My entry for the Blocktrades + Open Mic Steem Fest ticket giveaway

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Blocktrades and Open Mic Steem Fest Ticket Giveaway

There are only a handful of hours left until the deadline for this contest but, thankfully, I managed to submit my entry in time. I had a script for this clip because I'm usually all over the place, and this is the best way to stay on track and respond to all the questions brought up in the announcement post.

You still have enough hours to create a video and compete for a SteemFest ticket so make sure to check out the announcement post from @anomadsoul: Blocktrades + Open Mic: Steem Fest Ticket + Accomodation Giveaway!

I also uploaded the clip on YouTube, besides DTube so, in case something happens I have a backup and won't get disqualified. Feel free to check out the clip below or on DTube, it's set as private on YouTube, and that's the reason it has no preview but, it is working.

I hope you enjoy my work.


Hello there Steemians, I’m GuyFawkes4-20, and this is my entry for the Blocktrades and Open Mic Steem Fest ticket Giveaway but, before we get into this, let me show you how I got up here!

First of all, I am pretty determined to attend Steem Fest but, considering the current market, the fact that I haven’t cashed out much money at the top, and the fact that a trip to Poland would probably worth as much as my expenses for two full months, winning a ticket would be of great help for sure.

It’s often hard to describe yourself, regardless of the format because, we as humans, still don’t know everything about ourselves, so, you will only be able to get a good feel of who I am at Steem Fest but, until then, I do suppose that I can share a bit about myself so, when we meet, it’s more of meetup between two friends than two strangers, if you know what I mean.

I am a young Romanian, and I think that not my studies, nor my accomplishments define me the
best but, the work I am doing on a daily basis. Somehow, I stumbled upon
self-development at an early age, and since then, my mentors influenced
me to love the process of learning and to stay on this path of constant
improvement, and that changed my life completely.

Because I was able to learn from a lot of people and change the quality of my life incrementally, now I find myself, naturally, trying to provide the same thing for other people, regardless if those people are my friends or strangers from the internet. I always had the feeling that my writings are both for the people but, at the same time, for myself since they act as a reinforcement for my believes and values. But, lately, with all the things I’m trying to accomplish both on and off the chain, it was a bit harder to practice my extensive writing.

But, I think that what defines me the best is my love for truth and freedom, or freedom and truth since they often don’t come one without the other, and I do hope that I managed to illustrate these values of mine through my ongoing work.

I joined the blockchain in mid-June, mainly out of curiosity after I saw a clip from Jeff Berwick where he was talking about Steem. Since then, I managed to stumble upon so many fascinating people, that I can proudly call friends today, that impacted not just my Steem experience but also my life significantly.

I was fortunate
to find out about @OCD in my early days on the blockchain, and somehow
to get a spot into the curation team because that truly shifted the way I think about helping people now.

For as long as I can remember, one of the things I always enjoyed doing on Steem was engaging with the community, either if that was through comments or direct messages, and it became such a vibrant part of my life that I could never give up on this whole ecosystem even if I would want to.

And somehow, all of my engagement efforts managed to pay me off more than I ever expected because in December I became part of the first cohort of the Sndbox incubator, and that experience had an enormous impact on the quality of my content, and the way I view the blockchain in general. But, now, the first cohort ended, and I became a Steward for the incubator, position that allows me to help other people in a new way, as I managed to do through the Sndbox Summer Camp with @anomadsoul where the two of us mentored a big group of Steemians and helped them launch a couple of projects, with the help of @voronoi and @hansikhouse.

Since joining Sndbox, things have scaled up quickly, and I was able to launch the Romanian Community with the help of other Steemians, and a magazine called SteemChronicles that’s still under development.

When it comes to dapps, I see myself more as an explorer since I tried quite a couple of applications so far, from DSound to DLive, and the ones I’m playing with right now being Steempress and Steemhunt. I am considering going back to some of the others sometime in the near future.

But, as a general idea, I am trying to learn for myself, and improve my life, while trying to help others at the same time.

I am a firm believer in genuine inter-human interactions but, you can only manage to know the people best once the two of you break bread together, and that is my starting point when it comes to attending Steem Fest.

Over the last year and so, the Steem community has been very kind to me, and as I said before, I did manage to make quite a lot of strong friendships so, this would be the best opportunity to meet the community and bond with them even stronger.

But, besides this, I do want to launch a project that will take place over the period of Steem Fest with some friends, and will hopefully help the community greatly. But, I can’t tell you more about this until the announcement is made.

A trend I noticed since joining, is that the deeper you get yourself involved into the blockchain activities, the more your off chain social life gets affected, and the more your Steemian friends become a bigger part of your life so, it would be very nice to meet the people you interacted with over the last year.

