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Hi there!

While the True Flip Steemit Challenge goes on, we are glad to note the significant interest paid by community here. Now we have over 450 comments in the voting post, so let this be the second one to publish the new artworks.

We truly love what you guys do and it seems we’ll have real pieces of art to win the contest.

We remind that your contributions are accepted till midnight, July 26. The results will be published on August 7.

Post the beloved artwork numbers in the comments section here (one number per person). For terms and details, go to this post.

Oh, and PLEASE don’t try manipulating this contest in order to win. Those who read this blog already know, that we have a zero-tolerance politics concerning any kind of cheaters :))

And here are the works:

-- 1.

-- 2.

-- 3.

-- 4.

-- 5.

-- 6.

-- 7.

-- 8.

-- 9.

-- 10.

-- 11.

-- 12.

-- 13.

-- 14.

-- 15.

-- 16.

-- 17.
(this guy says it's all a fraud, but nevermind, we love the pic)




Go on voting, ladies and gentlemen, as we need a cogent win here :))

True Flip Team

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#6 - perfectly fits the challenge definition - True Flip at the most suprising place of the universe, seeking for a new treasure )))

#4 is quite nice, it was probably a lot of work...


All are really well done but... #16 is AMAZING!!!

My vote is for 16!


you really trying to get away with cheating again? jesus.. ya i noticed that you have upvoted for posts on everyones blog who voted for 14. sly...haha. dont give up do ya.. god damn..

vote for #16

#5 is mine :)


I like numbers 4 and 5 a lot..all entries are good so good job everyone. you all did good. I just dig the artwork for #4 a lot and number 5 has Buddhist monks which is badass. ( This comment had said that I was voting for #4 but im sorry :( I am going to have to change my vote .... ) I LOVE #13. It is unique, and badass. good work.

Vote for # 14, for the creative GIF Animation you created, with very professional details. Greetings

Vote is for #14. I know about the design, and the GIF took a lot of work in doing it. Good luck!!

Wow... amazing that good GIF, it shows that it took time to make that animation, That's why my vote is for # 14

My vote is for #14. I really like the underwater design that the artist made in that GIF.

#16 all the flippin' way




I Vote for #14, very good.

Mi VOTO es para el número 14, muy buena manera de llevar el mensaje en los dos idiomas más hablados en el mundo.

"My VOTE is for the number 14, very good way of carrying the message in the two most spoken languages in the world."

My vote is for the number 14 , the best

Amazing, I vote for #14

I vote for #14

My vote is for #14.

Mi VOTO es para el Nro. 14, buena suerte!.

Vote for # 14

#14 Esta Genial.

#16 definitely has my vote!

My VOTE is for the number # 14


my vote goes to number 14, Cheers!

#9 clearly seems to have done more work than any other entry here so my vote goes for #9

my vote for #9


#9 you will win the final

Mi voto es para el #14, me encanta.!

13 is my pick here , i upvoted

My vote is for #5 because of its realistic quote as " wisdom is the real treasure " go ahead man

Hi @trueflip these are the only articles that are participating? And the other articles, for example my video?
My post


Sorry, now it's in the post! )

My vote #2 ;)

Oh man #16 has everything and it's awesomely clean. It looks so good!

#16 is love.

i vote for 13

1 st one wow

Oh and I knew Trueflip would do the right thing when it came to people trying to cheat in this competition. Give ya props, Trueflip for doing the right thing ;) looks like the cheaters just lost out on a good amount of upvote money for nothing. haha. :D Karmas a B*TCH isn't it?
Peace & <3

#16 IS the lucky number

I guess this competition didn't turn out to be the greatest PR campaign, huh?

(this guy says it's all a fraud, but nevermind, we love the pic)

I'd be willing to bet I'm not the only one who took notice of your passive/aggressive jab either.

This kind of shenanigans doesn't inspire a lot of trust.

You should immediately fire whoever is in charge of your PR.

Also, can people vote for 1 entry in the first artwork post and also vote for 1 entry in this post? or how does that work? should we just vote for 1 entry in both posts combined? Thanks.

Close but I vote for #16

Will vote for #5. Best of luck @devender

I vote for #14, very good. Is very creative ;D

I like #16 the best, they are all amazing but I think #16 is the best

#14 my vote good games :)

I'm voting for #16 even though I would have wanted vote on #4 too, but now I had to pick the winning choice. Sorry #4 and I hope you can forgive me.

#16 baby!

What do I win?

#9 you will win the final

isn't 16 amazing with the design being so minimalist and self explanatory and the text inclusion is phenomenal @satchmo :)

hmmm...what are you up too this time tim.. a lot of people are voting for the same one you voted for AGAIN...just wondering how you did it this time I will find out. hah.
Not that I think my design would win otherwise, cause I think number 13 should win, only made mine for fun.
Anyways, good luck everyone.

Voto por el número 14, ;-)

#9 I love it

I'm gonna go with 16!

Wow... much amazing #16.

I vote for #16

Nice works coming up this time....

My vote is for #1

Gosh they're all great. Tough selecting just one, because I know firsthand each took careful creative analyzing and time. I myself haven't even tried giving it a go! That being said, I had at least about 5 favorites in this group! After carefully looking at the Trueflip concept (which I'm still learning), I think it's between 6 & 14.

I like #6 the best. It points out the essential of trueflip.

16 rocks

#16 its yunkish

#16!!!! Soooo Yunkyyy!

#14 the best, my vote for him!

1 isz mine

My VOTE es para number 14

I like the number 14

the gift #14 es great, i'm choice the numers 14

I vote for #16

#16. Is coin the robot dreaming of all the riches lol

oh sorry @trueflip I thought the deadline was the 28th July like it's said in the first post . So, the deadline is changed to be the 26th which is tomorrow ? (please still be the 28th _/\_ hehe)
please help answering.

thank you


#16 is the best!

My "VOTE" is for the number (14)

My vote is for the 14 Awesome artwork! No doubt!

#16... love it!

My vote is for the number 14