Bitshares - State of the Network - 6th February 2018

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Welcome to the 72nd Bitshares State of the Network (BSotN) report. A weekly report focusing on the changes in the ecosystem and track longer term changes in a effort to identify emerging trends and changes in the Bitshares platform.

Bitshares - State of the Network - 6th February 2018

The Bitshares State of the Network Reports seeks to combine raw data from a wide range of metrics and combine them into meaningful information to identify emerging trends and changes in the Bitshares network.

Observation from this week

This section will highlight any observations made while analysing the data.

  • A new version of Bitshares core (v. 2.0.180202) has been released this week. The update resolves some potential issues at the API and P2P level as well as other bug fixes and improvements. All nodes (especially active witnesses, seed nodes and public API nodes) are recommended to upgrade as soon as possible. More information HERE

  • The Bitshares Blockchain Foundation have been working with Lykke, a Swiss Fintech company building a regulated, blockchain-based global marketplace. This week they announced that the Bitshares (BTS) will be listed on the Lykke exchange. This could open pairs such as BTS-BTC, BTS-EUR and BTS-USD providing further fiat on/off ramps to the network. Smartcoins are also being considered. Find more information from BFF and Lykke

  • BitShares has been upgraded to B- on the Weiss cryptocurrency ratings released on the 2nd of February 2018. This puts the 3 leading Graphene chains sharing a B rating (Steem: B+, Bitshares: B- and EOS: B-). Out of all the rating B+ was the higher rating and only obtained by Steem; Bitshares, EOS, Ethereum and NEO all tie for third place with a B-. Screenshot provided below and source of the update HERE

  • @markopaasila has released his first progress report for the recently approved worker proposal 'DEXBot - User Friendly Bitshares Market Making Software'. The first report outlines their commitments to the Bitshares stakeholders as well as their current progress and some screenshots of their MVP (still in development). You can find the report HERE

  • @Stan Larimer has done an interview with Daniel Rage on his show "Star Struck". You can find the video HERE. This interview is part of a 3 part series that has not been fully recorded at the time of posting this report. More information HERE

  • The Bitshares blockchain via the Reserve pool (Bitshares holder controlled pool of funds to be used for any approved worker proposal) is now actively funding 10 projects/proposals. It is great to see that the Bitshares holders overall are putting the future of the platform as a priority and approving these workers to expand Bitshares into a brighter tomorrow!.

  • RuDEX team released their first monthly witness report that encompasses their activities during year 2017; The team are planning to post them once a month so be sure to stay tuned to @blockchained for future reports.

  • Bitshares witness verbaltech2 has release his monthly witness report. You can find all the information HERE

  • This week PoloniEX has enabled Bitshares BTS deposits and withdraws again after having the wallet offline for a bit over a week without communication to the Bitshares Blockchain Foundation.

  • The Beyond Bitcoin Bitshares weekly hangouts have now moved to the Discord platform. You can join the Bitshares Discord HERE and also catch the latest hangouts streamed live on youtube HERE

  • This week’s Bitshares hangout recording has been published and is available HERE

  • Current registered wallets/accounts within the Bitshares network is 710037; an increase of 21204 wallets/accounts since last week

Smartcoin issuance chart showing weekly change since the start of 2017

Number of accounts holding BTS (off exchanges) over the past 14 weeks

Top rated Cryptocurrencies as reported by WeissRatings on the 2nd of February 2018

DEXBot - Work In Progress - Early preview of GUI - source

Lykke to list BTS and possibly smartcoins; BTS-BTC/USD/EUR - source

Bitshares Distribution

This sections seeks to analyse the current distribution of the network. We look at the current supply, top 100 hodlers, Orders on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Reserve pool balance and Income growth.

