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VIDEO: Well, today I invested time learning a lot about DASH and why so many people like it. When many of the top Crypto people are talking so highly of it, we best pay attention.

I was gifted some DASH today which was very exciting for me! I have always wanted to own some, so today was DASH Day in my house. (:

I hope you guys will comment here and tell me your ideas and thoughts on DASH!

I've seen Amanda's name around A LOT in the Crypto space and when you watch this video with her on the DASH team, explaining all the blockchain and DASH type projects and security, you will likely be glad you did. There is so much good info in this 30 min. video and she is so easy to listen to.

  • What is DASH in a nutshell?

" Dash (Ticker: DASH) is an open sourced, privacy-centric digital currency. It allows you keep your finances private as you make transactions, similar to cash. Created by software developer and financial advisor Evan Duffield, Dash is the leading privacy-centric digital currency; it improves upon the well-established Bitcoin source code and features a custom, decentralized transaction protocol that removes the need for Dash users to entrust their privacy to a third party.

Every Bitcoin account and associated transaction is stored on a ledger, or "blockchain". This information is publicly available, and is retained in perpetuity. In contrast, Dash's underlying technology masks the link between the sender and receiver on the blockchain, affording its users a high degree of privacy " -- DASH.org official statement

DASH Detailed is the name of this official video SERIES on their YT channel they have and I will be using it a LOT!

  • Blockchain and DASH 101 and the future projects like DASH Evolution are explained from this Dec. 2016. video she did at a University in the US.

  • How DASH is different from other Alt Coins and Crypto "currency" - Amanda even discussed what she considers "currency".

  • Lots of good contact and resource info are contained in the video also, and pasted below for you!

  • Their video channel has a TON of excellent resource material!

  • In my first day of learning about DASH and committing to the learning, I have quickly found they are striving to build a real "community feel" to their product and their projects.

If I am being honest also, she is very pretty and intelligent, and I found it hard sometimes to pay attention to the video, I am just a regular guy LOL. I hope I am allowed to say that and nobody gets mad at me! I have realized over the months on Steemit and spending time learning all that I have in this space I have developed some Crypto Crushes LOL.

From DASH themselves:

Cryptocurrency's ~14 billion dollar market cap is largely betting that one or more blockchain-based tokens become widely used as "money." But given crypto's current usability, that's not likely to happen. Amanda B. Johnson discusses why the likes of Bitcoin and others are likely currently in a bubble, and why Dash Evolution may well save cryptocurrency.

Related post with transcript: http://dashdetailed.com/bitcoins-bubb...

Dash Evolution: http://dash.org/evolution

Get social & learn more:

Slack / Forum / Reddit: http://dashnation.com/join-the-conver...
Dash Homepage: http://dash.org
Dash Twitter: http://twitter.com/dashpay
DASH: Detailed Homepage: http://dashdetailed.com
DASH: Detailed Twitter: http://twitter.com/DASHdetailed

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Valuable information my friend @barrydutton thanks for sharing

I am curious. What is opinion about Steem among Dash community?


I don't know enough yet but I know some key people on Steemit really really like DASH and that is what I was saying the first few lines. I hope some will comment and some already have here along those lines.

If you have not watched that video, I really think you should --- the speaker addresses some of the reasons why the best days are still ahead for DASH.


Right now I am in the middle of it ;) I know Amanda pretty well from her DailyDecrypt videos. Unfortunately she end this YT channel :(


Great input from you! I am a noob but I am super stoked to have received my first DASH today! I think I am going to like it.

I want more but my circumstance are not good right now w the car running me over -- it has affected every area of my life.

