Lets Get You Noticed : Free Upvotes / Free Resteems + Get Featured !

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Free UPVOTES / Free RESTEEMS / Get Featured

****The Last winner was @onefatindian but due to HF20 / Credit Issues I was unable to promote his blog last week . Luckily he has created another topic called All About "Xaya": The Ultimate Blockchain Gaming Platform in which I will begin promoting ASAP.

This weeks winner is @positivesteem. I will start promoting your newest topic Who Is God?: An Original Poem ASAP as well.

Promote Me Contest

Having trouble getting your articles noticed ? Let me help - In this promotion I will randomly select one entry and promote one of your latest post.

How Do I Enter ?

  • Type " Promote Me " in the comment section
  • Upvotes - Follows and Resteems are appreciated but not required.

What Do I Win / How Will You Promote Me ?

  • 30 upvotes sent to your post guaranteed ( possibly more )
  • Two micro bid-bots sent to your post ( possibly more )
  • Your post will receive at least two resteems
  • I will up-vote the post myself ( my upvote isn't worth much )
  • I will pay to send your post to the Promoted section of Steemit
  • I will feature you in next weeks " Promote Me " Contest

I will choose a winner by assigning each of you a number according to the sequence you enter the competition. I will then use a random number generator to generate a number. If the number I assign to you is generated I will select one of your most recent articles and help you promote it.

Disclaimer : You must have an active post for me to advertise your content at the time of the ending of this contest. I will pick a different winner if I can't find something on your blog to promote.

Free Steem-Monster Cards & Resteem Subscriptions !

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