The REVOLUTION Will Not Be Televised... It'll be BLOCKCHAINED

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It's everywhere, right?

Let's face it, we live in a world where very few people at the very top will always be trying to control, manipulate, and marginalize the rest of us. From the main stream media news channels to the social networks on the internet, ideas and truth seem to be a major threat to someone out there.

So, when we have to constantly search through a censored pile of lies and propaganda, how can we make sure that what we find out and share can even be seen?

One piece of advice I can offer is this:


For a long time many of us have been hearing the phrase, "The revolution will not be televised." We know that this is true and we understand why. Here, on steemit though, we can use the uncensored, decentralized blockchain to keep the ideas flowing and the truth coming, even if others disagree or would rather not see it.

Enough with only being exposed to what "the man" wants to force feed you.

This battle will not be won using the methods that they control, so we need to be utilizing steemit and the blockchain to get the job done.

We are the reporters

We are the philosophers

We are the new media

We are the ones in control

Not only will we not be censored, banned, or erased…

We may even get paid!

How do you like them apples?

As always, I’m @papa-pepper and here’s the proof:


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Excellent work @orcdu!


My pleasure. 1970, this track, I think?

I know what you are saying, but it doesn't stop everyone.

Plus, often I will look at (hidden) messages and posts to see why they were downvoted... might not have checked them out otherwise.

Point taken though, and now your reply is here for all to see!

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Thanks again!

"The revolution will not be televised, it will be blockchained." <--Love it! Absolutely agree, the cat's out of the bag...

Great, no more bags full of cats!

Full Steem Ahead!

Proof of apple, great touch!!!!

Delicious apples... By comparison!

Good stuff, thanks for the shoutout my friend :)

Your images were perfect for the post I was working on, so thanks for sharing!

Very good post @papa-pepper. I stopped getting my news from the main stream about 10 years ago. Interesting times indeed.

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)

I don't even have a television set up right now... if it were't for steemit, I wouldn't have a computer set up either... interesting times...

Always great to read your posts. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted.

Your blog supplements a blog I made earlier. You may like to see it.

The scalability of Steem and Steemit is simply mind blowing..!!

Thanks again for sharing your blog. Stephen

Cool, I'll go check your post out.


With another directional light on your goatee tail, you could create the Steemit logo with your actual hair in the middle and a shadow on either side for the three "steems". Do it, @papa-pepper! And way to speak the truth!

Nice observation.

I would find your comment very weird, but I've thought if that myself! LOL!

Ha ha, glad to hear that! Weirdness rules on Steemit!

Indeed it does!

I want to live in a world where weirdness and unconventionality are the norm! But then, does today's normal become the new weird???

Right, it would begin a never-ending cycle...

Here, on steemit though, we can use the uncensored, decentralized blockchain to keep the ideas flowing and the truth coming, even if others disagree or would rather not see it.

But in real life, we can prevent you such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, etc.

They will eventually kill all of us in real life if they want.

It's what we do while we are here that matters, and preparing for what's next.

They can kill my body, but they can't touch my soul.

Oops! I still want to stay alive!

We'll never get out of here alive...

@papa-pepper really? so it's like that "The Butler" the movie - history repeating itself again?
Well, Steemit - won't they are even encouraging news as tag so make your own news America, world! :D

Time to make our own news indeed!

Thanks for that encouragement!

@papa-pepper dang I almost unfollow you - not on purpose
new updates I suppose normally to reply back I'd click on the profile and tonight the pic gets big plus instead of profile it says unfollow or mute when I click your name - better click on the pic dunno how I ended up doing that anyway. I can also see sharing buttons for fbuk, twitter and linked in I suppose and we could tell now if our post is 100% power up there's steem at the end of the title cool changes
but anyway - you're always welcome - that's all I really wanted to write before all that
oh, there's one more thing - I can see an eye next to the reply box and the o -it shows the views of the post :D

Don't worry, if you accidentally unfollow me, I'll forget you.

Sorry, forgive.... not forget....

@papa-pepper hahaha - forget me not :P