Bitshares - State of the Network - 29th May 2018

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Welcome to the 85th Bitshares State of the Network (BSotN) report. A weekly report focusing on the changes in the ecosystem and track longer term changes in a effort to identify emerging trends and changes in the Bitshares platform.

Bitshares - State of the Network - 29th May 2018

The Bitshares State of the Network Reports seeks to combine raw data from a wide range of metrics and combine them into meaningful information to identify emerging trends and changes in the Bitshares network.

Observation from this week

This section will highlight any observations made while analysing the data.

  • @Stan has visited Guiyang China to attend the International Big Data Expo 2018 and also been televised on Chinese National TV. You can find more information about the event HERE and the transcript of the television speech HERE

  • Tradingview charts have been integrated into the Bitshares reference wallet allowing traders a full suite of tools and indicators for all their favourite Bitshares markets!. More information HERE

  • Spark has announced the launch of the closed beta for 'Sendy', Spark's crypto powered remittance app. Spark's Sendy App has been available in the Google Play store since late 2017. The Spark team has been working on a redesign which will be launched in replacement of the existing app as outlined in their roadmap. Find more information HERE

  • A new Bitshares block explorer has been released from @blockchain-de. The new Block explorer was announced in a recent steemit post which can be found HERE

  • Eristica The global decentralized platform of personal and mass challenges has released a sneak peak of their version 4.0 in their latest development update. The blog post covers new features, appointment of an independent app review team, new on boarding process and some new advisors, @Michaelx and @Stan Larimer. Read the update HERE

  • @Michaelx has published an introduction to the TRUSTY.FUND Smart Wallet. The article outlines some of the features of the smart wallet and how to make best use of its investment options. More info HERE

  • The Beyond Bitcoin Bitshares weekly hangouts have now moved to the Discord platform. You can join the Bitshares Discord HERE and also catch the latest hangouts streamed live on YouTube HERE

  • Current registered wallets/accounts within the Bitshares network is 971861; an increase of 44659 wallets/accounts since last week

Smartcoin issuance chart showing weekly change since the start of 2017

Number of accounts holding BTS (off exchanges) Tradingview integration

Sendy Closed Beta Available Now! - source

Stan Larimer at the International Big Data Expo 2018 in Guiyang China - source

A new Bitshares Block Explorer - - source

Bitshares Distribution

This sections seeks to analyse the current distribution of the network. We look at the current supply, top 100 hodlers, Orders on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Reserve pool balance and Income growth.

DistributionBalanceChange W/WChange W/W %
BTS Supply2,628,623,344 1,991,187.000.08%
BTS Stealth285,085 11.000.00%
BTS in Open Orders (DEX - T250)10570330-167,488.00-1.51%
Reserve Pool971949810 -1,991,187.00-0.20%
RP Accumulated fees37401-0.00%
Collateral (top 250) backing Smartcoins399275391 -4,447,931.00-1.16%
Top 100 Total1,458,900,513 -11,772,636.22-0.79%
Top 100 - minus Exchanges666,790,594 3,504,896.780.53%
Exchanges792,109,919 -15,277,533.00-1.87%
Non Exchanges1,836,513,425 17,268,720.000.95%

Profit/Expenses from the Bitshares Reserve Pool

The chart below show historic profit/expense from the Bitshares Reserve Pool where a positive number represents a W/W profit and a negative number means a W/W expense; Bitshares expenses include witness and worker pay and income includes network fees.

BTS Trading

Looking at the most active trading pairs for Bitshares (BTS). Data displayed is a 24 hour snapshot as taken on the date of this report and not a reflection on the week as a whole.

MarketLast PricePrice USD24hr Vol BTS24hr Vol USDVol %Vol % Change W/W

Worker Proposals

This section will identify the current approved and pending worker proposals

Active Worker:

Proposed Worker

DEX: Most Active Markets

This section will show the BTS markets within the DEX and seek to highlight the most active markets.

The most active base pair is BTS and the top 3 pairs are CNY, Bridge.BTC and USD


This sections seeks to analyse the current supply and market capitalisation of the Bitshares Smartcoins.

