Bitshares - State of the Network - 15th August 2017

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Welcome to the 48th Bitshares State of the Network (BSotN) report. A weekly report focusing on the changes in the ecosystem and track longer term changes in a effort to identify emerging trends and changes in the Bitshares platform.

Bitshares - State of the Network - 15th August 2017

The Bitshares State of the Network Reports seeks to combine raw data from a wide range of metrics and combine them into meaningful information to identify emerging trends and changes in the Bitshares network.

Observation from this week

This section will highlight any observations made while analysing the data.

  • Bitspark has announced they are moving their remittance business to the Bitshares Network because it is better suited for the companies needs. Extract from their announcement 'As things stand currently, Bitshares offers the greatest benefits to a remittance company looking to utilise cryptocurrency as a means to send money quicker, cheaper and to more locations. Bitspark will be aiming for 180+ currencies, instant payments, no cost and zero counterparty risk.' You can find their official announcement HERE

  • The Bitshare UI worker proposal (raised by @billbutler) has been voted in with a slight modification. Existing issues in the Bitshares UI Github page will be given an estimated hourly value. An estimated issue is prefixed with a number in brackets like this: [2] A nasty bug. In this example, the bug is valued at two hours ($125 per hour). If you fix this issue according to these guidelines and your PR is accepted, this will earn you $250 bitUSD. You must have a Bitshares wallet and a Bitshares account to receive payment. You can find more information on the formation of this arrangement HERE or summary HERE. The on the Bitshares UI Github repo has been updated with further details. Personally i think this is a great move forward and pull requests have already started rolling in for review!

  • POLOLOSTKEYS UIA created by @cm-steem and discussed HERE have been created and distributed to some members of the community and then forwarded to Poloniexcoldwallet; this occurred along with a bunch of twitter messages to PoloniEX regarding their lack of action on a number of occasion where their hot wallet ran empty causing delays for users in withdrawals and they even put the Bitshares market into 'maintenance' mode with a generic message suggesting issues with the Bitshares network itself.. After this effort from the community PoloniEX proceeded to move 30m BTS from their cold wallet with TXID:40b2b20e32eb4592e08d50d35bebce668ee0caf1 and users withdrawals started being processed.

  • team is developing a new mobile based simple ICO focused wallet currently available for Android and mobile web for iPhone. You can find more information HERE or test the mobile web version HERE

  • @Stan Larimer has spoken on a panel at the recent 100x Blockchain Investor Summit. The recording of the video is available HERE starting from 44:33

  • Ronny Boesing (CEO of OpenLedger) has mentioned on telegram that SZZC have confirmed the addition of BitCNY, ICOO and CVCoin to their exchange platform in the near future.

  • OCASH international payment cards ITO launching on the 31st of August. OCASH draws funds from the users’ contract wallet which support SmartCoins, like bitUSD, and more than 20 other existing cryptocurrencies from the OpenLedger crypto gateway including BTC, ETH, OBITS and BitShares. Find out more HERE

  • The Billion HERO Campaign Website has launched and you can now sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date on the latest news and as a bonus receive free coins. Visit HERE

  • KexCoin has announced an upcoming ICO to be hosted on the Bitshares network. Kexcoin seeks to raise 21,250 BTC by selling 8.5m KexCoins at 0.0025 BTC each. When the ICO launches the public supply of 8,500,000 KexCoins will be listed for sale on the BitShares decentralised exchange (DEX) under the pairing KEXCOIN_OPEN.BTC. Funds raised will be used to purchase property which will be rented out as student accommodation. 50% of the net profits from the portfolio will be used to buy back KexCoins directly from the market every 3 months and the other 50% of the net profits will be used to fund further property investment. Find out more information about their project on the KexCoin website HERE or you can view the Cryptoverse episode discussing the project HERE

  • @tsugimoto has combined a list of technical documentation for Bitshares and compiled them into table of contents with links to the relevant documents. This top level overview of the documentation has been posted to the Steem blockchain. You can find the post HERE

  • @cob has announced the new MUSE blockchain web wallet has been launched. If you owned MUSE on the old chain you can claim your new MUSE tokens on the new chains by following the guide HERE.

