reluctant to dive into its reading.

"So what do I do"? You might ask. Well... Persuasive copywriting!
Within the first few lines you have more characters than in the simple title, so you can amplify the initial strategy.

The rhythm must be intensified, the reader must have a clear perception of what is going to learn thanks to your article.

The persuasive intro has the task of arousing within the visitor the desire to read the whole article. But be careful, if your content is quite long, you have to make sure that this desire remains constant throughout reading: that is why promise is made (which is formally a simple captivating subtitling).

# 3 - The subtitle / promise: The first headline is the most important 

The subtitle serves only one task: to define the main benefit your readers will get from reading your post.

In this article I adopted a simple phrase "The recipe for the perfect post: many know it, few apply it, but you will be a master.".

I will acquire a principle and this will change my blogger career.
Thanks to this principle I will get results, but first I will have to read the post.
The post is very long but I put my soul in peace: the results are assured, I will learn how to write the perfect post!

But beware: A promise is not a promise if it is not kept! You can not persuade your reader with any existing strategy if your content leaves you wanting. You don't want to be a crappy clickbaiter  😜  😜 

#4 The emotional connection.

Want to become a top blogger? Read this paragraph carefully.

Building an emotional connection with your readers means creating true emotions in them.

When people experience emotions, they are inclined to pay more attention: in this case it will only be possible to focus more on your content.

Also, if you emotions arise in your readers, they will be more likely to respond to your "call to action".

You will thus increase the sales of your newsstands, subscribers to your newsletter, and share your content.

To build an emotional connection with readers I usually proceed with:


I translate my post into a Disney cartoon and, just after the persuasive intro, tell my story related to the subject of the article.

So I put myself in the hero of my story: I explain how I started, what are the first obstacles I have encountered and what tools and strategies have allowed me to overcome them.

Obviously, if you do not have a story to tell, you can also tell the story taken from a case study or from a reader or a customer.

These two charts from Alex Turnbull don't need any further commentary:

Interesting, don't you think?

 # 5 - Primary Call to Action: It's time to see the results of your work.

Once you have reached this point, if you've applied the strategies correctly, your readers should be in a moment of maximum emotional connection: it's time to ask for something in return.

It's time to SEE RESULTS.

Every now and then I see bloggers who write, write and write still: they can even publish three or four posts a week without ever having any results.

Do you know why? It's very simple: these bloggers do not act according to a strategic action.

From now on, whenever you have an idea for a post, ask why you should write it down: what do you want to get? What is the general goal of your blog? This post is in line with the goal of your blog? Are you writing to produce results or just to please your readers?

Let me tell you: if you're just writing to please your readers, you will soon fail.

The reason is obvious: you do not have a goal nor a strategy to apply for achieving it.

No one would want to follow someone who does not know where he is going.

A blog must generate results because the results are proof of the quality of the blog, and people want to follow quality blogs!

At this point you might ask your readers for several things:

To share your post: you can place a nice twitter/facebook button so you can raise the share rate of 300% and get new visitors.
To add Google's + 1 on your article: By putting a +1 button you can make sure that so many people click. In this way, if your post is optimized for seo, Google can only improve its position within search results.
To click on a link: you could cite your product, link your landing page or link another article that leads to more results.
Put an aphorism and let people tweet it with clicktotwit

Whatever you want.

Remember, a good article can bring a lot of conversions!

#6 The How-To content of value: only for Top Bloggers!

Well, it's time to play great, it's time to choose whether to be on the part of the mediocre or the best.

At this point there is only one thing to do: write a one of a kind valuable content.

You need to provide the reader with all the elements that can demonstrate your superiority in teaching and sharing the notions of BIG ESSENCE.

I usually use a super effective recipe:

I provide data and percentages that demonstrate the level of credibility of my content
I offer the reader tips on tools and software to use to improve the results
I write practical guides and tutorials to help my visitors achieve results.
I divide the guides into small steps that are able to clarify in the easiest and most complete way possible the steps to be taken.
Do you want to know what the SECRET is?

Give readers practical and useful guidance.

Do you want to know what the OBJECTIVE is?

Let your reader look forward to end reading to apply what you have taught him.

From now on, check every post you're going to write and make sure that this is a practical utility that allows the reader to GET IN THE ACTION once the reading is finished.

Warning: The reader often wants tools, software or tools to achieve results!

Do you know what this means?

It means that there are situations in which, for the reader, switching to action coincides with the purchase of your info-products or affiliates.

For you it means REVENUE, for your reader means GETTING RESULTS.

# 7 - Final Call to Action: If you managed to engage your visitors until the end of your post there is a prize for you.

Readers who get to the bottom of  your post are the ones that, most of all, will be available to exchange you the favor.

Are you willing to give back for mine?  😉

Do you know how much time it takes to write a post like the one you're reading? Two days. Two days of work.

That's why for me it is essential that every post matches results.

If you liked this article, to pay my two days spent writing, just click the upvote button!!

I can only be grateful and happy for your appreciation.

Till next post, love ya all.



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Thank y'all for supporting great connect like this article! I found it to be super helpful and started to write out some potential titles inspired by your list, @budgetmarketing. I love the concept of laying out the promise and ending with a call to action while tying in an emotional story. I used to be in sales and a lot of this resonates with concepts I have used in that world, but writing is a new world for me. My end goal is to inspire more gardeners and people to start growing their own food so now I will focus my articles more specifically on achieving that goal. I can't thank you enough for this article!

