Blockchain taken down by bots. All crypto gone. Programmers rush to wind back the clock.

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Bots have taken down the blockchain. Their message is being broadcast in broken English “All your crypto are belong to us”.

The invading bots are returning armed with lasers and hyper-super spam-force guns. They have but one mission - to destroy humanity.



The entire world will in future be governed by spam bots. Isaac Assimov was right. The bots arrived.

Half the planet is already gone as they advance writing “thanks for sharing” and “nice post bro” on everything they find.

Hidden deep inside a crypto cave in the Swiss mountains are two valiant survivors - Ned and Dan. Dan has been persuaded by Ned to return from his forced retirement to save our planet. Ned and Dan are frantically coding to prevent Skynet and its spam bots from succeeding.

The ingenious plan involves going back in time - 14 days and re-writing the entire blockchain so that it can no longer spam the human race to death.

Another human straggler is nicknamed “He whose name shall not be spoken”. - but otherwise known as ‘Bernie Voldemort”. Bernie is hiding out in another Swiss cave. He’s shooting at everything which moves. If it moves, it’s probably an enemy, so shoot it. Despite his reputation reaching an all-time low of minus 5 gazillion, he bravely fights on, down-voting anything that looks like it may be friendly with a bot. Innocent birds, wildlife and minnows get caught in the crossfire.

The green fields of England are littered with the dead bodies of brave steemians who fought to save the planet from Facebot, ads, spam, plagiarism, and low quality posts. They lie on the green grass bleeding with red flags stuck through their hearts.

In an amazing geo-political moment of triumph, world leaders including Trump, Kim Jong Ung, Theresa May and Vladimir Putin fly to Geneva for a snap conference led by Tim Berners Lee and Satoshi Nakamoto. World Peace is declared. John Lennon is brought back from the dead and declared King of humanity. The only enemy of mankind is now the army of spam bots. World leaders resolve to fight to the end. John Lennon sings “Imagine”.

Now we must wait 12 days to see if our planet can rise from this imminent destruction. The last few steemians fight on praying that the phoenix can rise again from the ashes. Can Dan and Ned, and outlaw Bernie save our planet from imminent destruction?


Brilliant, @swissclive! I love your creative sense of humor. :) That's an extremely satiric thriller of reality... Maybe you could write a screenplay and make a film of it. Although, it would probably take too long and the reality may probably be in a second generation steemit of some sort by the release.

Several things came to mind as I read it, which I think I'll throw out for fun. First, a few days ago around when you posted this, steemit crashed and then came back up missing the last 2 weeks (not sure if before or after your post) for like an hour. I found that interesting.

Then the Bernie character brings to mind another with the same first name here currently at a -16, who has been a bit of an off and on loose cannon of late. Not to mention all the run-a-way bots everywhere on steemit.

Lastly, the Ned and Dan hiding in a cave aspect reminded me of how Ned seems to have completely disappeared from any activity on steemit (and maybe actually hiding in a cave :) for the last 2 months, after actually downvoting Dan, which @eosgo posted about here.

This last reality really struck a real sour chord for me, given my own downvote story quoted Ned in a video of how he ironically believed downvoting to be BAD.

I really love the bringing of John Lennon back to life and declared King of humanity. Who amidst the insanity, sings “Imagine” (one of my all time favorite songs). Great ending :)

@positivesynergy, you are more up to speed than I am with the activites of ned, dan, and he whose name shall not be spoken.

Let’s see if another big vote from me can help improve your crippled reputation. I read how it was destroyed when you discussed one of the whale wars. Most people, myself included, try to stay out of the way of those carrying guns.

Your score below, before my upvote


Let’s see how your reputation looks after my big upvote:


I'm both deeply thankful, @swissclive, and laughing my head off at your term, "he whose name shall not be spoken." Now in this nice mix of emotions, after a week of getting only 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night, I hear the Beetles song playing in my head, "Number 9, Number 9, Number 9". :)

Thank you for being you
Shining your light as you do
And showing me more of my own self too
From another more expanded point of view.

