Understanding Blockchain Freedom — Episode 002: What Is Cryptocurrency?

Episode 002: What Is Cryptocurrency?

In this video we'll talk a bit about what cryptocurrency actually is (i.e. blockchain technology).

To set the groundwork, please watch this fantastic video by @andersbrownworth

There are many different blockchains and cryptocurrencies out there, and we'll discuss how you can figure out which ones are worth your time.

We'll talk about the nature of value and why cryptocurrencies matter so much to our species which thrives with freedom.

Also mentioned in this video:

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Always bringin that value!

Thanks! I've got a lot to learn as I figure out how to do this video marketing thing, but I'm enjoying the process so far!

You're good, I need to start doing some videos also 😂

Crypto cuts out the middle man and all of the waste and corruption that comes with having a third party between you and your economic activities.

Well said. :)

Thank you!

Useful information shared on twitter

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the education Luke. As a cautious investor new to cryptocurrency, it is nice to get some clarity from a person with experience. I will look forward to the next video. Have a great week!

Thank you! Please let me know if there are any specific questions you'd like answered in more detail.

This may seem dumb and you may be planning to address it in a future video, but I just don't know the mechanics of going from cash in my checking account to holding a currency. How does the idea of a wallet compare to an account at a financial institution like a bank or brokerage? Then once I own currency, securing that asset. Trying not to feel dumb asking what seems basic around here, but anxious to learn.

I think we get so used to using middle men financial institutions to hold our assets that the idea of handling an asset myself feels a little foreign.

Yes, the next video will get into exactly that. It's certainly a tricky process understanding how exchanges work, why you need to be careful using them, and basically why, with cryptocurrency, you are your own bank and there is no protection other than what you provide yourself. Stay tuned!

Thanks Luke, I thought you were headed there next.

Really good work what you are doing @lukestokes. Upvoted and Resteemed.
Best wishes from @welovesteemit.

Thanks for sharing!

You are very welcome @lukestokes :-)


Great info for anyone.

Glad to hear that. My hope is to make it approachable for anyone, not just techies like me.

Pretty great episode and you even included the "philosophy of liberty" video. I'm resteeming this.

Looking forward to seeing a Stitcher like Steem app for this type of content soon hopefully.

Thanks! Yeah, that philosophy of liberty video is one of my favorites.

That and Ron Pauls lecture on ethics was what first caused me to seriously consider anarcho-capitalism. It took a lot of reading, watching and thinking after that obviously to seal the deal, but it was a major contributor!

Great insights on why cryptocurrencies have been growing in value. Will watch the Brownworth video tomorrow. Thanks for recommending. Congrats on moving up to 35.

Thanks Jason! I'm pretty excited about it too.

it is a very informative blog.....you may visit my blog also for interesting travel blogs i love to travel and i will be daily uploading about trips you can resteem my posts also ... follow me for interesting travel blogs

Thanks, I did find this useful. I am very eager to learn as much as possible!

Excellent. I hope the introduction video is helpful also.

I understand most of the concepts, but this does help me try to figure out where to go...

Nice one Luke. Enjoyed very much and one I've saved for later reference! I'm gonna have to go through this more than once to get it. Much appreciated for your time and efforts! So much to learn and so little time!

Thank you! Let me know if anything's confusing or if you have specific questions you'd like me to cover in more detail in a future video.

Will do and thanks again!

thanks for information, i shared on twitter

I’ve a question about the liberty video. I agree with the principles and I wonder how to dissuade people from commiting any of the listed crimes like murder or theft. If someone commits these crimes, what is the resolution? According to the video, no one has the right to take away freedom or property from another person. That rules out using prison or fines as a method of punishing criminals. How would criminals be disuaded in a society without consequences?

Here's one of my favorite videos on that topic: Law without Government: Conflict Resolution in a Free Society. I also enjoyed Rothbard's For a New Liberty. There are a lot of mechanisms which become available when we remove the stagnating effect of non-natural monopolies (especially those backed by violent force). Detroit Threat Management is another interesting example. When government protection services broke down in Detroit, they started providing services using techniques no one had thought to use and with great success.

First, I am very doubtful that such a system would work smoothly without any major conflict.

Overall, I don’t think all economies can work efficiently in a free market setup. For example, healthcare is one system that operates poorly under a totally free market. I’m not sure about law enforcement.

Even though governments have brought some stability in some places, they have committed horrific crimes. A better solution may lie in between the current major systems and a more free market system.

Conflict can be handled without violence. We just have to level up.

Have we ever seen healthcare under a totally free market? I'm not disagreeing with you directly because you may be right, I'm just curious what datasets we can use to evaluate the question. I do think competing options can bring regulation which is more adaptive than government regulation, but I might be wrong about that.

I'm all for systems which are voluntary and don't rely on violence.

I am in favor of testing and experimenting different ideas.

In healthcare, one of the vital decisions is, are we going to let people die if they don’t have money or insurance. Maybe some people wouldn’t want this to happen and they’ll set up a universal healthcare outside the government based on volunteerism.

We're part of a voluntary health sharing organization (not technically health insurance but serves the same purpose). No need for government violence for people to get together and help each other.

It was cool to hear you talk about the creation of money and those special interest. I love how you express yourself.

I'll eventually watch the video on liberty that you linked.

Another great video, I belive I'm all caught up! I also subbed your YouTube channel! Looking forward to more great content!

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