DistributionBalanceChange W/WChange W/W %
BTS Supply2,608,163,596 409,803.000.02%
BTS Stealth287,492 34.000.01%
BTS in Open Orders (DEX - T250)8482438 1,289,933.0013.10%
Reserve Pool992409558 -409,803.00-0.04%
RP Accumulated fees37401-0.00%
Collateral (top 250) backing Smartcoins414370935 -128,183,251.00-24.84%
Top 100 Total1,166,649,421 77,211,982.007.02%
Top 100 - minus Exchanges415,889,871 -49,131,556.00-12.01%
Exchanges750,759,550 126,343,538.0018.30%
Non Exchanges1,857,404,046 -125,933,735.00-6.57%

Profit/Expenses from the Bitshares Reserve Pool

The chart below show historic profit/expense from the Bitshares Reserve Pool where a positive number represents a W/W profit and a negative number means a W/W expense; Bitshares expenses include witness and worker pay and income includes network fees.

BTS Trading

Looking at the most active trading pairs for Bitshares (BTS). Data displayed is a 24 hour snapshot as taken on the date of this report and not a reflection on the week as a whole.

MarketLast PricePrice USD24hr Vol BTS24hr Vol USDVol %Vol % Change W/W

Worker Proposals

This section will identify the current approved and pending worker proposals

Active Worker:

Proposed Worker

DEX: Most Active Markets

This section will show the BTS markets within the DEX and seek to highlight the most active markets.

The most active base pair is BTS and the top 3 pairs are CNY, USD and Bridge.BTC


This sections seeks to analyse the current supply and market capitalisation of the Bitshares Smartcoins.

AssetSupplyPriceMarket Cap BTSMarket Cap USDSupply Change W/W
BTS2,608,163,5960.1862,608,163,596$484,238,903.93 0.016%
BTS Stealth287,4920.186287,492$53,376.56 0.012%
Reserve Pool992,409,5580.186992,409,558$184,253,517.44 -0.041%
Accumulated fees37,4010.18637,401$6,943.970.000%
BitUSD16,019,8345.5288,429,484$16,418,063.77 -25.325%
BitCNY203,568,5970.864175,883,268$32,654,976.46 -53.388%
BitEUR133,5896.85915,085$169,897.16 -31.619%
BitBTC47.735,4361,690,297$313,825.28 1.706%
BitGold1947,3211,420,274$263,692.02 -22.400%
BitSilver21,94891.82,014,826$374,078.27 -1.957%
Ruble12,595,6100.09551,202,881$223,330.18 -28.991%
HERO1,7768901,580,640$293,466.02 -18.569%

Referral Stats

This section will track user referrals, to gauge active refers overtime. The chart below shows in blue the total number of referred users and in orange the new referrals for this week.

AccountReferralsChange W/W

Vote Proxies

This section will track the change in proxy voting

AccountOpinionsFollowersWeight (M)Weight Change (M)
bitcrab6986176.9 -149.3
xeroc39209160.4 8.7
openledger378622146.9 22.4
michaelx429578.5 9.2
still8335265.8 9.7
blckchnd29152853.7 6.3
fav3015126.3 3.4
abit5075426.1 4.6
baozi306024 8.8
payger20612.1 -0.6

Committee Members

This section will track shareholder approval of committee members

AccountVotes (M)Votes Change (M)
bitcrab880.4 -53.6
abit866.1 -52.7
bhuz768.5 -39.1
xeroc744.4 -57.7
openledgerdc646.3 -71.5
bunkerchainlabs-com640.6 -54.6
witness.still623.7 -64.6
clayop561.7 -53.9
ebit475.3 -14.6
chris4210463.2 -82.3
fav422.5 -5.7

Active Witnesses

This section will track top 25 active witnesses and the changes in support

RankWitnessVotesMissedMissed W/W
1in.abit 1.6.35 952.37163
2 bhuz 1.6.17 892.315801
3 roelandp 1.6.74 878.1331
4witness.yao 1.6.71 865.83564
5witness.still 1.6.69 854.192098
6xn-delegate 1.6.59 843.528438
7 delegate-1.lafona 1.6.28 798.344054
8 xeldal 1.6.22 789.42266
9delegate-zhaomu 1.6.98 782.7112
10abc123 1.6.65 692.11283
11xman 1.6.64 671.916692
12 rnglab 1.6.45 655.420973
13 openledger-dc 1.6.76 654.86403
14crazybit 1.6.84 611.64744
15 delegate.freedom 1.6.63 608.348745
16 elmato 1.6.20 604.5432023
17verbaltech2 1.6.34 550.6390438
18blckchnd 1.6.75 542.39557
19fox 1.6.16 537.636255
20 sahkan-bitshares 1.6.73 517.61196
21 delegate.ihashfury 1.6.26 507.98701
22 billbutler-witness 1.6.92 496.64756
23 bts-bitshares-argentina 1.6.33 473.929
24delegate-clayop 1.6.27 472.35200
25bitcrab 1.6.56 464.90