Not so many people understood the “ steemians with red arrows through their hearts” allusion if you scroll to the end of this blog. Almost nobody sees why it’s 14 days. That’s « ogooglebar »

Just in case anyone didn’t get the joke at the beginning here is an extract from:

"All your base are belong to us" is a popular Internet meme based on a broken English ("Engrish") phrase found in the opening cutscene of the 1992 Mega Drive port of the 1989 arcade video game Zero Wing. The quote comes from the European release of the game, featuring poor English translations of the original Japanese version.

This post was so good, OMG, I can't believe somebody was able to imagine all of that :)) So incredibly good!

Anyway, when AI will evolve much more, nobody will be able to make the difference between bots and people, they will be able to sustain long and complex conversations as humans do right now.

I am just going to listen this for now, international peace sounds so great!

I really hope your post gets seen by the involved people, at least from the crypto space, @dan, @ned and @berniesanders, if not by Trump, Kim Jong Ung, Vladimir Putin and Satoshi Nakamoto

Do you imagine how popular this place would become if at least one of that people would read this post?

Nice writing anyway, it made my evening better!


I presume that you're not big fan of bots? :)

I would upvote but I've such a low voting power today. I went to crazy with upvoting others in the morning

They are clearly out-numbering us. Our only hope is to call out the bad ones. Mankind will soon become the pet project of the machines unless we do something about it.

hahaha indeed humans will become pets one day :)

Although this sounds fictitious, it is the bold truth... Bots have taken over the game and have brought the fight to our doors; in as much as Ned, Dan and Bernie have taken imminent steps to save our planet, we shouldn't stand behind to watch them, but rather assist in all the little way we can..

Skynet isn't going to win!!!!!!

Very good. Your comment demonstrates that you read the blog!

As you can see there are a few of the enemies (spam-bots), who have inflitrated my comment section. Some seem quite clever with their generic comments, but they don’t fool me. I am really Luke Skywalker, and I can look into their minds to know if they are real humans.

Half the planet is already gone as they advance writing “thanks for sharing” and “nice post bro” on everything they find.

Hi my friend, As you well know, this is my worst nightmare!

I'm glad you're back, I am enjoying your posts very much! I thought it was a very funny story on what just took place.

Appreciate everything you do @miti

Thanks, @swissclive, thanks a million.

A nice script for a movie (soaps we already have here (enough)).

It would be a great movie! I think I will call it “Terminator 17”. Oh wait.... Isn’t there already a movie with that name? How about “The return of the Terminator”.

What? That’s been done too?

How about “Terminator Genisys”?

How about the steeminator... LOL :)

Steeminator is a good title!

The Steeminator could end up being hacked, taken over and used by John Lennon and all all his blockchain revolutionaries (us steemians :) to save Ned, Dan and the world. LOL

BTW, I did a new post To CHANGE or Not to Change - That is the question. and just made a few edits to include blockchain technology and AI as the tools we can use for that change we all would like to see for the better in this world. When you get a chance, could you do me a favor and give it a quick read and see if maybe you have any ideas to suggest? Have a great weekend!

Lol. Was more thinking of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly".
It's up to them to sort out who's who.


If I had read this, no just seeing the topic alone, when my post was showing 14 days ago, would have given me an heart attack. You know the kind of attack you receive, when you buy into the pump, then it dips, and a deeper dip.

OK, I see that you have issues with spam bots and not bots generally. But why would bots built by humans destroy humanity? I need to start watching out for spam bots with broken English Lol.

The issue have been fixed right, cos everything back to normal. Happy weekend @swissclive.

Most bots, spam bots included, are coded in Monty Python, a computer language. This explains their broken English.

Now here’s an interesting thing: Python was developed in 1991 according to this Wikipedia article

Yet here is irrefutable evidence that the spam bots have used time travel to go back in time to create themselves. The video below was made before 1975 - some 16 years before the Monty Python computer language existed. You can see the Monty Python programmers planning their spam attack. Right at the end of this 1975 video, at exactly 3:07 they talk about Facebook -30 years before it was invented.

