New Blockchain Explorer for Bitshares Blockchain

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Hello, dear Bitshares community!

We decided to join the active improvements and launched the block explorer for Bitshares blockchain.

Of course, the main explorer is Cryptophresh, but according to our observations, it has periodic breakdowns in its work, which is extremely inconvenient for the whole community.

Our personal contribution to the community development is a new block explorer. We recently finished testing and can say that this is a full-fledged beta version of the explorer. We will be very happy if you appreciate our Bitshares Scanner, and we will also be grateful for your comments and feedback. We are ready to support and improve our project.

Please find new block explorer HERE


Just saw this.. Not bad, although need to be improved.

  • numbers are sorted as strings on several pages
  • no HTTPS support
  • better change the icon of the site, use your own

Upvoted but a bit too late. Also unable to resteem now.

Any other way to contact you? The links at the bottom of the page are broken for me.

Forwarded to the old forum:

Welcome on board! Too late to upvote though -_-

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Congratulation, it's always good to have alternatives. I like the welcoming page, it's more slim and u can have all info. Yep the domain is no easy to remind with the error on "scaner". May be could work. Also display the supply and Marketcap with "," or "." to make it easy to read. Again congratulation.

Good Work!
But not all assets here..

Seems to have fizzled out. Domain no longer active in 2020.

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