Top 100 Distribution including Exchanges

This section looks at the top 100 rich list and compares account balances, this section will seek to identify changes in ownership which may lead to interesting investigations and early warning signs of upcoming projects

RankAccountBalance(inc orders)OrdersChange W/WChange W/W %
3poloniexwallet81,638,13401,564,212.00 1.95%
4binance-bitshares-gvbdb84k6h78,070,156016,784,496.00 27.39%
5zbbts70,437,730049,284,681.00 232.99%
7bitcc-bts-cold41,140,3120-600,001.00 -1.44%
8bittrex-deposit24,648,2090-584,367.00 -2.32%
11a2dcdf323a8a576...16,033,92305,637,929.00 54.23%
14yun-bts11,392,9530-105,573.00 -0.92%
18graphene20159,227,2640138,997.00 1.53%
19abc.btsbots9,025,54008,025,540.00 802.55%
27tel-9117,000,02006,000,020.00 600.00%
32tsuratsura-35576,390,85201,515,851.00 31.09%
36the-ae5,529,05604,244,932.00 330.57%
43brother-john5,000,01004,000,010.00 400.00%
44anonymous4,985,5570-3,000,000.00 -37.57%
45mr-wang4,856,95915000051,516,281.00 45.39%
46linhan4,824,0940-1,000.00 -0.02%
48bitcoinindonesia4,485,7920324,890.00 7.81%
57yoyow.team3,876,48403,876,435.10 7927270.14%
59seer3,863,79402,863,794.00 286.38%
60goodc0re3,778,7120505.00 0.01%
65tuki3,090,66702,910,601.00 1616.41%
68onceuponatime2,946,166125863-4,865,808.00 -62.29%
69makkiavelli19772,899,8090341,653.00 13.36%
70livecoin-net2,899,0220-111,568.00 -3.71%
75wjlsf2,671,651784628883,303.00 49.39%
76bts-morning2,584,0850-1,011,666.00 -28.14%
82bitspark-deposit2,483,2760-52.00 0.00%
85yinchg2,379,6682750001,379,668.00 137.97%
86coinegg-main2,374,3500-130,436.00 -5.21%
87aex-bts-deposit-wallet2,371,15701,371,157.00 137.12%
88sk2,365,0090-100,000.00 -4.06%
90jaehyuk2,342,1530342,100.00 17.10%
92babydragon2,275,27563352396,986.00 21.14%

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Thanks for the update.
The last list, 'top 100 distribution', seems to be a bit misleading as there are several accounts with a lot more collateralized bts, like 'alpha-dog' and 'aloha'.
Wouldn't it be more accurate to include them, or is the collateral considered lost in this statistic?


Thats a great question. I have considered this in the past but never changed the dataset.

I will pose the question in tonights beyond bitcoin hangout and see what the community would prefer. I will count your vote and mine as a yes.


what city is your bitcoin hangout?


Great, thanks!
Because you could argue that those with high collateral are probably much more active on the platform and shape the system more in general than those just passively holding bts and thus more interesting to check out for future movements in the community.

anyone here can explian me how vote proxy works


Proxy voting is simply delegating your voting power (1 BTS = 1 Vote) to an elected 'proxy'.

Proxy's are generally community members who follow the daily activities and may or may not be in a better position to vote on your behalf with a higher level of consciousness or knowledge.

You may just not have time to keep up to date with the stakeholder proposals and as such outsource/delegate your voting power to someone who has the projects best interest at heart.

Proxies are encourage to be open and transparent about their voting activities to keep their followers informed on the votes being cast.


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Heaps of useful information, thanks for sharing

Thanks for the news. I've pretty much lost all faith in Bitcoin as a viable tool for transactions and I'm looking to some of the other alts to take it's place. We need a Flippening and we need it soon! BTS, it's time for you to step up to the plate!

