She(256)—Bringing Diversity To The Blockchain Space By Empowering Women To Get Involved!

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This is a very interesting project in the crypto space that I stumbled upon today as I was looking at some top women devs in the crypto industry. As we know, this is a male dominated industry and very few women exist in this space.

She(256) is trying to change that in the blockchain space by encouraging and empowering women to get involved in blockchain development. The founders have built a platform to connect enterprising young women with mentors from the blockchain world to help them grow.

They have a mentorship program where you can sign up as a mentor. Their goal is to match up young female-identifying individuals with professional mentors from the blockchain industry and help guide these individuals in their pursuit for knowledge and professional career and growth.

Mentorship presents the opportunity for a professional and young student or early-career young adult to learn from each other serving as guides and allies.

For mentees, utilize your mentors and their industry expertise to ask questions, bounce off ideas, and seek direction. For mentors, provide guidance, learn from fresh perspectives, and serve as an anchor.

Mentor/Mentee form is open until the 17th of September and you can easily. You can find more information on their website: She(256)

I hope that in the years to come there will be some amazing women entrepreneurs in this domain from across the globe. Please share this information with your friends if you think they can benefit from this project.

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That's cool! Something a bit different :)


I know right! I am quite impressed with this so far. It's a good initiative for sure!

This sounds cool. I’m going to look into it for myself.

Really a great initiative.

It's a worthwhile initiative anyway. Any project that encourages more people onto the blockchain and helps to mentor the fresh people should be welcomed. If that can bring more females into the mixture even better.

Looks like this is a great project. A project where women in dominance. I didn’t know about it thanks for sharing this great project with us @firepower keep sharing and keep growing

It is devoted to feminism which is inspiration for women.. thank you

Good post sir

Thank you for sharing this! I hope many great female developers will take their chance now! I am not a developer myself but I know many women are and they deserve the recognition!

Involvement of more and more women will make crypto community stronger. This is a Healthy move for growth of Blockchain Technology.

Like other fields block-chain will also play an important role in women's empowerment..
But block chain adoption by women are less. Such activity will increase the women involvement in Crypto.

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aah nice, goiing to explore