AssetSupplyPriceMarket Cap BTSMarket Cap USDSupply Change W/W
BTS2,628,623,3440.189497,905,159$497,905,159.36 0.076%
BTS Stealth285,0850.18954,000$53,999.86 0.004%
Reserve Pool971,949,8100.189184,103,526$184,103,525.58 -0.204%
Accumulated fees37,4010.1897,084$7,084.370.000%
BitUSD13,128,8795.2568,926,615$13,055,851.91 -10.451%
BitCNY210,289,1570.817171,806,241$32,542,971.26 -10.910%
BitEUR115,3846.1703,842$133,319.50 2.235%
BitBTC5137,5671,915,917$362,906.68 -1.734%
BitSilver21,76487.11,895,644$359,066.71 -0.014%
Ruble7,536,1980.084633,041$119,908.47 -6.647%
HERO973860836,780$158,500.11 -2.505%

Referral Stats

This section will track user referrals, to gauge active refers overtime. The chart below shows in blue the total number of referred users and in orange the new referrals for this week.

AccountReferralsChange W/W

Vote Proxies

This section will track the change in proxy voting

AccountOpinionsFollowersWeight (M)Weight Change (M)
bitcrab90116139.3 -19.6
xeroc61214137 -0.1
openledger561098789 -18.2
michaelx5611880.4 4
bitshareseurope045259.5 13.1
still13033143.3 2.2
blckchnd57158134.7 0.4
abit7173426.6 0.1
fav4016923.4 -0.3

Committee Members

This section will track shareholder approval of committee members

AccountVotes (M)Votes Change (M)
bitcrab683.8 -47.4
abit573.4 -39.5
bhuz554.3 -52.9
clockwork501 -54.4
xeroc462.6 -35.8
jademont453.4 -15
openledgerdc417.3 -42.6
bunkerchainlabs-com413.2 -30.7
witness.still402.5 -24.6
ebit383.5 -36.4
chris4210341.5 -47

Active Witnesses

This section will track top 30 active witnesses and the changes in support

RankWitnessVotesMissedMissed W/W
1in.abit 1.6.35 716.47575
2bhuz 1.6.17 68617338
3roelandp 1.6.74 679.910719
4abc123 1.6.65 672.2138010
5fox 1.6.16 667.345512
6 witness.still 1.6.69 663.1933811
7 witness.yao 1.6.71 660.136208
8verbaltech2 1.6.34 654405625
9sahkan-bitshares 1.6.73 651.9138020
10delegate-1.lafona 1.6.28 647.74956487
11 xman 1.6.64 646.8179122
12 xn-delegate 1.6.59 645.629189
13xeldal 1.6.22 644.22765272
14crazybit 1.6.84 602.866814
15delegate.freedom 1.6.63 580.749458
16openledger-dc 1.6.76 574.876114
17delegate-zhaomu 1.6.98 573.36705
18 elmato 1.6.20 562.7442420
19 rnglab 1.6.45 562.6223211
20 blckchnd 1.6.75 540.99843
21 magicwallet.witness 1.6.110 538.86211
22witness.hiblockchain 1.6.105 514.862119
23gdex-witness 1.6.120 469.1338
24winex.witness 1.6.101 456.27284
25clockwork 1.6.117 418285
26delegate.ihashfury 1.6.26 392.88766
27 bangzi 1.6.116 363.944
28 mr.agsexplorer 1.6.24 347.18202484
29delegate.taolje 1.6.38 333.74771
30delegate-clayop 1.6.27 320.65200

Top 100 Distribution including Exchanges

This section looks at the top 100 rich list and compares account balances, this section will seek to identify changes in ownership which may lead to interesting investigations and early warning signs of upcoming projects

