Monthly Report - My First Month Here

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Hello ladies and gentleman!

I opened this account a month ago, and during that month I rekindled my love for blogging. I have also gained a lot of support. It was quite important because I might have quit steemit if there were no reactions to my posts, especially on those for which I spent days researching the topic. The greatest form of support are those of you who commented on my posts and chatted with me in discord :) Another great form of recognition were votes from @curie and @steemstem. In my eyes those votes are a form of the seal of quality which made me proud for all the time I have put into writing those posts.

I will do these reports each month as a catalog of my previous posts. That way I can make them easily searchable and brag with my productivity a little bit ;)

Tales of Pirates


Pirate Flag of “Gentleman Pirate” Stede Bonnet

Tales of Pirates is my series where I feature famous pirates, their flags, ships and other topics connected to piracy in history:

Haitian Vodou


Antique Haitian Vodou ceremonial drum

These are the series where I explore the history behind Haitian Vodou and feature various loa (spirits) that come from Vodou:

Beer Stories


Beer stories are a collection of my posts about beer, they include beer reviews, my drunken stories, and history of my beer-drinking career

Other posts


I am the bearded one in this picture, next to me are my friend Antonelo from Tyger Lamb and his girlfriend, Andrea. The photo was taken by another friend of mine Vilim from Sound Report.

Posts which are not yet part of some series, but some of them might become.

It would be of great help to me if you told me which posts/series you liked the most, and which you liked the least. Also please explain why you liked/disliked something. It will help me improve and give you posts of higher quality.

Thanks for all the support you have given me so far! 🍻 😁

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Thanks for the round-up. Looking forward to seeing more!

Glad to make your acquaintence, @arrrados! It's been quite a month for you. It's good that you got back into blogging.

Idea: Combine your peppers with @grow-pro's tomatoes to make a killer Steem-based salsa! :-D


I might contact him for the first steemit collab hot sauce :)

Keep up the good work. In my humble opinion one of the best accounts I have seen in three months I am here


Thanks for the compliments :)

hahahahaa i love your tags!!! LOLOL

congratulations on a successful month!!! :) still waiting patiently for the Robin Hood pirate!!! hehehe ;)

Haha love the tags #bragging and #showingoff. keeping it real! That's an amazing start to steemit! Curies and Steemstem votes have been well-deserved and earned, so you have all the bragging rights you want! Kudos!


Hahaha, thank you kind sir :)

I think it's fantastic that you've found success so far in your first month! Many people have been here much longer and haven't done as much. I think it's mostly due to you getting involved with so many communities!

I'm glad I can help support your content here and on the @tripdespider account. I think you're using Steemit to the best of your abilities. Keep up the good work!


I agree on the comunities part, people I met in discord groups are what kept me here :) Thanks for the support Ethan :)




Glad you rekindle your love for blogging! That is amazing. I hear curie does give a lot to the steemit community, which is really cool! Upvoted :)


Thanks! :)

You did an amazing job in your first month here and are on your way to meet the stars. Keep up the good work, steemit is lucky to have you here 💚


Thanks :)

Nice to have you here. BTW how long was that beard growing :)?


I grow it for 3 hours every day :P

You did pretty well for your first month! Enjoy the rest of the journey and inspire us with your awesome writing!


Thank you :D

Very good. I like how you're tracking your progress and letting us follow along. I'm doing something similar. Check out my #welcome posts when you get a chance. Keep up the good work.


It is mostly for new followers. This way they will be able to easily find content they might be interested in :)

Congrats on the month of success here @arrrados! Pirates, Vodou, beer and more?? I'd say the ceiling for your success on Steemit is off the charts my friend! You have my interest!

I'll be following you and looking for plenty more! Thanks a ton for the discord groups post as well - I really enjoyed it and took some notes!

Keep on steem'n and being awesome!


I am glad discord groups post was of use! I will open up one or two new series in next two weeks I just have to sort out which exactly. Thanks for the support :)