My Life's Journey - Life's "CARD" game - Part 1 - The first hand.

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Hi there, my amazing Steemian friends. It has been a while since my fingers touched the keyboards of my laptop to share something with you guys. I did miss you guys, and I missed writing as well. More than you know. But, sometimes in life things happen you can never plan for or do anything about them. They just happen. Life deals you the cards, and it is up to you to make the best of them. Even if its the worst hand you could have imagined. So let me tell you my summer story...

Not An Ordinary Summer

As many of you know, my summer started great. My basketball season finished little early this year as we lost in semi-finals of the playoffs this year. And, honestly, I was not disappointed. I did the best I could and gave it my all. The opponent was better this time and all you can do is shake their hands and move on. But, this is not a story of my basketball season.

I returned home a happy man. I get to see my family a little early than usual. And, as many of you know already get back to rebuilding my house with my father. For the past 3 years after my basketball season, I would put aside some money so my dad and I can work on restoring our house to the former glory after it was ravaged by war a long time ago. It would be a highlight of my off-season. I loved doing it. My dad and I were doing it all with our own two hands.


Remember this guys? lol

There is nothing like it, my friends. The memories we created are priceless. And, every time I look at the work we have done it will speak to me. But, yet again, this is not a story about the bathroom renovation my father and I did this summer. Even though we finished and I have at least 3 more posts to share with you guys about it. And, I will my friends I promise.

The Day Before

It took us about a month and a half to finish the bathroom renovations. It was a hard work for both my dad and me. More than we ever expected it to be. But, we were finished finally and it meant we have rest of the summer to just lay down on the beach, and come home and take a shower under the new shower we just built. It was a great setup for even greater summer. We worked our butts off, and we deserved some beach and sun time.

About a week after we finished my father decided to visit his half-brother who lives about 20 km from my hometown Drnis. I honestly do not remember which holiday it was, but he usually goes there for this one. Yeah, besides the main Christmas and New Year holidays I am really not good at remembering all the other Saint's holidays. lol All I remember is the one you get gifts on. lol O come on I am sure you don't remember more after Christmas and New Year. Ok ok, maybe Easter. lol

Anyways, I decided not to go with my father, but to spend some time with my mom. My parents are divorced so I always do my best to spend time equally with both of them. Not an easy task sometimes. lol Anyways, it was all great. I spent some great day with my mom. Cooked lunch and dinner together, and after I decided to sleep over at her house. It was a great day.

The Cards Have Been Dealt

I woke up the next morning, had a breakfast with my mom, and I was just relaxing. Honestly, I did not sleep well that night. Something was just not right and I could not figure out what it was? That is until I got a phone call from my father in the morning. I was hoping the call was not the cause of why I had trouble sleeping the night before. But, unfortunately, it was exactly the reason...


Before I tell you what happened and why I was worried after the call is because my father is a tough guy. And, he would not tell me what he did unless things are serious. The phone call conversation was very short and clear. The tone of voice coming from dad got me really worried. It made me pack my things real quick and rush to my dad's house...

I do not like to do this but this is going to be a very long story so I will stop the first part here and continue the story in the next part. I am tempted to write a book about it, but for the sake of the readers, I better cut it short here. Some of the things I am going to share in this story are very personal, but I feel I should share it with you guys because someday it might help you save someone's life.

"You really don't know how fragile life is until you LEARN how fragile it truly is."

Thank you all for reading, have a blessed day, much love,

dbjegovic 💓💓💓



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Hey there @awakentolife - I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of your story :)


It will be a long story, my friend. There is a lot to tell. Thank you for stopping by my amazing friend from New Zeland. :) I remembered. Yay. :P

I hope all is great with you? Have an amazing day. :)

You just had to end it on a cliffhanger? :D
I am glad that you are back, I missed you. Looking forward to seeing all the details of the story play out, much love 💚


Hey you. How have you been? Some bird told me you spent all your Steem on booze this summer. :P Jk my amazing friend. I missed you as well. We need to get back to hosting TOTL again. I miss those Tuesdays. :)

And, cliffhanger are my specialties... lol Or not. :P

Well, dang. Now you've got me genuinely worried. I hope everything turned out okay...
I will definitely be looking for the next part.


Well, my friend, as you will see in the story later I was very worried about my dad as well. Things did not look great at all.

Thanks for the comment. Have a great day. :)

Beautiful journey of life..
You explained it very well...
Nice article..

Heading now to read the rest of the story! ;-)

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