Understanding Blockchain Freedom - Episode 001: Introduction

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Welcome to the first video in a new series I'm calling Understanding Blockchain Freedom.

You can share this with your friends via http://understandingblockchainfreedom.com

In this video series, I plan to explain cryptocurrencies and blockchains and why they matter.

You'll learn how to buy them, secure them, transfer them, and trade them.

Though I could put these behind a paywall and create email drip campaigns to sell them as informational videos, I'd rather make this content available for free for everyone. I hope to provide enough value that some will decide to reward me for my time.

SBD/STEEM: @lukestokes
Bitcoin: https://onename.com/lukestokes
BitShares: luke-stokes
Ethereum: lukestokes.eth

Big thank you to my friend and neighbor Nathan Brumley who created the music in the video. You can view his work here. The intro image was taken by me during our stay in Costa Rica.

Next Episode:

Please let me know what you think of this project. I hope it's useful to you, your friends, and your family. I have some more videos in the series I've recorded which I'll edit and release as time allows. I appreciate you resteeming episodes of this project as well as sharing them on your social media outlets so we can educate more people about the decentralized future.

As a programmer and Steemit witness, I want to help bridge the gap between technology and understanding. I'm constantly working to improve my communication skills to help others. Thank you for giving me a witness vote.

Luke Stokes is a father, husband, business owner, programmer, voluntaryist, and blockchain enthusiast. He wants to help create a world we all want to live in.

I'm a Witness! Please vote for @lukestokes.mhth


will look forward to your other educational videos...I am a father of 1 human baby and 3 doggie babies recently loss my job and i am trying to go full time on steemit ..fortunately I have a few months worth of rent saved up...with that being said I am looking forward to learning more from you and will give back once I am self sustainable...thank you for your video!

Good luck, but please understanding "Going full time on Steemit" is not a great plan, IMO. I know many have tried it and this place is super exciting for sure, but it's still a blogging platform. I'm able to do what I do here because I work for myself, I've paid off my house, and I'm currently in a position of high autonomy. People living pay check to pay check don't have that same opportunity.

The strongest advice I can give you is to get a job first, pay off debt, and be in a financial place of security so you can fully enjoy Steemit and the community of amazing relationships here.

Hi Luke... Great advice and will be listening to the other videos in this series.

Finished reading Your latest Post today, August 12th, 2017 and the more I listen to You AND go back to say, this video series, the more I learn & understand.

Even though I have almost 40 years of financial experience some of the experience with a number of the Fortune 100...

I still feel somewhat ignorant BECAUSE there is a significant "Learning Curve" because "Blockchain Technology" covers such a vast/wide array of applications in the world... there are ideas/concepts that most likely still have not been created or thought of YET...

Thanks Again for explaining things in "layman terms" because it makes it easier to understand sometimes very complex issues AND the way You explain things directly "reflects" the high level/degree of Your comprehension & understanding.

One last point...

One of the BEST Votes I've ever given was to YOU, as a Witness !!

Have a Good Weekend with Your Family & Thank You 4 giving back...

Cheers !!

Thank you. :)

This is complicated stuff which I've been trying to wrap my head around since early 2013. Any knowledge you gain in this area puts you well ahead of most everyone else out there, so stay encouraged and keep learning. Sleep is something we'll find time to do eventually. Hahah. :)

YES... sleep is something I've been missing a bit.

Work between 12 to 16 hours/day researching crypto markets... have currently made a little over a 10 fold increase over about the last 75 days and currently holdings are just a bit under $100k... Will buy a bit more STEEM over the coming weeks and delegate some of it towards of the P.A.L. community.

Again, Appreciate the guidance in Your Posts.

Cheers Luke !!

absolutely fantastic work @lukestokes! You are a champion!

Thank you!

This is very generous of you to share your knowledge and experience with us. Worth sharing with my friends. Hopefully one day they will realize what they have been missing for so long. And I have a nice place to go if I have any questions too. Thanks!

