All About "Xaya": The Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform

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The XAYA (pronounced “zay-ya”) platform is fully open source.

Welcome to true blockchain gaming.

Welcome to XAYA.



The video game industry is evolving faster than ever before, and XAYA endeavors to serve the needs of both game developers and players, alike. XAYA is a visionary blockchain based technology that will allow developers to create complex, autonomous virtual worlds/universes for it's gamers, while also enabling its users to own verifiable in-game virtual assets (e.g. weapons, armor, collectible cards, etc.).

For Developers
For Gamers
Full suite of tools and infrastructure to facilitate game development100% gaming uptime (aka no more server downtime)
Ability to create in-game currency, that can be traded for CHI (currency & “fuel” in the XAYA ecosystem)True ownership of in-game items and virtual assets
Significantly reduced development & backend costsProvably fair gameplay, all due to blockchain technology
Democratized gaming development, leading to high-quality projectsPlay-to-Earn gaming experiences (attain wealth through games)


For more information, please watch this short video presentation:



The visionary team behind the XAYA platform are:

  • the original creators of blockchain gaming
  • veteran, experienced developers
  • blockchain and business experts

This is not the first venture for the XAYA team! In 2013, they developed and tested Huntercoin. This was a proof of concept, created to test the market and develop creative solutions to complex, evolving gaming issues. With Huntercoin, the XAYA team managed several feats, such as introducing:

The world’s first decentralized massively multiplayer game (MMO)

The world’s first game world built entirely on the blockchain

The world’s first human mining permissible cryptocurrency

The XAYA team had launched Huntercoin successfully, by achieving over 35,000 simultaneous players in the game, even though participation required some hefty hardware investment and some technical know-how. The team managed to achieve a market cap. close to $1 million within a few weeks of launching, which peaked at nearly $6.3 million in 2017. Even though this project was intended to last up to 1 year, players are still actively engaged 4 years on.

Comprised of the original creators of blockchain gaming, the XAYA team is at the forefront of this revolutionary new blockchain technology and is focused on solving the challenges at hand to provide developers/gamers with a successful, working ecosystem.



When it comes to decentralized gaming, the XAYA platform is the absolute best solution for deployment. Decentralized gaming on blockchain technology will ensure 24/7 uptime, true virtual asset ownership, as well as a host of other features. In today's gaming industry (not based on the blockchain), you could lose all your valuable in-game items and even your account, due to third-party negligence and oversight. All those hours invested in playing games lost in a split-second, because of some unforeseen circumstance that you had no control over.

Well, this (along with other crucial issues) is exactly what the team behind XAYA is going to solve, by putting the power back in the hands of the gamers. You can play in rich, complex worlds, investing hours of your valuable time, all while having the peace of mind knowing your virtual assets & in-game currency are secure from theft. Your equity will truly be your own! You earned it!



XAYA's mainnet has already launched and is live. Now all they need are games.

In order for XAYA's technology to be adopted by the mainstream masses, in-roads must be laid with existing developers/games to prove the benefits of the ecosystem. Currently, the XAYA team is working on two major game releases/partnerships - Treat Fighters and Soccer Manager.

Treat Fighters is an exciting new game which involves players crafting items and battling each other. This is very near being released, runs entirely on the XAYA blockchain and is sure to be a big hit!

Soccer Manager is a game with millions of downloads and is expanding it's presence into China. Once Soccer Manager is deployed on the XAYA platform, there will be instant exposure (success!) to millions of players, and the world will take notice! In this game, players will have the ability to own virtual assets which include in-game currency, soccer stars/players, stadiums and more!

In partnering with game development shops, XAYA will be able to offer the developers all the benefits of their proven, working ecosystem. Which in turn leads to their gamers benefiting by way of owning secure virtual assets, generating wealth and having 24/7 uptime (among a slew of other benefits).



The XAYA platform allows for an almost infinite scaling solution for even the most complex virtual worlds/universes. Along with the innovations of Global-Game States and Atomic Trading, the XAYA platform is truly scalable and effective, in-particular due to a piece of technology they've labeled "Gaming Channels" (peer reviewed and published in "Ledger")

"Game Channels" is a protocol developed by the XAYA team, inspired by payment channels (e.g. Bitcoin's Lightning Network) and sidechains, that allows for trustless, private off-chain turn-based user interaction. Essentially, a Gaming Channel is private chain that is branched off, and running parallel to, the public main chain.

