The ICO of ICOs: The Real, Raw Low-Down On Ronny Boesing's "Decentralized Conglomerate's" Latest Crypto-Catalyst, ICOO...

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Frankly, I don't know where to even begin with this one. There's some serious, potentially-game-changing crypto developments in the works under the lead of Denmark's Ronny Boesing and his "Decentralized Conglomerate" that are WELL-deserving of a lengthy series of articles...

I got the opportunity to hop on Skype with Ronny at Starbucks this afternoon and scratch the surface chatting about just some of the many (non-confidential) things he's got in the works. Nearly four hours of talking later, the confidence was solid: he's a real player making moves, and one to keep an eye on.

On the surface, Boesing seems like a humble, down-to-earth man. A straight-shooter - friendly, optimistic, a serial entrepreneur with a couple decades of experience in the music industry, family man, father of six children. Though diving deeper, it's clear Ronny's no ordinary joe - bordering somewhere between a visionary, top-level entrepreneur leading a disruptive blockchain revolution and a freak of nature, in his ability to manage so many moving parts of such an intricately-complex crypto-ecosystem with such a small team, at the moment.

Some might know Ronny as the man behind CCDEK, Denmark's first official cryptocurrency exchange - which has recently undergone a transformation to become a cryptocurrency enterprise, with the exchange being rebirthed as the World’s First Decentralized, Multi-Lingual Fintech Exchange, OpenLedger.

Built on Bitshares 2.0 MIT-licensed Graphene technology - Bitshares being Steemit's 'big brother,' also founded by Dan Larimer and continually supported by a strong community, many of whom have also played key roles in Steemit's development - the exchange has received attention in Forbes multiple times while expanding its userbase and cryptocurrencies tradable. It's been a fast-paced journey in the crypto game, since attracting investors to start CCDEK in 2014, to launching OpenLedger last October - yet the exchange(s) have only been one piece of the puzzle in a much larger vision and master plan for transforming the cryptocurrency space...

Since his arrival in the crypto scene only two years ago, Ronny has been growing an synergistic ecosystem of projects supporting one another, the Bitshares platform, and the larger cryptocurrency community. This article on Forbes nicely sums up the Decentralized Conglomerate's structure - one that's actually pretty hard to wrap your head around at first, given it's multiple components of the OpenLedger exchange, OBITS Bloggers Club, decentralised advertising network, BitTeaser and corresponding BTSR cryptocurrency - AND now, ICOO...

(And oh yeah, I nearly forgot to mention Ronny had also been appointed as CEO of Coinsbank earlier this April, after having proven his reputation working with the founders. That innovative crypto debit card and crypto/forex exchange is another piece of the puzzle - with plans being worked on for flawless integration with OpenLedger & the whole ecosystem. But that's a whole other story in itself.)

What Exactly IS ICOO...?

Standing for "Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger," ICOO is:

a) a crypto token of its own issued & tradeable via CCDEK/OpenLedger
b) a "crowdfunding 3.0" model making it possible for...

      i) businesses to leverage the platform & ecosystem to host an ICO
      ii) ICOO token holders to be amongst the first to buy & trade pre-sale ICO tokens, and will split 4% percentage of profits from ventures using the Decentralized Conglomerate's platform for their ICO fundraising and cryptocurrency infrastructure.

In some ways, it's similar to The DAO model. Actually, the idea was birthed when OpenLedger began selling DAO tokens and saw the potential of the model as a crowdfunding option.

However, unlike The DAO - which most of us know failed quickly - there are some key differences with ICOO that may make it a much more attractive option to both businesses seeking a fundraising vehicle and investors wanting to get in on the hottest, new ICOs...

Not just anyone can submit a proposal and access the funding pool. Rather, two-to-four crowdfunding projects will be chosen per month by CCDEK's executive team based on their structure, geographical location, and merit of their value proposition - both as individual enterprises promising to offering exceptional products/services to the marketplace and/or hold the potential to add component value to the DC ecosystem.

Some of the ICOO's fund pool, as raised through the ICO and continued revenue sources, may be invested into the chosen crowdfunding projects. However, the majority of funds generated for any given campaign are to come through the ICO itself, not the ICOO fund.

Also, CCDEK offers a suite of service packages for businesses to assist them with not just the technical side of the ICO, but a wide range of marketing, advertising, design, escrow, distribution, subscription, and other components they might need to accelerate their growth.

