Stan's First Speech on National China TV

in bitshares •  8 months ago

Too bad Google Translate doesn't work over here. I've no idea what it says!

I gave a broad overview of "Real Time Blockchains" and how they can contribute to "Economic Superconductivity."

This article even provided a transcript of my speech. No idea what it says either.

I'll publish more details as I have time but this is what the press over here had to say about it.
But the press was definitely there in force - "filmed before a live studio audience"

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I must say that you bring a lot of exposure for BitShares in mainstream media of China. It is the first time, becasue Big Data Expo is a government dominated event!


You did! I just walked through the door you opened! Thanks

Well done Stan :)

Hey Stan, do you at least have a link to the video recording?



congratulations on achieving it @stan

Good post.👍

Here's the the Speech with the aid of Google Translate... Hopefully, Stan would upload the original

google translate is similar to ur X.... u cant understand both lol

Good job @stan more blessings awaits you

@stan please be aware of a bug currently effecting the bitshares wallet. It is not allowing BitHERO value to be recognizedScreen Shot 2018-05-27 at 6.18.08 PM.png


Welcome to China!

Hopefully soon will corrected