True Identity of Satoshi Nakamoto Revealed

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As promised, this Christmas day 2017, I will reveal to the world the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of The Blockchain. Before I just throw it out there let's go through some plot points on the topic. In order to understand why I believe what I do, you have to be familiar with my previous posts.

The Blockchain is not a fad; it's not a bubble. It's value is greater than gold (Gold 2.0). Granted, there are a ton of problems with The Blockchain. These problems are bound to be solved, given the nature of evolving software and the idea that, "All men are created equal." The founding fathers of America had the right idea, but they were thinking way too far ahead of their time.


Replace, "All white land-owning males are created equal," with, "Everyone is equal." I'm sure this is what Jefferson was going for but he had to cater to the generation he lived in. 1776 was obviously a vastly different place than modern day. Add The Blockchain to the mix and you've got yourself a foolproof idea. I fully believe that The Blockchain will eventually replace traditional forms of government.

Because all blockchains are open-source and transparent, corruption is obvious. Because all blockchains are global, anyone can ditch their blockchain for a better one. Things are really looking up for humanity in 2018 for so many reasons that I can't even get into. All this information begs the question: "Who gave us this insanely valuable gift, for free?"

dogma - Buddy Christ.jpg

The answer is deceptively obvious; it's his birthday. Thank you Jesus. Our savior has returned. Ah! Just kidding! I'm totally atheist, but I can save that for a different post. But seriously though. Jesus Christ or insert_savior_here has returned to give us this amazing gift, because he's awesome.

Think about it: who pre-mines the most successful cryptocurrency to date (980,000 Bitcoins) and then doesn't cash out for the billions of dollars he/she just created out of thin air? Those coins are never getting spent. Jesus doesn't want your money. Anyone who comes forward and spends a single one of those Bitcoins can obviously prove they are Nakamoto, but that's never going to happen. Those coins have been scattered to the winds; 980,000 coins into 980,000 random wallets; grains of sand in the dessert.

exponential growth.jpg

For reference, some wallets have a 64 hexadecimal key. That's 16 bits per hex. 16 * 64 = 1024 bits. You can choose any wallet you want. If you're foolish enough to pick 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 as your private key, go for it... lol. Therefore, there are 2^1024 possible wallets. That's about 1.8 x 10^308. You heard me right. 18 with 307 zeros behind it.

Quote from google search, "how many atoms in the universe":

'It is estimated that the there are between 10^78 to 10^82 atoms in the known, observable universe.'

Therefore, maybe grains of sand in the desert is a bad analogy.


Back to the real issue. Bitcoin is going to tank hard. Bitcoin is the worst blockchain. Check and look how overworked the network is. Bitcoin is at max capacity, it can no longer scale up, the fees are bad, and the network is slow. Do you think the creator of The Blockchain doesn't know this? That's a laughable notion. He should cash out and jump to a better blockchain, just like certain founders of Bitcoin and Litecoin are doing. I might be reaching a little with the Litecoin sellout, but we'll see. As you can tell on blocktivity, Litecoin still looks strong.

Again, these genesis Bitcoins are never going to get spent, even when Bitcoin is dying, because doing so would give away the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. People who are trying to claim they are Nakamoto for the fame are all lying. All they have to do is spend a coin... even just one Satoshi, 1/100,000,000th of a Bitcoin. Why would Satoshi Nakamoto remain hidden when every other blockchain founder has come forward?


What happens to great people who try to challenge the establishment? What happened to Jesus Christ? What happened to Socrates? What happened to Julius Caesar? What happened to Martin Luther King? What happened to Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Malcolm X, JFK, Hypatia, Bruce Lee, ETC. ETC. ETC. In case you don't see the pattern, everyone that challenges the establishment dies, either outright or under mysterious circumstances.

bruce lee.jpg

Satoshi Nakamoto is not a fool, he's learned from the past. Maybe he's even seen a sub-par movie called V for Vendetta.

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea

Or maybe he was just reading Medgar Evers.

satoshi nakamoto.jpeg

By hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet and encryption, Nakamoto can challenge the establishment and live to tell the tale. Make no mistake, when the bloated fat-cats of the world realize the true threat that The Blockchain is to them, they will attack it full force with everything they have. When they fail they will try to buy it or corrupt it. I hope it is strong enough to survive. I also hope that Nakamoto is staying hidden because he has more up his sleeve. You can do it, Jesus! We believe in you!


I dedicate this post to my mom. I might not be religious, but she's a Jehovah's Witness. Jehovah's Witnesses believe a lot of crazy things, and one of them is you aren't allowed to vote. Because all human made governments are corrupt, Jehovah's witness' agree to follow the rules of their governments, but do not participate in them. They are waiting for Jesus to return and provide us with a better alternative. It was this knowledge that inspired me to write this post.

Personally I think it would be cooler if Nakamoto was a splinter cell of Anonymous, or aliens, but that's just me. If you want to believe that Nakamoto is Jesus or insert_savoir_here, I've given you plenty of ammo.


It's now fitting to quote the first post I ever wrote on Steemit (only a week ago):

In my wildest dreams I now think of Bitcoin as the great leader of an army. Every altcoin is a new soldier. Many of these new soldiers even have better armor and weapons than Bitcoin itself, but far less training. Some are simple farm boys marching into slaughter. The enemy? Greed. Bitcoin will lead the charge, breach the gates for all his loyal soldiers, and will die valiantly for his noble cause: to protect the weak and and expose our evil overlords for all to see. I expect to see a financial and industrial revolution of biblical proportion, where open source decentralization and transparency trump the glorified mobster society that we live in today. The average person is invisible on the blockchain while huge transactions are obvious and warrant investigation.

I must have a very active imagination. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Whatever. Peace.



Yup, excellent post! I've mused much on this, too. There's a little known Christian schism called, Preterism. This view would argue that your view here is correct especially when one factors​ in that religion and our Fiat masters ARE slavedrivers! We fell into slavedrivery and Jesus is trying to free us. Of course, there is the Hindu Avatar theory of Jesus which would explain this, too, and my personal fave Gnostic Christianity which also fits rather nicely. There's also time-traveler​ theory which could explain it, too...Satoshi was US from the future. Who knows?

My money is being bet that the bilderberg criminals along with lehman bros and a few alphabet agencies, are the entities behind satoshi nakamoto... There are many theories out there, but only this 1 actually fits. Look into the bankruptcy protection of 6.6 billion dollars in assets that lehman bros sought to protect not 12 months before the inception of bitcoin ;)

A good theory to be sure. They'd want to stay hidden to increase Bitcoin's legitimacy. When do you think they'll cash out for their 20 billion dollars? Maybe they think it's going higher?

Within 18 months of satoshi's million coins being released to whomever will have control of them. I have said Bitcoin will be dead by 2021 myself many times, mostly due to scalability.

But seriously, if anyone is truly interested in the big mystery question, we've posted a new nugget/brick for your perusal...

Why aren't such awesome posts getting a shit load of upvotes?

LOL I even promoted this one for $60. I thought it was good :P AND I even posted on Christmas. I should have probably posted this on the Christmas tag for 2.01 SBD It would have taken the #2 slot. Instead its in blockchain. I should write a post on that... ANYWAY, the reason why my awesome post doesn't get the upvotes it needs has been explained in my other posts. Most of the time I just bitch about all things wrong with steemit. #1 mistake was letting investors buy "Trust" AKA Steem Power.

Because people are stingy with their votes or they don't give upvotes to everything just because it's here.

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