RankAccountTotal BTSChange W/WChange W/W %
1poloniexwallet223,185,352-6,682,016.00 -2.91%
4bitcc-bts-cold111,045,504-6,000,000.00 -5.13%
5gamma-rabbit54,437,939-6,759,452.72 -11.05%
6binance-bts-151,678,42813,218,807.00 34.37%
7alpha-dog40,641,447-9,813,191.00 -19.45%
8huobi-withdrawal38,000,034-2,811,840.00 -6.89%
9zbbts00130,898,44215,495,152.00 100.60%
12binance-bitshares-gvbdb84k6h20,696,767-17,073,910.00 -45.20%
15bittrex-deposit17,706,724-121,532.00 -0.68%
16delta-lion17,384,648-5,266,821.89 -23.25%
19committee-cnytrader13,675,6673,788,634.00 38.32%
20a2dcdf323a8a576408f62604b17a8a5212,787,15445,125.00 0.35%
21alexna6412,070,181-73,514.00 -0.61%
27enki9,283,145-716,176.00 -7.16%
32huobi-bts-withdrawal8,099,1064,192,958.00 107.34%
35bts-subscribe7,968,972-30,033.00 -0.38%
36onceuponatime7,935,039129,959.00 1.67%
37gate-io-bts667,663,2631,247,198.00 19.44%
47bigday4sc6,344,6775,344,676.86 534.47%
48bts-morning6,200,19041,783.00 0.68%
50bristolbay5,800,011-0.01 0.00%
59ld6364335,000,010-1,095,515.00 -17.97%
60bitcoinindonesia4,967,558-3,512.00 -0.07%
62committee-usdoperator4,771,0451,731,236.00 56.95%
63cai81084,491,676313,865.00 7.51%
66hongcaibao14,200,011299,983.65 7.69%
68mtblock-io4,057,051342,500.00 9.22%
72zy3603,970,294357,837.30 9.91%
75serg3,865,004-200,000.00 -4.92%
76bitlion3,740,311437,552.00 13.25%
77workers.bitshares.foundation3,699,402494,020.00 15.41%
78facem3,663,276249,440.05 7.31%
79teiva3,624,0791,680,117.00 86.43%
80peak-yannie3,333,333-1.00 0.00%
82ptschina3,254,140177,248.00 5.76%
83rwh-91643,227,8931,043,301.00 47.76%
87makkiavelli19773,147,860-51,505.00 -1.61%
90qt68623,129,5171,458,066.00 87.23%
91rit-capital-partners3,075,992-317,097.12 -9.35%
96backup.yao3,011,6371,588,373.00 111.60%
97yinchg3,007,663148,197.00 5.18%

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Thanks for the great update :)

Thanks @steempower for sharing these wonderful updates of a great DEX platform.

Are you sure about "scaner?" seems like a funny name. Was something with the more traditional spelling "scanner" in it not available?

Bitshares when I saw your post on Bitshares I was so happy cause I have bought some Bitshares I still need money to buy more thanks for your information. @steempower

Waoh, I was enjoined to create an account last month : botefarm-123, this is surely the first blog I'll meet that explained it all.

Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📈 24h📉 7d

Adding a few more details. It should be noted that while the network has 200,000 transactions a day over 80% of that activity is bots. the busiest bot makes up 13% of all trading volume. A large number of accounts are created (likely via a bot) used once or twice and then sit empty. I don't know the full purpose of all of that activity, but I want people aware of it.


Bot activity is perfectly fine & entirely encouraged, would you rather that every trade was manually performed by middlemen? Market making is neccessary & potentially profitable.


No objection to market making by bots, actually I agree it is necessary and I encourage it. However, I do think it is important to be able to measure both -real humans- and bot activity. Ultimately, the real humans bring more value to a network than the bots. There is a big difference between the two. I would like to mention facebook. It deleted about 1 billion bot created accounts. The real value of facebook is the people. It has 2 billion people on the platform. That means it deleted 1 bot account for every two real users. Bots creating millions of additional users devalue the humans on the network. That is why they deleted them. So I am ok with bots, but I don't like confusing statics that mislead.

This is a lot to absorb. BTS was my first choice of coin, although I don't hold but a pinch. I am trying to follow and understand.

I still love the work you do on this... this is like the cornerstone of a building.

Thanks for this update. Glad Spark is positively contributing to BitShares network.


I am the issuer of Spark coin so I take issue when I am spark and you are bitspark. But yes, I am contributing positively to Bitshares despite your continued ignorance of my emails and your continued trolling by sending coin dust to my accounts when I am not a user of your bitspark system.

So overall I love these reports, but I would like to point out something I think is important. The chart, number of accounts holding BTS off the exchange shows a number of ~130,000. That number is interesting to track as a general metric of the number of people, however it does not represent the number of active people. When I looked at the prior two months of activity, I found about 30,000 accounts had traded. So only about 1/4 of accounts are active and 3/4 of accounts are inactive. Over a two day period, I observed about 12,000 accounts trading. Now there is nothing wrong with holding, but it is important to understand these numbers can be misleading.


Though, BTS still has serious TX activity each day - observable on blocktivity: Almost 4 times more than BTC just today.


Good point. And I agree that the fundamental activity is good to watch, but even Bitcoins numbers get inflated...


Increase by 44659 wallets/accounts since last week is wrong. Wallet increase by 13327 wallets since last week.