While ICOO hasn't officially launched yet - and will be making their first monthly distribution of dividends starting October 3, as well as publishing a fully-transparent ledger of reserves allocations on the website - some projects the DC has invested so far include the UK-based Razormind's "DeOS" (Decentralized Operating System), Heat, Nexium (from "Beyond The Void"), Bitcrystals (from "Spells Of Genesis"), Nxt's Ardor, and Bitland - a venture bringing blockchain technology to more humanitarian uses in its implementation upgrading the land registry system and related local infrastructure in Africa.

Sound cool? It is. And it's just the tip of the iceberb.


Ronny has been hustling and making moves - many of which he's unable to publically discuss at this point. However, nothing in life is guaranteed - and NONE of what's shared in this is to constitute as investment advice.

If you're interested in getting in on some of this action, do your own due diligence yourself, read all the linked articles, and make your own decisions.

Considering the DC's been making connections with a number of players in the crypto-game, they may be well positioned for some very fascinating collaborative projects soon. Or, they could go belly up. I won't pretend to know. But I will say that I'm invested, because I've got a similar hunch I had with Steemit when my gut told me to start writing like a madman - and that investment of time has indeed paid off.

Also check out Ronny's post here on Steemit, 5 Good Reasons To Invest In The ICO of ICO's - ICO OpenLedger (

Refuting The Bitcointalk Trolls...

One other important point I'd like to address in this...

In doing my homework on Ronny, I came across two distinct groups of people who had contrasting opinions & viewpoints of him:

  1. Those who've worked with him, speak/write very highly of him as a man of solid character and integrity, whose manner of respect with which they spoke speaks volumes about their own integrity.
  2. Typical forum trolls who form quick judgements based upon incomplete facts and angrily attack people making moves without full consideration of all details in a matter, throwing him in the category of a scam artist to their own misunderstanding of what goes on behind the scenes in the long-term.

In doing due diligence, it's important to take in all perspectives on a manner/person/project.

And when I had come across a number of people in the ICOO Bitcointalk thread speaking negatively about him, I allowed their perspectives to taint my trust - despite reading elsewhere that he's a man of strong character & integrity.

However, before taking everything you read in an internet forum as truth, it may be wise to read the patterns within the behavior of both parties.

The people bad talking Ronny in the cryptospace - if you do your due diligence on them - can be found talking shit about alot of people. Haters will hate. Meanwhile, the ones they hate on are in the game making things happen. The results might not show overnight, and the haters might not be able to see what's going on behind the scenes or brewing underneath the surface, jumping to quick conclusions. As such, people will say what they will - but it doesn't necessarily make it true.

I may not have spoken with Ronny for more than 4 hours, though the way he conducted himself and openly shared his knowledge, experience, and vision spoke FAR greater than any forum troll whose never once spoken directly with the man.

In the blockchain game, reputation matters. And from what I observed from a distance, Ronny Boesing has been building his steadily & solidly.

So despite my not buying into the haters' slanderous comments I found on Bitcointalk, I feel it necessary to at least acknowledge this matter - so as to clarify for anyone else who might stumble upon the same content while doing their due diligence, that it may be worth double-questioning everything read in an internet forum from people who have nothing better to do with their time than be aggressively skeptical rather than ask questions to better understand what may not always be simple on the surface.

And if anyone here has personal experience or insight that would prove none of this lives up carrying on the standards of integrity of the Bitshares community and its founders, by all means share in the comments below to add your valuable perspective to the dialogue.

(And the whole topic reminds me of this quote below...)

So there you have it.

Mr. Boesing's been hard at work drafting up and executing a master plan that may very well prove Decentralized Conglomerates Will Scale Better than Bitcoin. And if you're interested in what new hot developments are happening in the world of cryptocurrencies, you'll probably want to add him to your list of people to follow.

And if you're curious about getting in on ICOO, there's just over 24 hours left for the ICOO initial token launch, as it ends 3am EST on August 1, 2016.

ICOO tokens can be bought on OpenLedger in USD, EUR, Steem, Steem Dollars, USDT.

OR, anyone placing orders of over 775 ICOO placed directly on the ICOO website will also be eligible for a bonus of 300 OBITS, as Ronny writes about in his @bloggersclub post here.

If you miss out on the ICO, however, you'll still be able to trade ICOO and keep up-to-date on price movements on OpenLedger. And if it all does happen to roll out as planned, keep your eyes out for a couple hot new ICOs per month from the Decentralized Conglomerate...

