My 2nd Week at Steemit

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Second Week as Steemian

Actually, I can't remember if I already used since I bought my Steem account thru BlockTrades. LOL! I've only tried eSteem android app for my first post, then I switched to and (new version of

I like the mobile view of steemitstage so I always interact from there but I prefer creating a post at because of its 'preview' and 'draft' folder (auto saved).

It's my second week and so far I am enjoying it here. I am happy that some of my comments received upvotes with VALUE more than my posts. I guess I'd better spend more time COMMENTING on #SteemGIGs than writing a 100 and more words blog. LOL! Just kidding.

I received my very first REWARD here March 18, 2018. It is for my COMMENT upvoted by @surpassinggoogle. I receive my second "REWARD" on the same day. It is for my "introduceyourself" post but it is actually NOT a reward since I used my own money to bidbot. But I am glad I received PART of my money back from @brupvoter not like @hugewhale. I said "part" because I sent 1.000 STEEM but I received LESS due to SBD/STEEM price DROP (*not because of brupvoter's vote percentage). It is NOT a big deal for me. I will continue using @brupvoter because I believe I could earn MORE if SBD and STEEM prices go UP before payout and/or in the future.

Why I Use BidBot?

Simple. It helps increase our 'REPUTATION' score when we receive upvotes with VALUE. I read some posts saying it's a greed. I don't think so because as I mentioned earlier I received LESS than the amount I paid for it. Greed is if I TAKE and TAKE and TAKE MORE SBD/STEEM/SP and leave nothing or less to others. I got nothing but 'reputation' score!

As a new member without a "gang" of friends here and with a very limited time for online interaction, paying bots is my best option. And, since I do not have enough Steem Power yet, I could use bidbots to reward my top supporters in return. Check @slobberchops' post. Thanks to @brupvoter!

Why Reputation is IMPORTANT?

If my understanding is correct, it can be our "SHIELD" against "flag wars" especially if we have a HIGH Steem Power at the same time. Flags by Steemians who have lower SP and 'Reputation' score have minor impacts to Steemians who have higher SP and 'Reputation'. [READ "Flagging 101" post by @guiltyparties].

The author in this post said:

Reputation cannot be increased using money".

I DISAGREE but the post is 7 months old already so maybe there was no BidBots at that time yet.

Today, we can use money for BOTH Steem Power (SP) and 'Reputation'. HOW? We can buy SBD, STEEM and 'Steem Power' with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, etc. from @blocktrades and 'Upvotes' thru #BidBots.
BOTH 'Steem Power' and 'Reputation' are IMPORTANT but of course the BEST thing in life is FREE! I wonder if this post could receive free upvotes with value. LOL! I'd only pay @brupvoter if my posts do not receive upvotes with more than $1.00 in three (3) days.

Anyway, I am still exploring this platform. I want to focus on increasing my "Reputation" first then "Steem Power" next.

Will keep you posted.
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Hi! Thank you for using our service! You are the steemian profile for whom we were created! We are a negative ROI free bid-based bot and we offer an estimate ROI in the range of 1% to 10%. So, our main goal is NOT give high returns NEITHER get lot of money giving negative ROI to our bidders. Our main goal is exactly what you have mentioned: To help our users/bidders to increase their REPUTATION. Thank you for mentioning our bot service! Best regards, @brupvoter team.

You're welcome @brupvoter! I am glad I found you :)

@AdGoggleKo Just tweeted your post. 😊
Now I am tempted to use @brupvoter too! And heyyy I am your top supporter too! 😅

Thank you so much @pinay for being one of my top supporters! I saw that your latest posts earned more than $1 already so I just picked one from @slobberchops I hope you wont be jealous. :-D

Yung totoo??? Hahahahaaa.

Subukan ko sayo now na abangan mo 😂

  ·  last year (edited)

Alin? Saan? Sa Twitter? Yung Steemgigs post ko? Hahaha

Bukas na lang haha 😂


Nagbago isip ko hahaha 😂


I still haven't used the bots yet, geez you dove straight in... Even bought an account!
What was the theory behind buying one rather than just starting your own?
Are they expensive, my wife said she saw one for sale the other day... I didn't realise selling accounts was even a thing. But the do have value so it makes sense.
Good to meet you @appguy!

  ·  last year (edited)

I bought from @blocktrades and let them back up my password. I am forgetful so it is better for me to have someone keep my password in case I forgot or lose it haha :-D we can pay 4.400
STEEM or more (or Bitcoin, Ether, etc.) to blocktrades for account creation. 3 is credited as Steem Power. 1 fee. The excess is credited to Steem Wallet. I signed up at but didn't receive email so I just bought one. :)

I would not buy from anyone. I only TRUST blocktrades :) there are other two #anonsteem and #SteemInvite but I find blocktrades easier. :)

Yeah my oldest son signed up a little over a week after my wife and I. Our accounts took a week, his 2 weeks. I think that have had a surge of people joining lately.

Did you start on 25 also? Or did the account come with a boost? If not, you climbed up fast!

  ·  last year (edited)

Yes I started at 25 also. Bots could help us climb fast. Sadly I lost 1 STEEM to a scam bot (hugewhale). Glad brupvoter is not a scam so I continue using it. I will try @postpromoter if I have extra :) you can try @brupvoter too to climb fast ;)

Handy to know, might ask you for some advice on all that I'm a few weeks. I've still got alot on learn before I start to tinker with bots.

  ·  last year (edited)

Have you tried #steemGIGs? If not, you better! This witness seems to be the most generous and kind who will never flag minnows not like others I hesitate to interact hahaha :-D

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