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Dear friends!

It’s time to sum up the results of True Flip’s creative contest :)
The original post is here. The votes: 123.

First, thank you all for these great contributions! We’ve received dozens of really smart, funny and original works!

We should admit, this competition has also faced some tough choice. Our winning artwork – provided by Eltooni – gained it’s leadership with a significant upvote of all supporting comments, which was considered to be unfair by some of our followers. After a careful study and hot team discussion, we conclude that this case illustrates the general and very basic idea behind Steemit: you work long and hard, earning reputation and support, which returns with the desired profits. That’s how things really work here on Steemit, and we all should respect this.

Also, take a note that we’ve reduced the prize tokens quantity. As our crowdsale max cap hasn’t been reached, this goes in proportion to overall decrease in issued TFLs number. Nevertheless, value per token has increased accordingly, so there's anyway no difference for the winners!

Given all these, our winners list is the following:

  • Crowd choice – Eltooni (The Vote, #1) >> 12714 TFL

  • Advisors’ choice – Whistlejacket (The last voting, #12) >> 6357 TFL

  • Team’s choice – Tanyamoon (The last voting, #10) >> 6357 TFL

  • Random Lucky – prakashghai >> 1271 TFL

All glory to the winners! Please contact to receive your prize.

To conclude, this was a brand new and incredibly useful experience for the team. We’ll definitely take into account all it’s highlights, planning lots of activities alike in the future! So – as always – stay tuned and don’t miss your chance to succeed ;)

True Flip Team

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You did an amazing job with this competition and thank you for understanding the foundation of how steemit works. You have done an amazing job here and you won a true friend that will do his best to help you move forward with Trueflip because it is truly an amazing project and deserves true respect for that.

Dear steemians thank you for your amazing respect, I will work hard and will try to make it up to you here on steemit.

Thank you everyone for your amazing support and thank you trueflip for this great opportunity.

I also wrote an email to my email address is elton.*********

I will be making a post about this very soon with proofs and everything.




Wow great work @trueflip great choices, I am just a bit confused in the original post it says that the

First winner gets 30.000 TFL
Second winner gets 15.000 TFL
Third winner gets 15.000

And now you are giving less is there any explanation to this.


They put an explenation that the value of TFL tokens has increased so the profit is the same as in the original post.


They already had the winners long before the contest, every time they posted a post they forgot to place in the post as a rare thing, the best designs. I already believe that what they say in the forums is true that they are a FRAUD. One of the winners is his team would not be surprised that the other two also ..

I am so thrilled to be named one of the winners in this competition. Thank you so much @trueflip. I worked really hard at my painting, so I am really gratified to be recognized by the True Flip Team. This is an incredible opportunity for me and I feel truly blessed. Thank you once again.


you did a great job-well deserved for putting so much passion into your painting


Thanks very much @tzap90. I really appreciate that.

Congratulations Everyone!

I think good choice, and nice work of trueflip team~

Your post is beautiful but we can not reply to the way you comment, so please do it again.

Thank you for choosing me as a winner :) @trueflip

I will have a look at how to claim the prize

wow that's was a really cool entry ,congratulations to the winner :D

Congratulations :)

So basically you say that steemit works through bribes. It does not matter how they win, either hook or by crook!
You should have put more thinking when making your judgement to see what was wrong with the contest.

Not only did you select a blatant cheater after claiming that you wouldn't stand for influencing the vote, but you then lower the prize fund also? However many FLT you offered is how many should be paid. You did not say "the current dollar value of x amount of FLT."

This is a dishonest prize going to a dishonest winner. I really do not understand how a gambling company could care so little about the appearance of their integrity.

Congratulations to the second and third place prize-winners. Those are some stunning pieces of art, well-deserving of rewards.


actually the 3rd place painting is a painting that was given to one of the trueflip team members a while back. I read something about it a while back. .. so ya. think this whole contest was a fraud to be honest. lol. oh well.


but i do really like the 2nd place painting. think i even voted for it.

What if the winner doesn't claim the prize, can I get it instead :D
Congrats to all the participants, although I wish you had split up the prize pool to award more contenders. The prize pool is way too huge for few winners when we had so many amazing entries :)

sencillamente esto fue un... FRAUDE!!