[ANN - Pre-ICO] BlockPay - Zero Cost, digital currency Point-Of-Sale systems

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Zero Cost, digital currency Point-Of-Sale systems

Website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

Hello and welcome to BlockPay - a team of FinTech and Blockchain enthusiasts who share the same goal of improving millions of people´s lives. The Blockchain is the most disruptive innovation of our generation and it’s up to all of us to make this happen.
We are happy to announce three awesome products and services for the Blockchain community; All revolutionary and groundbreaking in themselves!

Thank you for taking an interest in our work and I hope we can earn your trust in which BlockPay will build easy to use products for anybody so that we can all use digital currencies in our everyday lives. Join our growing community at the BlockPay Life Chat to get in contact with us. We would love to hear your opinion about our work!
Kind regards, Christoph Hering, Founder & CEO

ECHO Announcements here

Connecting different merchants, whales, bankers, traders and individuals together on one public ledger raises privacy concerns. How can you, as a business, prevent blockchain espionage of your competitors? A lot of companies are afraid their competitors could analyze their daily sales volume, metadata, consumer behavior or daily turnover in every store. This would be an extremely competitive advantage! They now have to choose between a public ledger or a private ledger. We would prefer to offer them the third option, a public ledger that keeps their accounts and amounts undetectable.

Stealth Transactions gives anybody 100% privacy on a public ledger. Every balance and transaction is verified by the Blockchain but not traceable with a Blockchain Explorer.

Read the official announcement about Stealth transactions... You will love the ultimate in privacy.

BlockPay is a FinTech / Blockchain development company specializing in digital payment services. We are passionate Blockchain enthusiasts and want to provide easy to use software for everyone. We develop Point-Of-Sale and mobile payment software based on modern Blockchain technologies.

BlockPay have been founded by two experienced entrepreneurs Christoph Hering - CEO and Rodrigo Crespo - CMO. We employ an international team of +40 developers and various Blockchain & cryptographic experts.

We are growing fast and have now reached a point where we are opening up our platforms to all Blockchain communities. We prefer to unite the Blockchain communities and give them a broad range of products and services that match their individual needs.

Contact us for more information: [email protected]

A total of 100,000,000 non-dilutable “BlockPay” tokens have been issued and will be distributed for early supporters, bounties, and campaigns throughout the full period and timeline of the Crowdfunding.

6,500,000 ”BlockPay” tokens will be distributed in this dedicated Pre-ICO during Phase 1, 2 and 3.

All remaining “BlockPay” tokens will be locked away in a dedicated reserve fund created by OpendLedger/CCEDK (they are acting as our escrow partner) and used in a 2nd Crowdfunding expected to take place in 2017. The BlockPay team has no access to these reserve funds.

We offer you in this Pre-ICO a special discount of up to 42% from the Phase 4 and initial sales price of 0.0005 BTC/BlockPay Token introduced in this 2nd part of crowdfunding.

Phase 1 starts August 20th, 2016
We offer a special deal for our early supporters and current OPENPOS holders. We want to personally thank everyone who supported us during our first crowdfunding December 2015. We would not exist without you! We offer you an early access and a special buy back deal where you can exchange your existing OPENPOS tokens to BlockPay tokens 1 to 1.20!

How do you do this? Simple. Send your OPENPOS TOKENS to account: ico.blockpay on OpenLedger or other bts supported platforms and await distribution. Your proof of transfer is on the blockchain and this amount is deciding how many BLOCKPAY tokens you will receive. The special offer runs only from August 20th to start of Pre-ICO.

Phase 2 starts August 23th, 2016
BlockPay tokens will be available for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), BitShares (BTS) and Steem Dollars (SBD) and as well as multiple other currencies, using a ShapeShift-enabled conversion of all other currencies into BTC at a fixed rate during Phase 2 and Phase 3. We will move into Phase 3 when all tokens from Phase 2 have been sold.