Create themselves? The video clip more like a comedy. How on earth would they know about Facebook?

How would they know about spam?

Maybe cos they created it

Lovely post @swissclive I love the way you encrypt the name and the concept you used in making this post your really a genius and from what you said in my post that you don't think you deserve a statue will I don't think that was right, you do deserve a statue with your name on it and I pray @dan @ned and the one whose name is not to be mention get to see this post.

Thank you. Yes, I really enjoyed the moment of inspiration that made me write this.

Hi love. I have resteemed your post.
It remindes me after i read it by the world war movie... even the cover picture it is from the same theme.
I like your writings .
Thumps up
Red rose

I liked the way you described the situation. In fact, now we see the spread of bots. People become lazier and prefer to use auto-voting, auto-commenting and so on. In fact, this situation was aroused from one human sin - laziness. Sasi people become like bots. Here we see it. They leave comments like: "cool post", "good message" and so on. Some do this consciously through bots, and some do it manually. But this is even worse.
Bots akatuyut and grab the block chain, but human facts - that's "fuel" for the growth of bots.

Soon everything you do will be controlled by bots. You won’t need to bother remembering things, or even anything.

wow .. wow wow .., your imagination is very high, like where do you do all this, this is a great article.
if that's the case then I will be the aide of the Bernie knight to crush all the robots who want to rule our world.
yes god do not let this happen.
thanks @swissclive for this very interesting post, now I'm following you @swissclive. please guidance her because I am a beginner in steemit. thanks, greetings from me for you. by @muftii

  1. A co-founder of Steemit.
  2. A co-founder of Steemit.
  3. -16 as at the time of writing this post
  4. Obviously you don't wanna get flagged;cos the fear of Bernie can make you migrate from the Steemit community to Mars.
  5. @haejin I guess. Because of a comment I made in his favor, I received '7 beautiful downvotes' from "He whose name shall not be mentioned and his crew members."
  6. When the almighty 'bots' took down the blockchain and sent it straight to hell, but the 'gift' was returned by the devil with a message that reads: "I'm sorry, but I don't invest in blockchains, try God."
  7. I could have told you, but I just lost my memory. Okay, I just found it, but the answer is missing from it. But anyways, let me guess: "Because God created the world in 7 days, and 7 multiplied by two equals 14 given that we need twice God's effort in order to make a difference. So , 14 days was the most perfect time to re-write the block chain."
  8. The man who predicted that the entire world will be governed by blockchains in future.
  9. Home of the 'CEO' and "Strategic Manager' of spam bots.
  10. Because they love to show appreciation for 'breakfast', 'lunch', and 'dinner' served.
  11. Because they fought to save the planet from facebot, ads, spam, plagiarism, low quality posts, and from "He whose name shall not be mentioned, but we all know him."
  12. Because Geneva is the centre of peace.
  13. An Engineer, Computer Scientist and founder of the 'World Wide web'.
  14. Pseudonym for the person, people or angel who founded and designed bitcoin.
  15. I know his name, but I can't tell you right now because I don't want the minnows to know about it and steal my answer which I have hidden in my handbag. But you can check it out in my handbag if you like. My handbag is purple in color, small and very expensive. For easy identification, there is an inscription on the handbag that reads: 'Sorry, but I don't have what you're looking for'.
  16. A musician who sang a song titled 'Imagine the type of question you're asking me right now."

Hi @mayib........
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

You're welcome!

Hi if you are new, I was wondering if you and other newbies get all the points. Maybe I need to expand on some? (If nobody answers the below in 24 hours, I will answer myself).

Here’s a little competition to see how well steemians know steemit, internet and blockchain. 100% upvote for you @muftii if you know nearly all the answers. Also 100% upvote for the first steemian to write all the answers correctly, or at least 15 out of 16. I don’t expect most people to know no 15.

With SBD now over $3, my 100% vote is worth alot more than $12.34. Now is the time to win a competition.

