The Best Explanation of a Blockchain I've Ever Seen

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A friend of mine just emailed me this, and it's amazing. Since 2013 I've been finding better and better videos explaining bitcoin and blockchain technology.

This, I think, may be the best explanation of a blockchain I've ever seen. It's 17 minutes long, but it actually goes through the details of what's happening on the distributed ledger and why it's immutable and trustworthy. Even if someone doesn't understand what a hash algorithm is, this video explains things from start to finish.

I love seeing great educators put stuff like this together.

To see all the code yourself, check out

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Thanks for posting my video - glad it seems to be helpful!

Welcome to Steemit!

I hope you get a chance to poke around here a bit too. I'd love to see similar videos on graphene databases and the blockchain technology which powers BitShares/Steemit.

Giving you a follow now.

thanks for sharing the video <3

Welcome to Steemit @andersbrownworth!
It was so nice of @lukestokes to post your video and let us all know that you exist.
I do hope you will decide to keep contributing valuable original content on this platform, because you deserve to be rewarded for the intellectual content that's yours.
You will see that many of us have upvoted your comment, in an effort to recognize your efforts.
Thanks to @lukestokes too, for sharing.
I have decided to follow you.

Thank you! :)

Congrats on your rewards!

Looks like you made around $31 plus the $25 for your comment. Not bad!

Thank you for making the video.

Hi Anders, I really also like your new video!

This video should be transcribed and added to an updated version of the Bitcoin Whitepaper.
Thanks for your contribution to society.
Society awaits part 2?

I'm now following you! I really enjoyed watching it when I first stumble on it a couple weeks or months ago.

Great technical video for noobies like myself.

Very impressive tutorial application, which properly advertised with youtube video.
Very rarely happens in our days.

Fantastic explanation. Following you.

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Welcome to Steem, Anders! I think this video is a great thing to share here, as Steem is a blockchain network with the purpose of onboarding the non-crypto geeks into the new possibilities of blockchains/cryptocurrency/smart money.

What do you think of this near-real-time, text content containing blockchain?

I was just about to post the same video to steemit and thought someone must have found it already, so I did a search and found your post. As you say it is a great intro to the whole blockchain concept explained very clearly. I have some followers who are new to the whole crypto world and this would be great for them to see. I can't resteem it to my blog but I'll write a post and direct people to this. Thanks for posting.

Very cool!

They may also enjoy the @ubf project I'm working on. Episode 2 includes this video as well, along with some of my commentary about it.

Thanks @lukestokes I'll check it out right now. The more info I can get to my network fast without me having to write it the better. Time is precious as you know. Thanks again for a great post and the upvotes. Very helpful.

I appreciate all your comments and support @molometer, thank you.

The more people learn and understand blockchains, the better our world will be.

That's the truth!

Nice animation. :)


Indeed, straight-forward explanation... It would be great to have similar series for Steem

I am going to translate it to my language, a very understandable demonstration for people who are not into the whole blockchain thing.
and great job on contacting Anders

Very cool!

Check out "bitcoin under the hood" on youtube as well. I really liked that one, there is a short and a long version in case you haven't seen it before.

Nice! I just watched the five minute one:

I'll check out the longer one later.

That video was fantastic, I send it to many of my friends and hopefully, it will spark some more interest from them. Also, much respect for Tweeting Anders and sharing the liquid rewards. That's class. Respect.

Thanks! I'm glad he'll get a nice reward from Steemit for his efforts.

  ·  3 years ago (edited) now that we are finally understanding blockchain, we have the iota "Tangle" - maybe you can do a similar video for this, too ;)

anders94 Anders Brownworth tweeted @ 27 Mar 2017 - 03:01 UTC

@lukestokes I don't yet - will set it up

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Excellent post

Great! I will bookmark it.

I LOVE this newbie stuff! Now I'm slowly going to get rich... :evil laughter:

great post :)

thanks for this!!!

That is indeed a very good video that makes it easy to understand what a block gain is and how it works.

Finaly i understand how it works.

Fine work. Clear concrete demonstration. Plan to review again this evening. Look forward to part 2.

That was very helpful Thanks!

Oh wow this is pretty cool and useful

it's very helpful most especially to the people who is having a difficulty.

That made a lot more sense than any other explanations I have seen-- thanks!

Always looking for better ways of explaining this stuff! Thanks!


I like the way of explanation, thanks a lot!

You're right, this is great! Really helped me understand it better. Thanks!

So glad you enjoyed it, and it's not just me. :)

Why do they call it SHA256?

Have you tried Googling for an answer? SHA256 is the hashing algorithm used in the bitcoin blockchain.

What's google? I use duckduckgo, they don't data mine and seem to have move privacy. I often ask myself the same thing when people ask stupid questions. Weak moment.

I shall be giving this a watch. I know now what a blockchain is but find it helps to watch explanations even now to confirm my understanding