You're welcome and thanks for voting for my witness!

Of course. Good luck and have fun with it ;)

Finally something I can share with my steemit-suspicious english-speaking friends. They can't coprehend the fact that you could get paid for GIVING your intellectual and brain power to writing and blogging and POSTING it. Facebook has made their souls cold lazy.

Facebook has made their souls cold lazy.

Hah! Yeah, the series is going to touch on just a bit of philosophy to help people think more about what value actually is and why something like cryptocurrency is even possible. I hope this series is really useful to you and others.

Amazingly awesome idea. I desperately need this information and I look forward to rewarding you as I profit from it :)
Bring on number 2!

Sounds good to me, Jason. Thanks for the encouragement.

are you going to set an approximate time for your videos? or you just release them as you make them?

Thanks a good question. I haven't yet set a schedule because I have a full-time job running a business, hanging with my three kids, a wife, and various other responsibilities. I think for now it's going to be somewhat random as I get to publishing them. If you subscribe on YouTube with notifications, you should get alerts when new videos come out.

already subscribed
thank you very much, looking forward to watch them.

Good post @lukestokes
Every person who is busy, working on to enlighten the public about cryptocurrency, is to me a front line soldier in the battle against fake money.
Keep going my friend!!

I like the sound of that. :) Thank you.

I like this video a lot although I almost closed it when I saw that horrible 90s intro with sunset. If you are serious about making more of these videos I can maybe create nice animated intro for you (After Effects).

Thanks for the feedback. I'm not at all a graphics person and have a friend playing around with some logo ideas. I didn't want to wait until everything is perfect to get this information out there though. I wonder how many share your opinion. I actually liked it. Hahah.

Sorry for sounding harsh but in my eyes the intro really can not be worse :D Holla at me if your friend doesn't deliver. Creating some simple animated logo/intro for your series would be an easy job that I can do in an hour or so...

STEEM will win with people like you.

Really cool, good luck with new and exciting endeavor! Will be closely following this series... It looks like I was the first one to subscribe to Youtube channel :)

Very cool! Thanks for subscribing.

@lukestokes, A lovely husband and a father to three kids, thanks for putting your family first in your intro, the sacrifices that we make today is because of first; our loved ones (family) and secondarily for our friends and well wishers, and then to our society at large. I enjoyed your video, and your steemit shirt looked good on you, I am a newbie on steemit, so you see; you also have kids on steemit. Thanks for your support. One love.

Thank you. Wise words indeed.

Thanks for helping with this :D

I'm happy to be another source of input for those who are waking up. This is some of the most exciting things to be happening in our lifetimes and I hope we all can talk more about it.

Thanks for the encouragement and for putting out so much great content for so long. You're inspiring many.

Excellent resources you have created here @lukestokes I'll point people in your direction by resteeming your latest posts.
Thanks for this.
Snap! I'm a father of three and grandfather to six lol
I've been teaching comp/sci since the 1980's.
Semi retired and pitching in on steemit for humanity too.
This is A* material, pitch perfect for newbies. You should be a teacher.

Wow, thanks so much. I'm learning and hope to get better over time.

Right on Luke! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us🙏🙏 Followed:)

I always appreciate a follow. Thank you!

no problem :)

I think its a very good initiative by you since many people are getting involved in the crytpocurrencies but still they don't know the process or the science behind the whole crypto system. I'm sure this will be really a great help for the newbies like me who are new to this world. Keep up the good work :)

It's some complicated stuff. Hopefully I can help some people navigate through it.

Nice video; I think a lot of people will still find the concept hard to get their heads around.

It's great to hear your voice by the way; for some reason I imagined you with an English accent!


Thanks. It's funny how that works out. We all create mental models of the people we interact with.

Yeah I know it's weird, I was thinking about it earlier, I think it's because you look like an old friend of mine.



All I can say is outstanding post! Thank you very much, I am resteeming this.

Much appreciated!

