Join the @blocktrades World Cup | 2,000 SBD in Prizes!

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No kidding: a 2,000 SBD prize pool and ANYONE who can make a post, can join in the fun!

In only 14 days the biggest sports event in the world will begin: The Football World Cup celebrated in Russia.


@blocktrades loves to sponsor this type of community engaging projects and @acidyo & @anomadsoul know a lot of Steemians love this game, so we decided to organize this enormous Football World Cup event.

You don´t have to be a professional analyst of the game, your national team doesn´t have to participate, you don´t need to know much about Football to join...

All you need to do is write a post picking every match winner and, the Steemian who makes the most points, wins.

As simple as that

Hey @acidyo, I want a piece of those 2,000 SBD, how do I join?

It´s very easy: In the world cup there are two stages, The Group Stage and The Knockout Stage.

For the Group Stage of this @blocktrades cup, all you have to do is make a post with your match predictions in each of these matches:

Russia v Saudi Arabia

Egypt v Uruguay

Morocco v Iran

Portugal v Spain

France v Australia

Argentina v Iceland

Peru v Denmark

Croatia v Nigeria

Costa Rica v Serbia

Germany v Mexico

Brazil v Switzerland

Sweden v South Korea

Belgium v Panama

Tunisia v England

Poland v Senegal

Colombia v Japan

Russia v Egypt

Portugal v Morocco

Uruguay v Saudi Arabia

Iran v Spain

France v Peru

Denmark v Australia

Argentina v Croatia

Brazil v Costa Rica

Nigeria v Iceland

Serbia v Switzerland

Belgium v Tunisia

Germany v Sweden

South Korea v Mexico

England v Panama

Japan v Senegal

Poland v Colombia

Uruguay v Russia

Saudi Arabia v Egypt

Spain v Morocco

Iran v Portugal

Denmark v France

Australia v Peru

Nigeria v Argentina

Iceland v Croatia

South Korea v Germany

Mexico v Sweden

Serbia v Brazil

Switzerland v Costa Rica

Japan v Poland

Senegal v Colombia

England v Belgium

Panama v Tunisia

All you have to do is make a post where you put W (for win), L (for lose) and T (for tie) in each game.

If you need to see an example of How to make the post to join the Blocktrades Cup, click here

Hey @anomadsoul, are there any rules?

Yes, there are a few simple rules:


1 - The title of your post must be: The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections

2 -In your post, you have to include a link to this announcement.

3 - Use the format included in the link above so we can organize each entry.

4 - Use the tags blocktradesworldcup and the tag mypicks

5 - Resteem this post. We want to have hundreds of entries.

6 - Once you make the post, you can´t edit it. So please think your picks thoroughly before posting.

7 - Minimum Reputation to participate is 40. This is to avoid bots from joining.}

8 - You can submit your entry until June 14th 2018 at 00:01 am, UTC Time zone.

Scoring: For each correct pick you make on the Group Stage, you will be awarded one (1) point. At the end of the cup, the prize pool will de divided among the top scorer Steemians. The number of steemians rewarded will depend on the number of entries we get.

Hey @blocktrades, what about the second stage of the Cup, the knockout stage?

The Group Stage finishes on June 28th (Russian time) and the Knockout stage starts on June 30th. So we will be making an announcement with this account afterJune 28 to let you know how the Knockout stage works.

Everyone can join both stages and the winners will be decided by the scoring sum of both Stages.

Good luck everyone and let the predictions begin!

You can submit your entry until June 14th 2018 at 00:01 am, UTC Time zone.

This is a @blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what he is doing, vote for @blocktrades as witness here

This is an @acidyo & @anomadsoul organized contest, if you like what we are doing, vote for @ocd-witness as witness here


@worldcup-russia, I gave you an upvote on your first post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return!

Please also take a moment to read this post regarding bad behavior on Steemit.

My reputation only 31, so i guess i am DQ already :)

start commenting like crazy. Follow some "good" and "consistant" content creators who engage with their followers . Write sincere comments and hope it gets upvoted!

lol, since it is 2018 world cup.

You probably did not understand my question.

Please downvote this follow for follow bot :|

I like this, except:

5 - Resteem this post. We want to have hundreds of entries.

Im rooting on Germany or Brazil team 😄

Wow...Same as you. first picking is Brasil, Second is Germany. 😍😍

I'm rooting for Nigeria :)

i have a friend who support Nigeria, who is not Nigerian. i really surprised, why not :)

Good Luck to Nigeria

Thank you. Your friend is awesome :)

Are you from Nigeria of Africa region?

Yes, I am from Nigeria.

Good luck to your team. My country do not have the representation. So, I have to root for others. :(

Oh, that is ok. Which country is that?

That's awesome.

im also rooting for nigeria


All correct. You can copy them :)

Good luck, everybody!

Hey guys,
Great initiative. Will try to join!
Feel free to join also @sbcbot world cup contest!
To bad we only have a prize pool of 110 SBD.
We are just trying to promote our SBC community!

There is absolutely no shame in having a contest with 110 sbd prizepool! Still super generous and great for the community

and great for the community

And that's why we do it :)

This is good too and u will also join I lo e foot ball.

One of the best contests I have seen on steemit. @anomadsoul, you inspire me alot even with your contests. Always trying to bring out the best in people. I'm on this one. Thanks @blocktrades

Prize pool city!

Resteemed and working on the results, nice one BT, acid, and nomad 😁

Hi, if you didn't post your results yet, I suggest to check out my analysis of all the posts so far:

Some of the probabilities look like this:

Win probabilityTeamTeamWin probabilityTie probability


Hello, this is my prediction for The @blocktrades World Cup, good luck to all the participants.

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