DASH people actually messaged me tonite on SM to say they read my post and are sharing it, which is pretty neat. LIke I said in the post -- they seem different, very community minded. I get a kick out of them already and my 1 Dash coin has been in my hands a few hours only now lol

DASH is very popular due to anonymity built in, other coins to keep eye on all trading Bittrex: XMR (different algo but also anonymous), ZEC (the latest hot coin), EXCL (DASH fork but with PoS not PoW), Byteballs (new one).


more great input from a crypto person! Awesome! Posts crossed just now as I was typing but DASH was reading this post and sharing it they said


just 2 cents from me, the post itself is awesome ;)


It's true! Your post in now on their FB account :)


... you are right! They shared it!


what are your thoughts about ZEC about network anonymity, which basically is in the network if creators of it not saved "genesis keys" (I do not know the proper name of that).


thats the only thing we cannot be sure of.. hence why i think ZEC cannot be treaten fully seriously if you would like ot be 100% anonymous


one thing to much in my opinion :(


If the initial private data survived the 'ceremony' it would enable counterfeiting but it would not compromise the security of shielded transactions. It would also ruin the reputations of the people involved in the 'ceremony' and creation of the Zcash software. Zcash Parameters And How They Will Be Generated


re: The 'ceremony' - this Zcash forum post turned up recently. Zcash Ceremony Video


great timing :D :)

I will be back, I need to eat dinner - it is late! I will DASH back soon haha!


BarryDutton Barry Dutton tweeted @ 04 Jan 2017 - 02:24 UTC

#DASH coin - Some great basic info + tutorial video on #Crypto #Blockchain basics + how it's diff. than #Bitcoin. #…lnkd.in/e3K4Mn4

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Dash is one of the premier crypto currencies. They are not without controversy but nobody is. I learned alot from Amanda, she does a great job. Resteemed.


I am really thankful for your comments there and support! Thanks! This is the biggest post I have had in awhile, I really learned a lot today about DASH. You were on my mind the whole time.

Hi Barry. Do yourself a favour and watch praxgirl on YouTube.
Excellent grounding in Austrian economics, and if you can watch all 20 or so episodes without falling in love; you're a better man than I ;)


LOL! Thanks Matt, I really appreciate the input and the tips. If Crypto has taught me anything as a newb, you really just don't know some days what will work and what does not. I just muddle along and try to keep learning, and my DASH Day I committed to the time, really was a wise thing to do.

I like them. #DASH to the Finish line!

I've been researching and involved with cryptocurrency for just over a year. I'm convinced that Dash Evolution will be a game changer, just as I believe Steemit will be the same for social media.


Followed and TY for your input here!

I started mining Dash, because I'm 'initially' curious. Not less of a man, but I'm not really interested in her 'wily' charms or 'good face' for the platform. (Just Me) I am interested in some of the development DAPI. I can get behind that aspect.

I am loving the feedback from everyone on this post. I will use this in the future for reference material for sure.

The Comments section by people is always a great place to find super info.

Interesting. Thanks for posting that.


You are welcome. I am loving the feedback and ideas on here by others.

Dash has been my 2nd bet since I've started. They seem like they really want to be money. I like how that is their primary goal.


That was one of the things I picked up on today strongly and they covered in this video.

TY for the feedback!

she is so easy to listen to

And this is the reason why I got some Dash. I knew she was being paid from the blockchain so whoever was behind that project was making good choices. Finding out about their governance system is what convinced me. I figure we needed someone to explain this stuff and she was doing a good job, saw some videos on her old channel to make sure this was not her first crypto-rodeo and after watching a couple of videos I was sold so I bought more of her.

I am not a techie guy so I can't test the currency to a greater extent, but I know people and the internet and ABJ would be pleasant for both. Every week I watch Dash Detailed, never miss a week and that's how I imagine others will be once they come across the YT channel. I've also used their videos a lot before, not only to explain about Dash but other cryptos and new additions like access for other languages and promotional projects within Dash.

I think I even heard about a program where people get rewarded for finding content or writing about Dash, might want to check that out since you might be able to bring your article forward.

I'd take Dash over BTC any day as things stand today, even with BTC over $1000


That is some kind of great input right there man! TY for that!!

I have to head to bed everyone -- but thanks for all the comments and support on this post. I am loving what I learned about DASH today.

I hope it helped some of you too.

I think it is neat it made all the official social media accounts for DASH today. That was pretty cool for this #Crypto Noob (:

I love these discussions and she makes a lot of good points but the comparison
to PGP acceptance and use of Bitcoin I did not agree with. And leave Banana 68 alone.