Brief, concise introduction into Bitcoin/blockchain technology, which is very useful for others attempting to learn more. Thanks for this, I look forward to seeing more in the series!

Excellent! It's always more fun to make things when people actually appreciate them. :)

Great to see you putting this serious together Luke! With so many people trying to find out more about crypto this will be a great resource for them.

That's my goal! Thanks Brian.

Thanks good explanation for us noobies... Will follow you for more!

Thank you! I always appreciate a new follow.

Thank you! Realy like your post. Upvote and follow ;) Looking forward to next video and the future ;) Gratings from the North ;)

good post! helpful!! ;)

This is really helpful.

I asked you about who should be my Steemit mentor, looks like you are going to mentor all of us. Good deal!

I'll help where I can.

Solid content Luke, solid resteem. Nuff said.

Thanks as always for your support.

Nice video buddy
Thanks for sharing

Great project!, going to stay up to date with your videos, already followed you on youtube :)

Thanks! It's fun to see new followers on a new channel. :)

Gonna follow this for sure! Thanks Luke!

It's really hard to make people understand how much Steemit and the criptocurrencies are going to change our lives thank you for sharing this video it's really explanatory.

We're just getting started!

I forgot to tell you that I voted you on https://steemit.com/~witnesses
I recommend everybody to do it.

I saw your vote come in. Thank you!

Glad you enjoyed it. I hope to improve with practice and experience.

Thank you for sharing

Very difficult to understand for a novice, but its not difficult to understand that if you add value and provide quality info you will be rewarded for it. So I'm going to start there, and as I find mentors such as yourself who have more experience and can help me understand more I will gain more knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to create these posts that will make life easier for newbies such as myself. I will one day be a whale as well, and of course i will not forget those who helped me get there. Today is day one so Im just a minnow egg, lol. Thx

Thanks for the encouragement! When we all help each other along the way, we all improve.

Wow! You're so good! I really enjoyed listening to every second of this. This is really promising. I really look forward to see more. You look so pro!

Thank you! I'm going for "not terrible" given my current level of experience doing this but "so pro" sounds fantastic. :)

Bitcoin is way to your freedom

@lukestokes Thank you for sharing . your work is great . I am now following you on here and also youtube :))

Good work. I'm looking forward to this series

Thanks @lukestokes I'm looking forward to watching your series.

Thank you, I hope it greatly benefits you.

very educational and informative, thank you

Super! Really nice video and article

Thank you for the video! I can't wait to see the rest.

Hello @lukestokes, thanks!
We are just trying to set crowdfunding on Steemit to get resources to save Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon. Please could you help us in our effort? Thank you very much for your upvotes and resteems. https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@kedjom-keku/do-it-for-forest-crowdfunding-who-are-we-actually-forest-friendly-family-each-11usd-10x10-m-forest-saved

Thanks ! Great info!

Luke is it possible to create a crypto currency club for people who earn millions with penny stock? Especcially if they all have the goal in mind to donate some of their profits to pay off their countries national debt. That can be done if all investors increase their investment of $1500 to $1000 000 in one year. If they keep on reinvesting that growth into penny stock every year in a non profit organization that does not pay taxes, then they will earn trillions in 5 years and have enough to create a bank, pay of the USA debt and have money left for evangelism. Or they can pay their salaries of billions of dollars. I want to know if one can create a block chain for that?

I have no experience with penny stocks, sorry. I prefer blockchain systems over the old centralized stock market systems. Check out some of the videos in this post about BitShares and User Created Assets: Playing in the Margins: bitUSD and BitShares on Open Ledger

I will be glad if you follow me.

You seem to be sending the same message to a lot of people. Some will see that as spam and flag you if you continue doing it. Instead, consider adding value to others.

ok thank you very much.
I see you are a whale so I want to ask you a question please..

Ask me steemit chat.

My appreciation toward your kind intention and great efforts is far beyond any words.

You know what You talking and You talk right Thanks!

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