Thanks Rok, for this very nicely written piece of work. It's really covering a lot of ground and telling a good deal about what is giving me the motivation and drive in my daily work and living. Great stuff , thanks Ronny

Thanks for the head up, and great write up. The Initial Coin Offering OpenLedger," ICOO and Decentralized Conglomerate . The ICOO sounds like it might be a good investment. I will have to get up to speed on, and read up on the white-paper this evening.

Excellent compilation of some very interesting and exciting developments around Ronny/bloggersclub.
I read over the whitepaper about a week or so ago before I set up my openledger account. Looking forward to dive deeper into all of Ronny's work and follow him as well.

I'm glad you addressed the troll topic for future readers of this that might not be so aware that there are also professional trolls out there. It is almost impossible to publish anything of substance without being trolled in some shape or form. But we here on Steemit will also become professionals on how to deal with that species as well ;-)

Keep up the great work Rok - Rok on!

A nice shift from your usual stuff. Lots of interesting info there, always steeping up the game @rok-sivante

I saw the ICOO crowdsale come up but shied away after the DAO nonsense, after having put most of my crypto into it. Should have really seen it coming :O

Thanks for this, I'll be sure to research more heavily.

Ditto ! Once bitten, twice shy now about ICO's after the DAO.

one major advantage I see ICOO having over The DAO =

TheDAO was created by techie developers. NOT businessmen.

Given that the number of crowdfunding campaigns to be launched through ICOO is limited to 2-4 per month, there's going to be ALOT stricter criteria as to what businesses are either invited or accepted - and it's run by intelligent businesspeople not rely 100% on automated code. hence, one would expect/hope the nature of the whole thing to live up to alot higher standards, every venture leveraging the platform meeting a higher standard than TheDAO, which just sought to raise massive capital and throw it around loosely.

would I be correct in making such an assumption, @bloggersclub ?


From this article:

"The DAO’s hive-mind has benefits in that it can be run – indeed it can only be run – by its holders, for its holders. But therein lies a problem. The holders may or may not understand the nature of the business; may or may not share the original vision, or the current vision, or any vision; may or may not achieve consensus with each other. If a DC is a school of fish, all moving freely but with awareness of the mutual aim and direction, the DAO risks becoming something more like the random activity of Brownian motion. Anyone who has kept track of the bitcoin scalability debate knows what can happen when you decentralise decision-making."

Definitely. I just finished answering same to a Chinese interested ICOO holder, and answered as follows: In general how we choose which ICO's to focus on is a mix really, based on due diligence offered in various ways through network recommedations, industry (meaning we wish to not focus only on one sector but the cover all eventually), style of ICO whether it is ICO with asset issued on OpenLedger or cryptocurrency from outside, also geographical as we will in future have ico's presented/recommended by national Trade Councils from all over the world giving the best due diligence ever, one would have to asume, as it would have undergone lots of selection process prior to finally be presented on OpenLedger. I expect from 2-4 ICO's presented every month, but it is not a must to have this, as it is ofcourse based on the base of securing the interests of the ICOO holders as first priority, well at least part of first as it is also a priority to keep ICOO constantly active and moving, and this is done by the services of CCEDK allover, as the services offered by CCEDK and their following revenue is shared with ICOO. I think interesting part in this is that all campaigns and services offered by CCEDK need paid in ICOO bought directly from the markets on OpenLedger or in some cases it is agreed to offer ICOO a percentage of their crowdsale as payment for the services, and also there CCEDK and ICOO is sharing 50/50 after the costs have been deducted, thus allowing ICOO to have an active interest in all ICO's presented on OpendLedger.

Rgds Ronny Boesing, CCEDK ApS

The last weeks first edition of Projects Corner is another way of getting access to promising projects and eventually presenting an ICO and crowdsale, through the interests from many people:

Rgds Ronny Boesing, CCEDK ApS

excellent addition to the discussion. thank you for this clarification.

your welcome.

of course, there's no way of telling until everything's all played out,
though it could be that The DAO was OVER-hyped, while ICOO is UNDER-hyped...

I dunno, man. so many crypto-developments, hard to keep up, and can never tell. diversification...

Life is hard out here for a crypto investor... said in the tune of Terrence Howard in Hustle and Flow

What a wonderful post! I was drawn immediately to your article by reading the title :)

he he... the magic of copywriting psychology... ;-)

A nice detailed report, thumbs up for this

Great info...

Nice @rok-sivante
Shot you an Upvote :)


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