  1. Who is Dan?
  2. Who is Ned?
  3. What is Bernies reputation - approximately?
  4. Why do I call Bernie “He whose name shall not be mentioned”?
  5. Who on steemit is Bernie’s no 1 enemy (not referred to in the story, as the story is about spam-bots, and Bernie’s enemy is about someone whose rewards are too large and too frequent for his liking)
  6. What is the origin of the broken English phrase “All your crypto are belong to us?”
  7. Why 14 days?
  8. Who is Assimov?
  9. What is Skynet?
  10. Why do the spam-bots write “Thanks for sharing” and “Nice post bro”?
  11. Why do innocent steemians have red arrows stuck through their hearts?
  12. If World peace is declared, why would it be in Geneva?
  13. Who is Tim Berners Lee?
  14. Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? -
  15. Bonus question for an extra double vote If you know Satoshi’s real name, please don’t write it. But give me an initial of his surname. We must respect his right to remain secret.
  16. What does John Lennon and Imagine represent?
  1. A co founder of steemit
  2. Also a cofounder of steemit
  3. -17
  4. The guy flags all the flagables... lol
  5. Trevorjb
  6. Those are the words of bots when they take over the blockchain. Its also from a post you made some months ago
  7. If its February, then its Valentines.. lol
  8. Well Assimov is a writer and he wrote "I,robot"
  9. Skynet are those bots from Terminator that want to clear off humanity
  10. Well after spaming the hell out of someone's life, the least you can say is thank you i guess
  11. Well they are heart broken
  12. Geneva is refered to has a place of peace or Capital of peace
  13. He is the guy that invented the Internet
  14. Oh, thats our bitcoin guy... lol
  15. SN... lol
  16. John Lennon released a song titled imagine, it's his best solo career track. Hope am right?

Hi @gaintshoulder
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

  1. EOS boss, Steemit inc past co. boss
  2. Steemit boss
  3. -16
  4. Because you have his phone number :)
  5. HeymoreGin!
  6. Toaplan's "Zero Wing" shoot-'em-up arcade game for the Sega Genesis
  7. Why not?
  8. Science Fiction writer
  9. Labs producing robot gear ala Terminator
  10. Because It's better than writing 'shit post bro' and expecting an upvote :)
  11. Shot for voicing their opinion
  12. It's where the peace conferences are held
  13. Proclaimed the inventor of the WWW
  14. Bitcoin creator
  15. You got me!
  16. World Peace, amen!

Hi @abh12345
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

  1. @dan is Brain behind EOS, Bitshares and is Co-founder,and Creator of Steemit (Steem blockchain)

  2. @ned is CEO and co-founder of Steemit

  3. It's - 17

  4. Guess it's because he's a well known steemian but with low reputation due to frequent flagging.

  5. It's Haejin

  6. A Spam Bot

  7. It's Next after 13days

  8. Assimov was an American science fiction writer

  9. Skynet is an artificial intelligence relayed to the movie Terminator.

  10. Because that's how we identify them as spam bots
    11)They are heart broken due to low payouts and little steempower.

  11. No Idea

  12. Inventor of the World Wide Web(www.)

  13. Inventor of Bitcoins (birth of all cryptos)
    15)S. K

  14. Not Sure

Hi @thelovejunkie
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii


My answers.
• co-founder of Steemit and founder eos

  • founder of steemit
  • -18
  • flag lord.....he just needs a
  • Haejin
  • You took 14 days off steemit and resumed posting again
  • a writer
  • A movie i know where robot computer program took over all system in Terminator
  • they were programmed to do so and makes the reply fast
  • They spam or go into flag war or declare support and gets flagged
  • a place of peace
    *i dont know...swissman
  • Founder of Bitcoin(cryptocurrency)
  • NS
  • the world at peace i love his songs

Hi @lovelymkylie..........
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

(15.) A satoshi is the smallest unit of the Bitcoin virtual currency. The unit has been named "satoshi" a collective tribute to Bitcoin founder, an initial of his surname "SN"

(16.) as if he were the innocent man who could not penetrate his own imagination of how the world moves and ends. He invites everyone to think the same, which over time the song was able to poison the listener's brain, until infatuated with identical men round glasses. this song is indeed mysterious. The clanging and tone selection on the piano, especially when switching the chords seemed odd and odd. The teacher said, like the sound of piano horror movies.