I thought the comparison of global uptake of PGP and Bitcoin was fairly apt. As annoying as it may be that these incredibly useful things have to be dumbed down for wider adoption, that remains one of the major obstacles to be overcome. Where did the comparison fail to stick for you?

Oh my gosh, Barry - with the "crypto crushes" thing. That's just too frikken adorable. :D
I've heard of DASH. I see it listed on the exchanges and in my Eobot faucet but I haven't paid much attention to it. Thank you for this article though! I will definitely do more reading on DASH.


Well, I revealed a bit of my personal side there and kept it away from a clinical writing perspective LOL. That is why I wondered whether or not to put it in but it was just in fun and hoped nobody would get upset.

I am just getting online now but this blog post made it onto their official FB page posted by them, and across the twitter machine many many liked and RT last nite which was super neat.

The speaker here in this video Amanda replied and RT it from her DASH channel twitter account last nite as well.

I really got a kick out of seeing this post sort of take off and loved seeing all the feedback and comments here.

I think I have realized over the years that I need to come to terms with the fact I am attracted to intelligent women and ones who understand liberty and freedom and truth.

Not the crap that the gov'ts and MSM (media) feed us and tell us that's the way it is and that's all we deserve and get.

TY for taking some time to comment, it was nice to hear from you.

Great article. Resteemed.

I think Amanda 'pretty & intelligent' too, and I'm gay! So her appeal is pretty universal!!!


LOL! Dying

That made me laugh so hard my eyes watered.

I appreciated that comment a lot lol

TY for commenting!!! Been Following you for awhile now !!!

I always like when a woman is engaged in the crypto space.

I saw Amanda B Johnson's "The daily decrypt" in the past and understand that she is still with Dash. I understand that Dash is a serious project, I still don't find it appealing enough for me to engage in.



I wonder if part of why good products like this have not been able to really gain mass adoption is because everyone is so focused on Bitcoin etc.

I just thought about that. What do you think??

TY for the comments and on your post today too where I commented about the single people in the liberty space (:

Hahahaha! I love it Barry! Well done!!!
I think Dash is a good bet. I also think that "Crpto-Crushes" should be a new topic tag. LOL


I've been pondering it for weeks actually, that is the truth. I just don't want to get flagged or called shallow or get pounced on for some fun and just talking outloud. I cannot help it when I find intelligent women beautiful! Go Liberty!



Go Liberty! It is all about the mind, in my opinion.
Speaking from someone representing the female persuasion.

I say again, I am just loving the feedback in this post and thankful for it! The action on FB and twitter on this too has been amazing to watch online since the post last night!

Really neat!

So dash utility comes from privacy? What differs it from Monero or Zcash then?

Amanda is amazing. I like the way she presents ideas.


I agree. It's like having a convo. with someone you are friends with - the way she is very engaging and personal. Not cardboard cutout and boring like a lot of these talks usually go LOL

Did you happen to see the comments here about how it took off on FB and twitter with their official accounts??

Because that really helped Steemit too and I don't think @ned or @dantheman @dan know -- or most of the other whales. I think it was helpful for crypto noobs like me, and other things connected.

If you are on the twitter have a look on the DASH pages or mine. If you like or find time.

TY for the comments!! It is nice to hear from you and I appreciate that.


Can I ask you to support this post?? It is to help Nolan our 15 year old witness everyone knows as - @theprophet0 - who needs a bit of help. I hope you do not mind this here, it is hard to message people privately esp. if time is of the essence.

TYIA and keep up the good work!!


this video is amazing. i just watched it now. Amanda is uber smart, what a great mind.


Nice to hear from you again. Like I mentioned earlier, as I was going thru my replies, it is so easy to listen to her approach. I think she is a great front-person for a company and likely very smart to bring her onboard.

The way I was welcomed on the DASH official pages and accounts because of this post getting some traction, really impressed me. They shared the post, engaged me, it really impressed me how they reached out.

I would like some more DASH please! (:


I was thinking of you WRT your down to earth approach on a lot of things and learning - here is my Part 2 in the DASH series as I am learning and some of the comments are interesting too


I am really glad this article impacted so many people, this is good stuff everyone, thanks again!!!