My Life Journey - Life's "CARD" Game - Part 2 - The Phone Call.

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If you missed Part 1 of my story you catch up by clicking here

As you know from the last part I got a phone call from my father which really got me worried and nervous. My dad is the guy who takes pain very well, and unless it is really hurting he is not going to say anything. That is not something anybody should do PERIOD. Because it is stupid. If you have some pain, you should not keep it a secret. You should speak about it so people can help you. So they can prevent maybe more serious problems. Don't ever be too proud to say I NEED HELP. Anyways, the phone call I got from my dad was clear and simple...

  • Dad: Hey son, where are you?

  • Me: I am at mom's, just finished having breakfast.

  • Dad: Ok, can you come home because I fell down yesterday, and I am in a lot of pain this morning?

I knew it was something serious because like I said he is always trying to be a tough guy. So when he called me and spoke in such a serious tone of voice I knew I had to get back home as soon as possible. Something is wrong. Especially when he said himself he is in a lot of pain. That meant A LOT of pain..

Rushing Home

It took me about 10 min to get home. I walked into a house and found my dad laying on our couch folded out bed. He was laying down on the right side of his body. I noticed little blood on the sheets right away. But, it did not seem much blood at all. He did not look bad at all. That is until he got to the seated position. It is when I saw a huge gash above his right eye and a huge hematoma all-around his eye. I mean huge guys. It was not looking good at all. And, there was more..

His right shoulder was not in a good shape as well. It was hanging down, and he could not lift his arm up almost at all. When he stood up it seemed like his shoulder out of the socket. Honestly, guys, my initial thought was like somebody beat him up. I kid you not that was my first thought. Because it looked he went to an MMA match, but with gloves off. Not to mention when started walking I saw he was limping. That is when I noticed the bruised hip as well. I am not the guy who panics easily so I kept my cool and sat down with him and asked him calmly what happened?


He just told me he went with his brother for a couple glasses of wine. They sang a couple of songs and went back to my uncle's house. As they got home, my uncle left my dad in front of the garage and parked the car. Now after my dad got out of the car he does not remember anything. He does not remember how he fell down, or basically anything. My dad does like to drink wine and sometimes he does overdo it. So I thought it was a celebration, and they drank too much and he fell down. But, he kept saying this was not the case and barely had something to drink. I did not have time to argue with him but focus on the important part and that is taking him to the hospital..

The Drive To The Hospital

On the way to our hometown doctor, I just could not help to think why did my uncle let my dad drive home like this. Yes, guys, he had huge gash over his eyebrow, and he could off barely lift his right arm up a little bit. Almost all the cars here in Europe are a stick shift. So you have to use your both arms to shift gears. The state his arm was in, it was a miracle he drove the car come safely. A miracle guys trust me. Somebody was looking after my dad. There is no doubt in my mind.

I was pissed at my uncle. He should of at least called me. So I can come to get my dad and take him to hospital. I was pissed he did not call the ambulance right away. Especially, since he did not see my father fall. He had a huge gash on his head and a huge hematoma on his eye. It is a no-brainer right, guys? Especially for the person my dad's age. CALL THE AMBULANCE. Or at least call me, so I can come and get him. It just did not make sense to me he would let my dad drive home like this, in the condition he was in. I did not show my dad how angry I was but trust me guys I had some words to share with my uncle. But, I had more important things to deal with now.


It took us about 10 min to get to my dad's doctor. As soon as she saw him as I assumed it would happen told us to sit him in a car and take him to the emergency room in a city about 20-min drive away from Drnis called Knin. So I sat in the car and drove my dad there. On the way there he swore to me he did not drink much, and it could have not been the reason he fell down. But he could not remember how he fell?? Not a clue. He just told me after he regained consciousness, he took a 2-hour nap and drove back home. I did not tell him this to not upset him but I was pissed at him for not calling me as well... But I did not want to start arguing. Getting him medical care was the first most important thing we needed to do.

Emergency Room

So we got to the Emergency Room and the doctor on duty was as I called him a conceited idiot. It is like somebody forced him to be there. Actually, I did not call him that, he was exactly that. As we got in there I honestly guys with the nicest voice tried to tell him what happened so he can establish the situation better. Where he stopped me right away with the most arrogant voice asked me are you a doctor? I told him still calm for the sake of my father that I am not a doctor but was trying to tell him what happened so he can establish the sequence of events. The crazy thing of all he is maybe 30 years old. Just fresh out of medical school. Maybe I am wrong here guys, but no matter who you are it does not give you the right to talk down to somebody.