To leave you with some final thoughts, I think that Steem has a tremendous unexploited potential to impact the world so, the best investment one can make is in the community.

If you kept on reading/watching to this point, you are amazing, and I thank you!

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Great video,

You deserve a free ticket for all the work you do for the platform. Nice view from your loft!

Also, it wouldn't quite be steemfest without you!


Thank you, Karl. I haven't heard from you in a while; I hope that everything's great. :)

Hehe, yes, it's a small house I built with my father over the last 8-10 years. We just "finished" it this summer, it still has no electricity, wifi or other utilities but I like sleeping there every now and then since it's a quiet area, it's very relaxing.

I really appreciate that. I will attend SteemFest for sure, regardless if I win ticket or not, It's a trip I wouldn't miss out on especially that it's in Poland. Are you going?

I've just been busy moving basically, sounds like a dream to me having your own house, even if there is no electricity. That'd be impossible to do here in the UK.

I am going, I've funded it out of my recent house sale. If it hadn't been for that, I't probably be a non-starter!

Looking forward to it, it'll be my first holiday of the decade!

Got to get back into steeming it in the meantime. Probably going to set up a second W.P.Org blog and integrate it via steempress.

This is how Romania is, pretty much everybody's an owner over here. They at least have a parent or grandparent that owns a house, it's more or less of a tradition. It's extremely cheap to build a house over here, compared to the more expensive countries.

Glad to hear that you're attending! Thankfully I saved up; otherwise, I wouldn't be able to go either. Also, look into airbnb's, they are a way cheaper option than the hotels SF is partnered with.

Feel free to drop me a DM if you need help with the WordPress blog; I'm already building my second one for a project.

Looking forward to meeting you. :)

I already booked the hotel - I'm a sucker for a spa. I can stretch to such luxuries once every eight years or so!

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That makes sense, enjoy the holiday, I'm sure you deserve it. :)

Okay.... Finish reading till the end. Children are sleeping so I don't play video. Good luck and hope you get to Steemfest 3 😊

I'm glad that the script was of help for somebody.
Thank you, I will attend most certainly this year, just that the free ticket would be of amazing help. Are you planning on going? :)

So I pray you will get the free ticket. 😉 No, I am not planning to go although I would love to. My son has health condition which requires me to stay at home most of the time. Therefore, I will enjoy steeming here and will wait for steemfest 3's report after it is done.

I foresee it will be a great one!

Thank you, Jade! I'm sorry to hear that, all the best to your son, I hope he'll get better. There will be live streams from SteemFest this year as well; you can always watch those if you have the time.

Good luck. :)

So great to know there will be live stream. Yay!

Good luck to you too and everyone.

@guyfawkes4-20 congrats for your entry and best of luck your whole work. I hope you will successfull

Thank you.

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Steem Fest Ticket + Accomodation Giveaway!
It should be accommodation instead of accomodation.

thank you friends @guyfawkes4-20 for sharing your bitter experience here I am a layman on this blockchain field. I am very inspired by your experience, you are a great person in my opinion where sharing with sndbox is not an easy thing in my opinion and also not impossible. thank you friends for sharing inspiration.

Cheers for that.

I wish you the best for the contest!!!!
God bless!!

Thanks a lot. :)

Salut! @guyfawkes4-20 all the best for the contest. The determination speak it all......everyone is desperate for getting to steemfest3.

Need your have mentioned abour sndbox...could you help me understand

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Thnks. Everything's you need to know is on their blog, feel free to check out @Sndbox. Good luck. :)

This is awesome... Well-done boss

Thank you. :)

You're welcomed

Your video is not working

Yes, the YouTube version seemed to be broken, but I fixed it now, thanks for letting me know. There's also a DTube version, that's working properly. Let me know what you think. :)

hey guy it's nice to finally "meet" you on screen =)For some reason I thought you were from the UK ahahah funny the things we discover. Looking forward to meeting in SF3 hopefully!

Hey Eve, I think I see what you mean, hehe; I always liked the UK. Are you planning to attend SF regardless, or only if you're winning a ticket? See you there. :)

Thanks for making this video and entering. Love the countryside you can see in the video. Looks beautiful. It is remarkable how many connections we can make on this platform and to meet them in real life is a joy too. Good luck and thanks again.

Thank you for watching @luzcypher. I love it too; it's a place where I like to go every now and then to take a break from the real world and maybe do some writing. The script for the clip was actually written up there the night before shooting.

I think that's the next level, meeting the people in person because these online interactions have too many limitations. Looking forward to meeting you at SF.

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Neither me

Weird how the video disappeared. This platform is buggy af, uploading is a total prick, you can't edit and often can;t even comment as that bloody error always pops up.