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Thanks Rok, for this very nicely written piece of work. It's really covering a lot of ground and telling a good deal about what is giving me the motivation and drive in my daily work and living. Great stuff , thanks Ronny

Thanks for the head up, and great write up. The Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger," ICOO and Decentralized Conglomerate . The ICOO sounds like it might be a good investment. I will have to get up to speed on, and read up on the white-paper this evening.

Excellent compilation of some very interesting and exciting developments around Ronny/bloggersclub.
I read over the whitepaper about a week or so ago before I set up my openledger account. Looking forward to dive deeper into all of Ronny's work and follow him as well.

I'm glad you addressed the troll topic for future readers of this that might not be so aware that there are also professional trolls out there. It is almost impossible to publish anything of substance without being trolled in some shape or form. But we here on Steemit will also become professionals on how to deal with that species as well ;-)

Keep up the great work Rok - Rok on!

A nice shift from your usual stuff. Lots of interesting info there, always steeping up the game @rok-sivante

I saw the ICOO crowdsale come up but shied away after the DAO nonsense, after having put most of my crypto into it. Should have really seen it coming :O

Thanks for this, I'll be sure to research more heavily.

Ditto ! Once bitten, twice shy now about ICO's after the DAO.

one major advantage I see ICOO having over The DAO =

TheDAO was created by techie developers. NOT businessmen.

Given that the number of crowdfunding campaigns to be launched through ICOO is limited to 2-4 per month, there's going to be ALOT stricter criteria as to what businesses are either invited or accepted - and it's run by intelligent businesspeople not rely 100% on automated code. hence, one would expect/hope the nature of the whole thing to live up to alot higher standards, every venture leveraging the platform meeting a higher standard than TheDAO, which just sought to raise massive capital and throw it around loosely.

would I be correct in making such an assumption, @bloggersclub ?


From this article:

"The DAO’s hive-mind has benefits in that it can be run – indeed it can only be run – by its holders, for its holders. But therein lies a problem. The holders may or may not understand the nature of the business; may or may not share the original vision, or the current vision, or any vision; may or may not achieve consensus with each other. If a DC is a school of fish, all moving freely but with awareness of the mutual aim and direction, the DAO risks becoming something more like the random activity of Brownian motion. Anyone who has kept track of the bitcoin scalability debate knows what can happen when you decentralise decision-making."

Definitely. I just finished answering same to a Chinese interested ICOO holder, and answered as follows: In general how we choose which ICO's to focus on is a mix really, based on due diligence offered in various ways through network recommedations, industry (meaning we wish to not focus only on one sector but the cover all eventually), style of ICO whether it is ICO with asset issued on OpenLedger or cryptocurrency from outside, also geographical as we will in future have ico's presented/recommended by national Trade Councils from all over the world giving the best due diligence ever, one would have to asume, as it would have undergone lots of selection process prior to finally be presented on OpenLedger. I expect from 2-4 ICO's presented every month, but it is not a must to have this, as it is ofcourse based on the base of securing the interests of the ICOO holders as first priority, well at least part of first as it is also a priority to keep ICOO constantly active and moving, and this is done by the services of CCEDK allover, as the services offered by CCEDK and their following revenue is shared with ICOO. I think interesting part in this is that all campaigns and services offered by CCEDK need paid in ICOO bought directly from the markets on OpenLedger or in some cases it is agreed to offer ICOO a percentage of their crowdsale as payment for the services, and also there CCEDK and ICOO is sharing 50/50 after the costs have been deducted, thus allowing ICOO to have an active interest in all ICO's presented on OpendLedger.

Rgds Ronny Boesing, CCEDK ApS

The last weeks first edition of Projects Corner is another way of getting access to promising projects and eventually presenting an ICO and crowdsale, through the interests from many people:

Rgds Ronny Boesing, CCEDK ApS

excellent addition to the discussion. thank you for this clarification.

your welcome.

of course, there's no way of telling until everything's all played out,
though it could be that The DAO was OVER-hyped, while ICOO is UNDER-hyped...

I dunno, man. so many crypto-developments, hard to keep up, and can never tell. diversification...

Life is hard out here for a crypto investor... said in the tune of Terrence Howard in Hustle and Flow

What a wonderful post! I was drawn immediately to your article by reading the title :)

he he... the magic of copywriting psychology... ;-)

A nice detailed report, thumbs up for this

Great info...

Nice @rok-sivante
Shot you an Upvote :)


Good one Sir!! Upvoted

Keep up the great work @rok-sivante

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