All funds can be monitored at all times on the OpenLedger dedicated escrow account ico.blockpay and all BTC in this address are held in a multisig escrow account only to be accessed at the end of the ICO. All Escrow services are provided by CCEDK.

The Pre-ICO will end once the 5,000,000 BlockPay tokens set aside for crowdfund have been sold.

You can purchase the BlockPay tokens at the Pre-ICO website:

Option 1: BlockPay.ch Investor Relations
Option 2: CCEDK.com - it will say ICO LIVE BlockPay
Option 3: Sending funds directly to ico.blockpay. Transfer date is the base for your prices.

Limited Amount! Early BlockPay supporters will get a 42% Discount in Phase 2!

Phase 1: 600,000 tokens @ 1:1.20 OPENPOS tokens/each
Phase 2: 1,400,000 tokens @ 0.000288 BTC tokens/each
Phase 3: 3,000,000 tokens @ 0.000360 BTC tokens/each

When are the BlockPay Tokens distributed?
The BlockPay tokens will be distributed once all Tokens in Phase 3 have been sold. We offer you a special discount in this Pre-ICO. First come first serve.

What do you gain from buying BlockPay tokens?
By ordering BlockPay tokens you support the development and continued growth of BlockPay, Echo and Stealth. With your help, we can expand the global digital payments network where you can earn, hold, and spend multiple digital currencies. Getting BlockPay to every grocery chain, retail, restaurant, vending machine or gas station isn’t cheap, but with your support, we can build this network together.

Holding BlockPay tokens allows you to share in the rewards from BlockPay transactions as well as value increases from products built by the Company.

How are we planning to use the funds. Development and Pre-ICO timeline
  1. Launch of BlockPay “S” in Google Play and BlockPay for Odoo
  2. Additional BlockPay integrations into leading Point Of Sale systems
  3. Development of BlockPay API
  4. Adding more Fiat Gateways, Exchanges and Escrow Services
  5. Development and introduction of Stealth transfers
  6. Development and launch of ECHO for Android and iOS
  7. Development of native iOS BlockPay “S”
  8. Adding new features to BlockPay and ECHO
  9. Building Digital Payment Infrastructure for the Future

[email protected], Website, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

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Please describe in detail the legal relationship between BitShares Munich and BlockPay. Are they both incorporated entities? in which jurisdiction(s)? who are the shareholders?

We got the idea of BlockPay Sommer 2015 and we started to work fulltime on the project in Christmas 2015. Right around that time we also incorporate the mother company BitShares Munich IVS in the Kingdom of Denmark.

Why Denmark?

We choose to set up our company in Denmark because you can create a Compliant BITCOIN company without FSA and AML requirements: https://rexkern.com/company-structures/bitcoin-company/
Denmark is a great place to get a Blockchain company started.

Please read the full Note on virtual currency such as Bitcoin and the act on money laundering by Danish lawyer here https://rexkern.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Notat-vedr%C3%B8rende-hvidvaskloven_EN.pdf

BitShares Munich Leading products

BlockPay, Echo, Stealth transactions and the Smartcoins Wallet are the leading products of BitShares Munich IVS. We have many more business ideas and plans that we want to realise other the next couple of years if funding allows it. BlockPay itself is just a brand today. BitShares Munich IVS is 100% owned and controlled by the co-founders Ken, Rodrigo and Chris.

Will the owners of BlockPay tokens have a share of the transaction fees from the stealth transfers once funccional ?

The stealth transfers fees are one of the potential income sources , besides BlockPay & Echo fees. It is our goal to provide as much value to the BlockPay tokens as possible.

That's awesome !
I wish you and the rest of the team a great pre ICO !
Cheers !

Can you or someone point me to a post where the original token "OPENPOS" is in relation to BlockPay, Echo, etc fees? I read in over in bitsharestalk.org where I think you had a post that stated something like a monthly buyback and burn or sharedrop. Something like OBITS.

This is a great example of how #bitshares can be useful for more than the average crypto-nerd.

