True Flip Steemit Challenge. The last voting.

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And here’s the last voting post of True Flip Steemit Challenge!
We hope you remember the rules, so no more words, just the artworks:

-- 1.

-- 2.

-- 3.

-- 4.

-- 5.

-- 6.
mralan 5.jpeg

-- 7.

-- 8.

-- 9.
tadan244 2.jpeg


-- 10.

-- 11.

-- 12.

whistlejacket 2.jpeg

whistlejacket 3.jpeg

whistlejacket 4.jpeg

True Flip Team

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I like 3,10,12 /9 is creative too


Yeah I completely agree with you I think 3 is the best. I also like 10 and 12 because they are paintings and I like 9 because it was creative but remember there is only one real true flip


I vote #10 awesome large painting.

(So many good entries in this one, I also like #2,3,9,11,12)

lindas imagenes gracias por compartirlo

Hey Trueflip My 2nd work is not finished in time T^T sry can I join without getting vote? I'll finish it before midnight of the 28th...



#3. I like all the details on the map. Gives it the vibe of a real treasure hunt. "Go past ICO swamp, beware of Segwit 2x desert." : D


@monsterduck Have you noticed the Whale going to the Exchange? :)

I like 3 and 12.

Just found this contest 2 days ago, I would have made a iOS game! 🐬 👻 💰 💸
Now back to my Win 3 SBD contests :/

I am ashamed. So many wonderful works. Originally intended to add robots that drag Flipper into the portal, but after reading the post about the 26th july I decided to hurry up and came up with a move to the near-Earth orbit (Hi Elon). I Vote for -- 10

I vote 12. I like the thickness and at the same time its detailed and colourfull.

perdona, soy nuevo y no entiendo porque te quitaron las ganancias, gracias muy bonito. todos

3 - Pirates of the Blockchain

There's some really amazing ones in this batch. Number 10 being my favourite out of this lot.

Hi @trueflips the designs of the previous publication (Votes 2), are still participating?

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Good job, see you next time in Promoted! ;)

ခ်စ္မိတ္ေဆြ trueflip,
ၾကည့္ၿပီးေတာ့ပဲ အားက်ေနေတာ့မယ္။
My son is baking a cake.

I like number 12... That is the best according to me...

3 looks good

  1. No doubt about it!!!

12 is fucking awesome

Number 3
Pirates of the blockchain, UNITE...

Hi=) I just wonna share with you a few scrinshots of artwork 4 made in blender (I love blender) =) That was really cool experience.

3 Definitely. Very good game idea.

I like #6 best personally

3 - Pirates of the Blockchain