Anyways, so my dad had an X-ray of his head, shoulder, arms, rib cage, and his hip. We waited about half an hour for the results. The results showed he actually had no breaks besides the broken nose. Which were all good news? His shoulder was extremely strained, ribs and hips highly bruised. They have sterilized his wounds and gave him a strap to wear until his shoulder recovers. They gave him some pain pills and told me to keep ice on the bruised areas. And, told us to come back for a checkup on in 3 days.

Let's Go Home

I was happy my father was going to be ok and that he had no serious injuries. Of course on the drive back I had to ask him how did the other guy look when you are beat up like this? Had to give him a hard time a It was Friday, and I had to go to Zagreb on Saturday for a trip I planned a month ago. So I called my brother Nikola to come and take care of our father because he needed somebody to take care of him for the weekend. Before I left my father really seemed to be good considering it all. He could eat normal, speak, and walk normally. So I went to Zagreb worry free really. At least it really seemed so at the moment. Until I got a call from my brother on Sunday afternoon...

I am going to cut the second part of the story here because this will be a long story. In the next part, I will tell you how that conceited idiot almost cost my father his life. Not to mention how what happened next could off maybe been prevented entirely. I have doubt now my brother Nikola saved my fathers life.

"Every day is the day you should tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, because it may come a day when you don't get a chance to anymore."

Thank you all for reading, have a blessed day, much love,

dbjegovic 💓💓💓



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Oh gosh the story already sounds pretty horrible, and there's going to be more? I am guessing the doctor did not check things diligently enough though... Yuck.


Unfortunately, my friend, there is a lot more. It got way worse before it got better. I will write 3 part of the story soon. :)

Have a blessed day. :)

FOR TSE: It's like some doctors need to defend their territory. When I had gall bladder surgery several years ago I used the term "common bile duct" to describe where I thought there was a problem, and the doctor snapped "Don't use medical terminology." Like he's got a patent on it or something.

I'm so glad to know your father seems to be recovering. Not all these stories have a happy ending.


What can I say, my friend? I think they are mad they had to go through 6 years of medical school so they can use those "medical" terms. Some of these doctors are just one big arrogant pricks with little knowledge of medicine. That is a dangerous combination.

Of course, there are doctors who are amazing. But, sadly, they are a dying breath, my friend. Especially from what I have been learning about it all..

He is recovering well, but it took some incredible events until he got to recovery part.

Thank you, my amazing friend for your comment. Have a blessed day. :)

Your father is lucky to have you and your brothers around. It's outrageous that doctors can behave like that to concerned relatives. My sister is a doctor and she would never act like that.


Your sister and doctors like her are becoming "extinct" species, my amazing friend. Today's doctor create addicts to drugs in most cases. They do not cure the cause of the disease or a problem, but rather they "cure" the symptoms.


Yes, you're right. My sister is very pro-medication in many cases, although she's very open-minded in many ways too. I think it's their training. They have to do so much training, and then constantly keep abreast of new developments, while working very long hours. It doesn't leave much room for alternative ideas.

Wow, I wonder what happens next!

I dont understand why some people feel the need to put others down. That 'doctor' was out of line.
Glad you were able to help your dad, and I hope he is healing well!


That doctor really got me going... But, I had more important things to worry about. But, later I wish I reacted more to him because he was out of line and he did not do his job. :)

He is doing better, but there is a lot more to the story and his recovery... Much more.

Thank you for your comment. Have an amazing day. :)

Firstly glad your Dad has no major injuries but that must have been such a worrying call and sequence of events,
I hope he rests up and heals well


I wish I could say that was it, my friend. But way more things happened after this. As you will read in my next posts.

Thank you for your comment brother. Have a great day. :)

I never like this type of calls from family members. I hope your dad is feeling better and recovering fast from his injuries. May that phone call bring positive news ;-)


It is the phone calls no one wants to get. But, unfortunately, it got a lot worse before it got better. It was a tough 2 months of my dad life...

You work very hard for this article.
Amazing article my dear friend..
Well done...

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Hey my amazing friend @awakentolife I truly hope you're all right and your dad is good as new too.

I am really sorry that I did not realise this, in fact it's 4 months late as I was caught up with so many things on my end.

I truly hope that you're all well now and just busy with competitions and matches

Keep in touch! You know where to find me in discord

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