Is this accurate?

Or has it been mislabeled? Can't remember to see usdt this high ever.


I pull this data from bravenewcoin and have no reason not to trust it. Although given the recent bear market this could be the case of people exiting their hedges.. might be worth checking and keeping in mind as a leading indicator..


I just found it strange. That's all.


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I thouroughly enjoyed that report. I'm very excited about the trading bot. I was wondering if you can explain to me the benefit of voting as a Bitshares shareholder. Also apart from the lifetime plan that gives you referral commissions; is there a way to produce passive income on Bitshares?


Voting is your right as a holder of BTS. It is your voice in the direction of the platform.
Only way to recieve BTS from the network is to be a worker, witness, asset issuer (% trading fees) or referrer. Referrer being the most passive option and lowest barrier to entry. There are other asset on the Bitshares network where just owning the asset will give a passive income but not any core assets


Ok thank you @steemvoter. This is a good response. How do I become a worker and what do workers do? Can you also explain a little more about how I can make passice in assets and how I can own or issue them Can my cow count as an asset to peg?

Thanks a lot for the great news! This new rating will definitely increase the exposure of a BTS well need reputation and intrinsic qualities. It sure deserves it!

Combined with the association with Lykke, we might be holding a bomb in the making!?! It sure looks and feels like it... Let's see how far the next star is! ;)

Namaste :)

Thanks for info.

It’s great to see that BTS is continuing to develop unlike most alt coins. I have high hopes for the future and the addition of new exchanges etc are particularly good news!


Very interesting and helpful postings, especially beginners like me. If possible, I want to absorb knowledge from you from my friends. thank you very much for that all

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And I also thank you very much for your support for me @steempower


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I love reading these, it's nice to have all the info here in one place!

@Stan Larimer has done an interview with Daniel Rage on his show "Star Struck". You can find the video HERE. This interview is part of a 3 part series that has not been fully recorded at the time of posting this report. More information HERE

Thanks for the link. Try as I did, I couldn't find the link to that video.

i do not trust bitshares any more, it couldn't give any reaction even BTC increase %40, will be down to zero soon in the market


I disagree. Bts has a much bigger run up before Xmas. I can’t remember exact figures but I think I caught gains of approx 20x and now I’m still up 7-8x.


Your welcome to your opinion.. Check back in 6 month and see how your preduction panned out


we will see

Interesting post, thanks for the information.

Really @steempower,
you are helping the steemians by your informative posts.

very helpful post and good luck

I am loving how you deliver this data @steempower

Thanks a lot for the great news! This new rating will definitely increase the exposure of a BTS well need reputation and intrinsic qualities. It sure deserves it!

Combined with the association with Lykke, we might be holding a bomb in the making!?! It sure looks and feels like it... Let's see how far the next star is! ;)

Namaste :)

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#Bitshares is really one of my fav. platform.
It has a revolutionising idea. But it has definitely a lot to improve on. Because, it still doesn't support many coins which on other hand is very well supported by BIG exchanges.
This is the greatest problem with #Bitshares.
Once, it solves this will be unstoppable...and probably diminish the centralised exchange market.

WOW! 21,000+ new wallets in a week... Crazy. Congrats Bitshares! Bitshares is great!

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I have a question. If I have open.steem on my wallet, how can I transfer it to my steem account, since the openledger gateway is closed for steem now.

Is there a possibility to convert the open steem to rudex steem? Or some way to get my steem into my steem wallet?

Thanks for your help on this.

Regards, @gold84

I'm so new to the space, this is my first introduction to BTS. Thanks.

Great !!!! Here is my user name: Rokeya1988



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What other exchange gives this much detail and every week....just awesome wonder Weiss Ratings gave it a good grade...BTW, my father followed Weiss's ratings back in the late 80's and early 90's and was able to circumvent a bank closure and some bad investments because of their not saying they are crypto experts, but they are smart enough to know they aren't and spend the money hiring analysts in this field to help solidify a grade...a lot of money mangers and hedge funds follow their ratings...just thought i would put that out there

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Bitshares - State of the Network - What?

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