The @blocktrades World Cup | My selections

Hello guys! These are my picks for the group stage of the @blocktrades World Cup.

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WRussiavsSaudi ArabiaL
WCosta RicavsSerbiaL
TSwedenvsSouth KoreaT
TUruguayvsSaudi ArabiaT
TBrazilvsCosta RicaT
LSouth KoreavsMexicoW
WSaudi ArabiavsEgyptT
LSouth KoreavsGermanyW
LSwitzerlandvsCosta RicaW

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If you want to use my design to make your own predictions, you can copy the table below and paste on or All you have to do is Change the X for your own predictions.

Copy starting here

Score | Team | | Team | Score
X | Russia | vs | Saudi Arabia | X
X | Egypt | vs | Uruguay | X
X | Morocco | vs | Iran | X
X | Portugal | vs | Spain | X
X | France | vs | Australia | L
X | Argentina | vs | Iceland | X
X | Peru | vs | Denmark | X
X | Croatia | vs | Nigeria | X
X | Costa Rica | vs | Serbia | X
X | Germany | vs | Mexico | X
X |Brazil | vs | Switzerland | X
X |Sweden | vs | South Korea | X
X | Belgium | vs | Panama | X
X | Tunisia | vs | England | X
X | Poland | vs | Senegal | X
X | Colombia | vs | Japan | X
X | Russia | vs | Egypt | X
X | Portugal | vs | Morocco | X
X | Uruguay | vs | Saudi Arabia | X
X | Iran | vs | Spain | X
X | France | vs | Peru | X
X | Denmark | vs | Australia | X
X | Argentina | vs | Croatia | X
X | Brazil | vs | Costa Rica | X
X | Nigeria | vs | Iceland | X
X | Serbia | vs | Switzerland | X
X | Belgium | vs | Tunisia | X
X | Germany | vs | Sweden | X
X | South Korea | vs | Mexico | X
X | England | vs | Panama | X
X | Japan | vs | Senegal | X
X | Poland | vs | Colombia | X
X | Uruguay | vs | Russia | X
X | Saudi Arabia | vs | Egypt | X
X | Spain | vs | Morocco | X
X | Iran | vs | Portugal | X
X | Denmark | vs | France | X
X | Australia | vs | Peru | X
X | Nigeria | vs | Argentina | X
X | Iceland | vs | Croatia | X
X | South Korea | vs | Germany | X
X | Mexico | vs | Sweden | X
X | Serbia | vs | Brazil | X
X | Switzerland | vs | Costa Rica | X
X | Japan | vs | Poland | X
X | Senegal | vs | Colombia | X
X | England | vs | Belgium | X
X | Panama | vs | Tunisia | X


Hey, thanks a lot for this table. It would be really helpful :) I appreciate it!

Hey! You made a mistake in the Saudi Arabia - Egypt match. It bots says Win and Tie.

Thanks for the handy dandy table there!

Many thanks to the table format provided! 👍

Amazing! Let me do my post about that!

Nice work here, thanks for showing me a good format for the contest

That table just saved a life, thank you @mexico-trail. I don't watch football though so my prediction will be terrible 😂. I think @raj808 and @rasamuel are going to have a sportgasm on this one.

Awesome, thank you very much for the format. All the best for you :D

This is great!
Your prediction for the Game between Saudi Arabia and Egypt looks like this: W | Saudi Arabia | vs | Egypt | T. Just an FYI if you want to change that before anyone notices ;)
As an Egyptian i don't like your predictions but they're probably realistic :P

Thanks a lot for this post. Now I know how to set it up. Much appreciated!

Thanks for share your design

Great, I'll start the machinery. Good luck to all of you.

Nice, thank you very much for the format!

@cabobnb check this one out too so cool to add template

Cool.. I will be contexting regardless

You said the reputation allowed to compete is 40 and above.. But I am a footBall lover So I will context regardless

You said the reputation allowed to compete is 40 and above.. But I am a footBall lover So I will context regardless

I used your template for this... Thanks a lot and good luck in the contest :o)

Thank you for the help @mexico-trail, I hope your team will be the winner. Good luck.

Many thanks for your table design :)


Thank you!

Thank you for the table, it´s very useful. I am not know about futbol, but I like put X 😉

Muchas gracias por la mesa!

Thanks so much for the table!!! Clean and organized.


Wow! First, yo make some really off the cuff prediction. Tunisia vs England is for example some really hard call you made there! I think - my opinion-that England will struggle. Tunisia is a free flowing football playing side, and they play as a team. England struggles against such teams.

That particular match for me will be a Tie. lol...i mean it. Anyway, they all predictions all the same. I should be able to make my own posts shortly on the way to the holy grail 2,000SBD!!

Thanks, meanwhile for the abovetemplate code. I am definitely going to use it, and just so you know i am grateful, and a fan of 'fair play', i will have a tip for you when i win the prize! lol

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Awesome 😎... thks for letting us to use the table.

Nice template...thanks for sharing:)

Thats awesome thanks a bunch! ⚽👍

Thanks for the table. Hope it's okay to share with others.

Thank you for your post so much. It is short and easy to understand. I will participate in this contest and I hope I will be lucky. Have a nice day. :)))

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