Source: Xaya WhitePaper

The game-channel protocol must ensure that no players can cheat, and XAYA has developed this so it fulfills all the requirements for a trustless, secure transaction. Specifically, the protocol has the following properties:

  • Integrity
  • Non-stalling
  • Fraud Proofness

For a detailed description, please refer to the published Ledger article, found here.

This leaves one other issue in that a player can negatively impact the user experience by constantly filing disputes, thereby removing scalability gains and costing both players their in-game currency. The XAYA teams solution to this is to use ephemeral timestamps, with the following two properties:

  • Nodes can send data (D) to be timestamped (T) by the public network and blockchain – Merkle trees make this free per timestamp and miners are still incentivized to process these timestamps
  • These timestamps can be used to prove to the network that another person could have known D during T – this can be used to prove that said gamer did not act in the game channel by that channel’s rules; paying out the honest player on the spot and covering the cost of latest timestamp




Please take a moment here to read over a couple of good use cases for the XAYA gaming platform.

Use Case #1: Game Development Startup
Xander and Yasmin are a couple of friends from university that have conceptualized the "next big thing" in MMORPGs. They've decided to integrate VR gaming as a means to interact within their conceptualized environment. However, being low on funds and short on development help, they explore the XAYA platform to deploy their project. They quickly learn of the heavily reduced startup costs, Decentralised Autonomous Universes (DAUs) and immutable, virtual asset ownership that the XAYA ecosystem provides. Through the democratization of game development and rapid deployment tools (provided by XAYA), their game development startup takes form almost overnight and they launch into beta testing months ahead of their projected schedule.

Use Case #2: Virtual Casino
Rocco is a casual gambler with a lot of capital. His vision is to create a secure, online virtual casino and believes it would thrive on the XAYA platform! From card games & roulette tables to slot machines, every turn-based interaction between player-and-casino or player-and-player, would benefit from the security provided by the blockchain and the gaming-channels protocol.

Every move and interaction would have an ephemeral timestamp, that would allow for smooth gameplay and irrefutable turn-based events. The "house" rake can be taken in CHI from the users transactions and "moves". All assets would be stored securely on the blockchain and in-turn, can be converted into CHI to be used in other games that XAYA has partnered with. Rocco envisions a partnership with XAYA becoming a huge win-win scenario (pun intended)!

Use Case #3: Global Auction House
Bob is a non-gamer, but sees the value in immutable virtual asset ownership. After reading the whitepaper on XAYA's blockchain platform, and about the upcoming release of two great looking games, Bob believes there could be a need for a "global auction house". His concept of the auction house would allow any gamer on the XAYA platform to buy/sell/trade in-game virtual assets with other gamers - for any game in the XAYA ecosystem! Bob immediately contacts the XAYA team for assistance on how to best go about deploying this project on their platform, and hires a couple of developers to start work on an alpha release. He intends to profit from the trade of virtual assets by taking a commission on sales in the form of CHI.

The creation of a global auction house could also nurture a community of non-gamers. As we've witnessed with the card-based game Steem Monsters (developed on the STEEM blockchain), there are many non-gamers who are purchasing these virtual goods (cards) simply to collect & hold them to serve their own purpose. This could be to hold such goods as a future store of value, to collect them with the intention of completing a full set of cards or to delegate the cards out (lease them) and collect a fee in return.















It will run for 5 (five) weeks, commencing on September 7th, 2018.

Users can purchase tokens as well as register for an account to earn tokens by completing some basic tasks! XAYA has an extremely active community that's happy to answer any questions in their XAYA Telegram Group or at their online forum!




We are entering into a new era of video gaming, and XAYA is on the bleeding edge of blockchain technology which will define the standards of tomorrow. When gamers can have complete confidence in the security of their accumulated virtual assets and 24/7 uptime, while enjoying the full gaming experience, that's called a homerun. Developers will be able to produce higher-quality content at a rapid pace, while reducing their overhead and back-end costs. This will inevitably lead to more complex and feature rich games, from simple 2D games to full-featured VR games with save-states and live user interaction (VR Party, anyone?).

XAYA is in a position to help developers and gamers immerse themselves in a unique, secure and enhanced experience. CHI will become a highly sought after, valuable crypto-asset, and usernames will be hard to come by. Download the XAYA wallet and get started on XAYA. This is the evolution in gaming that you've been waiting for!



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