Weekly Question - How would you describe "Blockchain" in 1 sentence?

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Welcome to our Weekly Question Series - every Monday, @sndbox will publish a question designed to challenge and explore new ways of engaging the Steem blockchain.

The #BlockPitch Challenge

This week we're looking for your best blockchain pitch. How would you describe "blockchain" if you had only 1 sentence to explain it? Blockchain is by far the biggest buzzword of 2018, yet, most struggle when it comes to articulating it. If you had a maximum of 280 characters (the length of a Tweet) what key points would you'd like to drive home?

How would you describe Blockchain in 1 sentence?

How to Play

  • Comment below with your 1 sentence pitch. Please only use a maximum of 280 characters. Put your thinking caps on, have fun and be creative :)
  • We'll upvote the comment section!
  • Our team will tweet the best examples via the @sndbox account

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Blockchain is a permanent digital collection of transactions with no central authority that is protected from deletion and tampering by using cryptography, which removes middlemen while allowing friction-less interaction between multiple parties.

Blockchain is a record of all the transaction that has happened within the network with no central authority and brings back the power to the people.

The Blockchain, is presented as an information storage system, anonymous, secure, decentralized and free of forgeries, consisting of a network of computers called nodes.

Blockchain is a method of securely storing information in a publicly-available format.

A Blockchain is what arranges, assembles and accumulates pieces of information that would otherwise have been small, separate and scattered.

@vandigital nailed it for us... To put it simply, we see the Blockchain as a means to an end, that is "Freedom, Independence & Emancipation"


Blockchain is a secured digital manuscript of every cryptocurrencies transaction that eliminates every third party in a peer to peer network

The blockchain is a storage network of information that allows for the inclusion of a neutral third party to have completely trust-less transactions through the development of contracts.

Blockchain is a decentralized system of storing data and transacting digitally by the public and for the public

Blockchain is the shared record of transactions (or activities) in a decentralized web, implemented usually in place of a centralized storage system (database).

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I will describe it in one word ;)

If it's used for that. It's a tool and can be used for slavery too.

Bit I did give an upvote for Freedom.

Totally agree with you, but in this case (the Blockchain) someone can decide in which part want to be...
Vote coming back to you... good things about Freedom
Peace V!

Blockchain like human cells, such as white blood cells, red blood cells, are constantly producing!

Blockchain is a revolution​

Blockchain is a shared store of truth.

Blockchain is the future.

Blockchain: bringing freedom, privacy and power back to the individual, as the internet first intended. Join the revolution and help "Make the internet great again" :)

Blockchain keeps people honest by being able to see what their doing in real time!

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‪A bottom up system platform that celebrates the power of mass in which eliminate absolute power and monopolization of an individual, powered by beliefs and community conformation. A true democratic system.‬

Blockchain is the best new tool in the artists paintbox; The canvas of the future.

"Blockchain offers a path to Freedom, Independence and Emancipation and is Powered by your Participation."


Based Literally On Cryptographic Keys, Concept Hallucinogen Avoiding Intermediaries on the Network

Extra points if you can articulate it without the using the following words...



It is simply a public record of activity(ies).

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Distribute a web computable, bind its Nodes in the truth indisputable, their voices submit to the Ledger Immutable -- that is what's called a Blockchain.

All in one, eh? :p I'm pretty sure that's not what you wanted, but I couldn't help myself.

Hahaha good point!

As its name indicates it corresponds to a "Chain", being the blocks, text files that contain the information that we want to save.

The blockchain allows us to live the future of money today and store our strategic records in a more secure and reliable way.

Blockchain is a massive transformation towards a new sort of life

Safest way of connecting two points.

I am going to give several tries.
revolutionary, groundbreaking, innovatory, pioneering, avantgarde, but the best although it doesn't describe steemit but just a part of it is: FREEDOM!
I think all of these ones do a good job describing certain aspects of the platform.
Edit : I thought it said in 1 word let me try again : steemit is a decentralized, selfgoverned social media platform that is backed by a cryptocurrency or a virtual currency, where you can earn money for creating or curating content uploaded to the platform.
I think that is steemit summarized in a sentence.

The blockchain is a genius way to encrypt data and make it decentralized.

Blockchain is the challenge for everyone which is given out fair and wide, at exact time.

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Blockchain is a mystery in technology which no one till now able to understand completely or develop completely, getting upgraded every single day.

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Series of public activity open ledgers distrubuted among different nodes.

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Blochain is a provably reliable structure for the confirmation of actions and states.

An open distributed ledger of public activity.

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Blockchain is the storing and securing of information using decentralized systems that enable the permanence of information and inability of one authority to control information.

It returns the access and control of information flow and sharing as well as storage to the average user removing such power from corporate entities.

Blockchain is the revolution of the digital era, being decentralized, storing data and making transactions, connecting blocks.

The Blockchain is an open and distributed database, which can register transactions between two parties in an efficient, verifiable and permanent way.

Blockchain is here to stay!

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At beginning blockchain is simply opportunity to earn more but it's revolution in life.

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In India its defined by one word 'fraud' as many companies launched different blockchains just to make others people fool.

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Is a distributed database that registers information blocks and interlaces them

Blockchain is the social and economic transformation of the world!

blockchain is like the spirit in the body of technology.

blockchain is like the spirit in the body of technology

Block chain is an E ledger that is used to store transactions that are happening on a particular platform..

The blockchain allows sharing in real time, also the fact that it is a safe and free storage system, maybe the blockchain can be the future of the new generations of artitas, its production is unmatched, regardless of race, color, social class, greetings.

Blockchain is a decentralized platform that enables the record taking of different ledgers which are immutable and not capable of being disrupted by a single nord.

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