Thank you for the great guide! I think the call to action is the most important part once you are able to craft a good post. I am sometimes afraid that it will look like asking for charity, but at the end of the day I guess it is a win-win for everyone as long as the content truly is useful. I will keep your post closeby =)


As long as your content brings value to the reader and you maintain the original promise, then you don't have to be afraid to ask. A satisfied reader is happy to give back! I'm glad you enjoyed @livewell. See you around :D


Thanks for your reply, I will keep that in mind =) I look forward to reading more of your tips!

A wonderful guide to Write,
To fulfill the steemit appetite;

The Outlines are amazing,
but the Points are like Protein;

Writing is not Writing,
Writing is Rhyming;

Authority, Author-ship make your Followers LOVE ❤️;
Branding, Sharing, and Vitality make to Dope.

Great Post. ☺️

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Good read my friend! Your blog looks professionally made. Not hard to read, and you give good advices! Straight to the point, and good strategy on posting another article to give this one attention! You have a new follower! Im part delegator of minnows support as well


I study marketing after all, I have some alternative tactics to boost my posts!
Seriously, I really appreciate your compliments, all you guys' support is making my day!

#4 is the most important in my opinion.

establishing a degree of emotional connection and relatability is key in creating any good piece of content.

Also, kudos on working hard on this for two days, Thats some serious dedication and I'm glad to take your craft seriously.

I'm glad I got an opportunity to respond to you and hope you do the same : ). Looking forward to hearing back!


Thanks a lot Justin. Glad you found my article interesting. This is one of the articles it took the most writing. As a marketer I have to know exactly how to write a good article yet it is not simple to write How I write my articles, my strategy and everything else involved. I agree that emotional connection is the most important factor.
Thanks again for your interest, really appreciated!


Of course, I also do some marketing myself. Would love to connect more, are you on discord or steemit chat?


Sure, let's connect! :D
My name's stevelou on discord. I will have to go out in a little but we can talk tomorrow! Add me as friend!


Can you repost a post being that steemit has plagarism parameters? Im the author but i dont want to be mistaken for a copycat and then penalized


hey @cryptocannon, I'm not sure I get what you're saying!


you mean like reposting from your online page, blog or platform i guess?


Oh yeah, that must be what I said. I'm not sure about that. I mean, if you can prove it's yours maybe you can but again, I'm not sure so you might want to ask some more experienced users :D @cryptocannon


Thats nice, coz i copy some of my posts from my blog.
i believe its fine once there is no trace of plagiarism.

Thanks @budgetmarketing for the great article. Surely would help us in many ways.


Thank you very much for your kind words! :D


Just what I needed.

I will be saving (bookmarking) this for future ref. when needed.


This makes me really happy my friend. Glad you found this helpful!

Lots of great tips. Will definitely be using this !


Hey, glad you found it interesting. Hope it helps!

I did all that in this post: Cryptos in real life, when? A checklist

Now I just need some people to read it! Haha! Let me know what you think @budgetmarketing


Will do right now :)


Cool! Curious about what you think of it now!!

Great Post with valuable content @budgetmarketing

this is post was worthy of following thru on writing a post when you are new. Was wondering how to start off.


There you go! So happy you found it valuable. Really appreciated!

The article is very interesting, many things I did not know, so thank you for posting.


Glad you learned from it @allesia. This makes me smile :)

thanks alot.great advise


Glad you liked it :D

This is an awesome post!
I've also resteemed it.
I'll try it on my next blog post to see what's happening!
Thank you @budgetmarketing :)


I'm so happy about this. When people get something out of one of my posts it is the most satisfying thing! Thanks for your support :D

Welcome to Steemit, @budgetmarketing!

Hope you enjoy being here!

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Perfect article ! Wonderful guide !

Thanks for sharing this with us !


Wow, thanks for your kind words my friend! Glad it helped :D

As someone who has been here almost a year now, I can approve every single point you mention. Great post!! :)


Thank you very much @sauravrungta. I really needed the opinion and support of an experienced user like you!

Great post & interesting! I thought I could get more people to comment on my post, but nope! What would you change on this post? The 10 Commandments of STEEMIT... on my post there is also a tip on how to tag right and how introduceyourself is the most wrong usen tag on Steemit :D


Got back to by commenting you on your post. Loved it :)

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Hey @muftykutink nice to meet you too :)


I hope we can work together @budgetmarketing :)

Thank you

great and informative post love it!

So, by the time of writing this comment, this post achieved 20% of comments, 30% of upvotes. Not too bad. Article saved for reference and resteemed. I even amended an earlier post about Making the best coffee ever to incorporate an additional Tip (tool) at the end the reader can use....

Good going!


Hey, thanks buddy. I really appreciate your support :D Have a great rest of your day and good luck with your journey on steemit!


Same to you! Happy weekend!

PS:// I have the same experience with 2-day blogs writes. And it is hard work. Appreciate you sharing your insights.

Will bookmark this page for future reference, really good information that I need to focus on.🐭

Awesome info, God knows I could use it lol Thanks!


My pleasure! Glad you liked it

Weldon for this interesting article, it will really help in making sure that good and quality content is produced. I enjoy the pics.

Well you engaged me until the end. Thats a lot of info to take in. I am going to start with the first thing about making the intro good and then come back after I get that down. lol! Nezbong


This makes me really happy my friend! I have a huge smile on my face.
Thanks for your kind words and support!