If you believe in cryptocurrency, and you believe it might just come and take over a good chunk of business from visa/mastercard/banks, this may not be a bad investment at all!

I have invested before in @chris4210 / @kencode and their team and will do so again this time around - they are some of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the #bitshares space.

Keep up the good work guys !! +5%

Thank you for your great support Karnal. I love reading your BitShares articles and great content you provide to teach people about BitShares. Looking forward to see more from you too!

And to clarify, @chris4210, other than exchanging OPENPOS for the shiny new thing, there is basically no more use for it now / it has been superseded by the new token?

The old use for OPENPOS tokens is remaining. We offer you a special buy back option for your OPENPOS tokens plus access to the other income streams of our products. We want to thank all our early supports and spend up to 600,000 BlockPay tokens for the buyback.

Any reason why someone wouldn't exchange OPENPOS for BLOCKPAY come the 20th of August?

@karnal from my calculations there is no benefit in buying OPENPOS on the market at anything more than 36 BTS/OPENPOS. Someone has just paid 40 BTS/OPENPOS for 453 costing them 18120 BTS. If you wait until Phase 2 on the 23rd of August you can purchase Blockpay for 0.000288 BTC which at the current BTC price of US$575 is US$0.166 per Blockpay. BTS is currently worth 105000 per BTC, at US$575 per BTC hence the price per BTS is $0.00548. Assuming 1 OPENPOS = 1 Blockpay you should pay no more than 30.24 BTS/OPENPOS ($0.166 divided by 0.00548). However there is a 20% bonus to OPENPOS as the ratio is 1.2 Blockpay/OPENPOS so this means you can afford to spend no more than 36.3 BTS/OPENPOS (which is $0.166 divided by $0.00548).

The problem with this is that OPENPOS has 200x the earnings power that blockpay does when it comes to transactions from Oodoo. I think it is going to be very difficult for blockpay to match this revenue difference with other income streams.

If blockpay does take off, one would have to assume transactions with Oodoo have taken off. This means that OPENPOS is being incredibly underpriced right now. Blockpay is valuing itself at approx $20million, not sure where they get that valuation but I think it is extremely stretched.

Important Announcement!

Phase 3 will close at Sunday 04.09.2016 8pm UTC+1. BlockPay distribution will start on Monday 05.09.2016 on the OpenLedger Exchange.
More info also at http://www.maxkeiser.com/2016/08/blockpay-announces-next-steps-after-the-end-of-pre-ico/#1d2CCIVkcGD3fYAb.99

Updates for the ICO in 2017

We will announce the detailed timeline, prices and ICO terms for the possible 2nd ICO when we need further expansion capital. ICO prices can be adjusted to meet future market conditions and to guarantee a successful crowdfunding.

Chris, could we see some numbers/graphs exemplifying how much an investor stands to profit from holding the BLOCKPAY token, over time, assuming a monthly total transaction volume of X, Y, Z ?

I cannot give you that numbers now. We will have the first business numbers and forecasts by the end of the year.

Excellent news! Just bought some OPENPOS for discount blockpay :D



Regarding the above distribution schedule, the first step of the 'ICO' phase "900,000 for early supporters" does this mean that 900,000 Blockpay will be distributed to holders of the 6,500,000 issued blockpay tokens from the Pre-ICO phase?

Cheers :)

No. That means that 900,000 tokens will be given away for bounties, translations, graphics, twitter and facebook promotions and so on in the 2nd ICO.

Is there white paper for BlockPay?

Not directly. We skipped the white paper and built 5 proof of concepts for our mobile wallets and Point-Of-Sale platforms. You can find all material at #BlockPay .

Seems link to Cointelegraph doesn't work

I fixed the link. Thank you!

Nice coincidence, I was looking into BlockPay again a few hours ago. Just bought some OPENPOS too :)

Thank you for your support Xomtux.

thanks for the info I will be looking into the ICO

Thank you gary-smith.

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