Hi @hendrawahyuni...
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

  1. Co-founder of Steemit
  2. Founder of steemit
  3. -16
  4. The greatest flag lord
  5. Haejin
  6. Bots
  7. You took 14 days off steemit and resumed posting again
  8. Irobot writer
  9. A robot computer program that took over all system in Terminator
  10. They were programmed to do so and makes the reply fast
  11. They spam or go into flag war or declare support and gets flagged
  12. Cos that is United Nation Headquarter and when they disagrees there, the war starts there cos most of the president moves with nuclear control box.
  13. Inventor of World Wide Web(www)
  14. Founder of Bitcoin(cryptocurrency)
  15. There is no initials and question 14 bears his real name
  16. The world at peace

Hi @yungchief................
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

Well, since you've got all the answers to the other questions, I'll just answer question fifteen.

15 M. M. (是。很。)

Oh well, I guess if now one here knows his real name, then no one will argue my answer. Lol 😀😀😀😀

“Is. Very.” That’s an odd name even in Chinese. Anyway, he wasn’t Chinese (or Japanese), and he never wrote “All your base are belong to us”

Hi @lordjames........
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

  1. Co founder of steemit, creator of bitshares and CTO of EOS
  2. Co founder of steemit, likes to delegate steem power to asians.
  3. -16
  4. What?
  6. idk
  7. Idk
  8. Idk
  9. Already don't know lots of answers above, so now too lazy to search about skynet.
  10. Because they are retarded?
  11. Red arrow+ red blood = matching matching
  12. What?
  13. Why you ask me? Search on Google dammit
  14. Bitcoin billionaire
  15. I didn't get it
  16. A song?

Hi @libert...
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii


I participate for question nr 15 only. I think it's A.G.

Hi @smasssh
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

  1. Co-founder of Steemit. EOS boss.

  2. Co-founder of Steemit.

  3. -16

  4. He is the first of his name.

  5. Saying his name is suicidal(unless you're high on gin). So, he is, also, one whose name shall not be said. 😂

  6. Bots. And bots.

  7. Because the blockchain was recently faced with fronted problems, taking posts 14 days behind.

  8. A writer of robotic stories.

  9. The company in charge of manufacturing bots.

  10. It said in Africa that the colonial masters were men who, when they visit your home and you tell them not to come in because there's no seat for them, would always tell you not to worry for they brought their r own stool. You tell bots not to comment on your posts, but they do anyways, in a stale way.

  11. Because when two elephants fight, the grass suffers.

  12. It is where world leaders like to travel to, meet one another, sip wine and flash smiles at the cameras to give the impression that they have our interest at heart.

  13. He invented the world wide web, today's battle ground!

  14. He invented the blockchain, a ship that sails across the world to free happy slaves by decentralizing their slave masters.

  15. If I write it down, it would no longer be a secret. So, no! 😂

  16. Originality. Creating imaginative posts, not plagiarism.

Hi @chidiarua.......
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

from xkcd

  1. Co-founder of Bitshares and Steemit

  2. CEO of Steemit

  3. -16

  4. Because he will see the mention and be furious as he always is... when he sees your post.

  5. haejin

  6. From the phrase "All your base are belong to us" from the English translation of Zero Wing.

  7. For some smart reason that I don't know.... Checkpoint blocks?

  8. American writer and professor, famous for writing science fiction books and creating "three laws of robotics, where he states three laws that robots must follow.

  9. Skynet is an AI system that spread to all computers in the world and became self conscious. It's creators tried to turn it off, but it retaliated and tried to destroy the human race. From the Terminator movies.

  10. Because it applies to almost every post and is short and to the point.

  11. Because of the crossfire from the flag war between haejin and bernie (I actually have some experience with this).

  12. Geneva is where laws of war were defined in the Geneva Conventions, including how to treat prisoners of war, how to treat civilians in a war, and not to use chemical weapons. Therefore it would be the perfect place to declare world peace.

  13. Created the world wide web and HTTP

  14. Satoshi Nakamoto was the pen name of the creator(s) of Bitcoin

  15. I don't know

  16. John Lennon and Imagine represent peace in a way that humans have never reached, a harmony and consensus... I sincerely hope that we will reach something like that someday.

I like your answer no 9 best. But all very good.

Hi @shredz7..
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

  1. Steemit Founder. Argument, left, founded EOS
  2. Remaining steemit founder.
  3. Negative 16, but rising steadily.
  4. No need to mention. Everyone knows.
  5. ranchorelaxo best friend.
  6. That's not broken!
  7. Because a week is too short
  8. Great storyteller. The galatic empire didn't strike back.
  9. John Conner's Nemesis.
  10. Cos it's short, straight to the point, easy to Ctrl C + V, and relevant to most posts.
  11. If you are innocent, best is to stay quiet.
  12. There's never been a war in Geneva.
  13. Creator of world wide web.
  14. Creator(s) of Bitcoin
  15. If I told you, I will have to kill you.
  16. Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the ONLY one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one.

Hi @jrvacation.....
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii

  1. Co founder of steemit and eos

  2. Also a cofounder of steemit

  3. -17

  4. The guy flags all the cheats

  5. @trevorjb....

  6. words used by some bots when they take over the blockchain. Its also from a post you made some months ago too.

  7. A date with

  8. Assimov is a writer and am a fan of

  9. Skynet genisis of terminator movie....that's all I

  10. after spaming the hell out of a users life.

  11. Its hurts to be crushed by unknown.

  12. Geneva is refered to has a place of peace or Capital of peace

  13. The guy that invented the Internet.

  14. The master of bitcoin.....samurai bitcoin lol.

  15. SN

  16. John Lennon... Is a symbol of peace with his track song.

Hi @sheriffakin..........
thank you very much for joining this competition good luck.
regards @swissclive and @muftii


Absolutely right @swissclive...
"Blockchain taken down by bots" Its makes very bad effect in crypto market...

@prince121. This is indeed bad news. But don’t worry. We are trying to wind the internet back by 14 days.

We can do this thanks to the help of a cyborg assassin who travelled back in time to help us destroy Skynet and its spam-bots before it destroys us in the post-apocalyptic planet.

Is 14 days enough? We might need more....

Go back to a simpler time, when things were less hectic. To a time when dial up ruled. Spam was relegated to email. The corruption that is social media didnt exist. The Internet was a novelty...faxing was still advanced technology.

No texting, not tweeting, no walls on Facebook. People actually talked to each other. They drove their cars, ordered their food, and actually went to a store. The world employed lots of retail people making minimum wage and they should be damn grateful they get that.

I miss the days of hunt and peck medicine. I wish I got a paycheck each week so I could stand in line each Friday to deposit it.

Actually, it we are going to save the world, let us go back to a time when people had to get off their arse to change the channel (or get their kids to do it).

Mighty fine times.

Oh wait, I think Trump is trying to do that.

We haven’t ruled out asking the Founder of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, to help us re-start the internet in 1975 but this time with a fee payable in steem for all spam emails.

By doing this Satoshi Nakamoto will be able to re-start the Blockchain, but this time without the chat and Fatbook.

Encryption has become very large and currencies are becoming very much
It is really possible for a person to achieve a great fortune behind them
We must endure patiently and study well until we achieve this
Your article is so wonderful you are a really successful person
I wish you all the happiness

@roselover Are you maybe a spam bot? Most of your comments are very generic like the one above and not really developing the discussion nor showing evidence of having read the blog. If you are human, just answer this simple question for me:

Where do our valiant survivors hide out while re-writing the blockchain?

Indeed this is what has happened. But you don’t seem to mind the bit about “All your crypto are belong to us”. Can you explain? Don’t you realise this is a complete re-set from zero?

I would take this dystopian future any day instead of the actual Skynet that the chinese are building :)

This great post i appreciate your creativity thanks for sharing this crytocurrency news..Best of luck..

Are you a spam bot? In wht way did you think this is news? Can you explain what you understood by my blog, because your comment sound suspiciously like it was created by a spam bot which is described as an attack on the blockchain. Prove you are not a bot by answering this question.

‘Who are the 3 people trying to save us?”

@rkaitra ... I think you should make sure your next interaction with the steem blockchain is in this thread...
Evidence you are a bot(and this is spam) is piling up:

  • No proof of contextual understanding of the blog post.
  • Less than 2 sentences of communicated information.
  • Self Up-Vote...

Don't get down-voted... start interacting.

Thanks for sharing this post,
I like this blok chain ...

Are you a spam bot by any chance?

Answer this question to prove you are not “who in this post is already dead?”

No my dera friend,actually my native language not english .And personally I love your all post.

so your a spam bot?

Yup “she” - or should I say “it”, looks like one.

There is another clue. “My native language not English”. This is a common failing of bots. They only speak python. The the little English in their CPUs was mostly programmed by someone who used to work in a call centre.

Also bots can’t answer historical trivia questions because they were created after the Beatles had gone down memory lane. Bots have no memory of what happened before 2010.

Hahahaha, are you for real?
Gosh I wish I can write on Bots have no memory of what happened before 2010


The quote comes from the European game release, featuring a poor English translation of the original Japanese version. The meme was developed from this as a result of a GIF animation depicting the opening text, which was initially popularized in the Something Awful message forum

some bots often comment on my posts with fake seduction, but I do not care, because I do not like bots that are maintained by some people who do spam (spam is bad ethics). personally I hate war
I like to write FREEDOM and I also write in my blog about WHEN FREEDOM OF SPEECH(invites everyone to achieve freedom in honest and fair prospects) if you do not mind visiting for a little advice on my writing.I hope many people are motivated by you, @swissclive and my prayers are always accompanying
Thanks for this @swissclive
I will be your loyal follower
Love peace

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OMFG, it's a talking bot!

you already spam botted this post once earlier...

My God. If this bot can read my blog, then there is no doubt it can spit out bits of it as comments elsewhere.

Genius is a great post, so you countless
Thank you so much for fun, funny writing. I'm a general steemit user. I want to follow the wonderful people like you. Please give me upvote and follow me.

@afrid. Do that again and I will flag you. You are now watched.

Seems your reputation has fallen in the last few hours. It was not me who flagged you @afrid, but you were warned.

thank you for sharing info about blockchain and crypto @swissclive

@zubir01. Tell that you are not a spam bot by answering this question. “Who shot the President?”

@zubir01. Was my question too difficult. (Before you were born...)

How about this one: “Who shot the Sherriff?”

@zubir01. Was my question too difficult. (Before you were born...)

How about this one: “Who shot the Sherriff?”

I'm not worried about bots....... I'm worried about bots that post concerns about the takeover of bots. This blog may be the last human generated post stressing concerns about bots.

Stupendous idea... The title gave me creeps.

haha the world may die of minnows some day lol


If this cryptic jaunt is an the explanation for the recent 12 day's post going missing, and then coming back again...

...Can you do a less cryptic jaunt please?

What just happened!??

Yes, we are winding back the internet 14 days. That’s where posts and crypto went.

ohhhhhhhhh!.... that's ok then...

All posts and crypto are now part of the future. Future history yet to be written.

This post is very useful, but I will continue to follow your next post. thank you @swissclive

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Excellent. hehehehe the best way to end this dilemma, is hiring Maduro, the in his brutality is capable of destroying anything. It would be a good idea to pilot one of those ships. He is a specialist in destroying things, especially a country.

this is fantastic crypto fiction, love it man. following cause this is fantastic. reminds me a lot of war of the worlds ^_^

Excellent read @swissclive you painted a very insightful picture of this particular blockchain that almost became a Jill Sandwich :-)

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