  • LSBTC - Light Speed Bitcoin and FBTC 'Fast Bitcoin' both registered by cryptonomex

  • New 3 Letter UIA (Premium UIA) HPB has been registered this week. HPB registered by 'wxmcan007' with the description 'HPB's token. Our website is'. From their website: 'HPB (High-performance Blockchain) is a new block-chain hardware and software architecture that includes a chip acceleration engine and a block-based underlying platform designed to extend the performance of distributed applications. Positioning as easy to use high-performance block chain platform, combined with the depth of the industry to meet the real business needs of the real world. This is done by creating a schema of a similar operating system that can build an application.'

  • Bitfinex has announced that it is immediately curtailing the services provided to U.S. customers and within 90 days will no longer serve the U.S. market. Their official announcement says 'Over the next 90 days, we will be discontinuing services to our existing U.S. individual customers'. More details HERE - Bitshares has and will continue to serve every person around the globe since 2015.

  • is launching a platform for loyalty points based off the Bitshares technology. Currently they seem to be looking at running their own Graphene chain and are considering a sharedrop to Bitshares network. When @fav asked about why they are using Bitshares on the ANN Page they said 'Bitshares is the best blockchain for our purpose due to the fantastic throughput and on chain exchange'. I think the current Bitshare eco-system would be great for their project given it would allow the open exchange of loyalty points to BitUSD, CNY, HERO, GOLD, SILVER and any other crypto asset on the network, also incorporating a sharedrop to the existing Bitshares accounts could bootstrap their project and provide instant userbase for the new start-up. It will be interesting to see how the management team grow this project going forward.

  • @virtualgrowth is doing a weekly market update and token give away; Check out his post and vote on your favorite asset HERE, if you leave you Bitshares username in the comment you may even be one of the lucky recipients of the token giveaway.

  • This weeks Bitshares hangout recording has been published and is available HERE

  • Current registered wallets/accounts within the Bitshares network is 384229; an increase of 2949 wallets/accounts since last week

  • The last asset registered this week is asset #1587 and it is named 'GANJA' registered by 'tajnost' with no description.

Smartcoin issueance chart showing weekly change since the start of 2017

Telegram user 'BTS-Bourgeoisie' has been creating great graphics over the last week. This one is my favourite - New mobile based simple ICO focused wallet from the ICOWALLET team in China

Bitspark - MONEY TRANSFERS MADE EASY - Bitspark Switching to Bitshares for Remittances

OCASH international payment card from OpenLedger - More info HERE

Contribute to Bitshares UI and get paid $125 per hour - more details HERE

Google Trends: Bitshares - Interest by region

Bitshares Distribution

This sections seeks to analyse the current distribution of the network. We look at the current supply, top 100 hodlers, Orders on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Reserve pool balance and Income growth.

DistributionBalanceChange W/WChange W/W %
BTS Supply2,597,864,737 186,630.000.01%
BTS Stealth269,289 -1,035.00-0.38%
BTS in Open Orders (DEX - T250)2441305.9 -799,210.00-24.66%
Reserve Pool1002707906 -186,047.00-0.02%
RP Accumulated fees50946 1,570.003.18%
Collateral (top 250) backing Smartcoins385116045 2,202,702.000.58%
Top 100 Total1,555,211,709 1,899,758.000.12%
Top 100 - minus Exchanges430,161,594 -4,832,631.00-1.11%
Exchanges1,125,050,115 6,732,389.000.60%
Non Exchanges1,472,814,622 -6,545,759.00-0.44%

Profit/Expenses from the Bitshares Reserve Pool

The chart below show historic profit/expense from the Bitshares Reserve Pool where a positive number represents a W/W profit and a negative number means a W/W expense; Bitshares expenses include witness and worker pay and income includes network fees.

BTS Trading

Looking at the most active trading pairs for Bitshares (BTS). Data displayed is a 24 hour snapshot as taken on the date of this report and not a reflection on the week as a whole.

MarketLast PricePrice USD24hr Vol BTS24hr Vol USDVol %Vol % Change W/W

Worker Proposals

This section will identify the current approved and pending worker proposals

Active Worker:

Proposed Worker

DEX: Most Active Markets

This section will show the BTS markets within the DEX and seek to highlight the most active markets.

The most active base pair is BTS and the top 3 pairs are CNY, PPY and USD


This sections seeks to analyse the current supply and market capitalisation of the Bitshares Smartcoins.

AssetSupplyPriceMarket Cap BTSMarket Cap USDSupply Change W/W
BTS2,597,864,7370.146614982,597,864,737$380,885,886.46 0.007%
BTS Stealth269,2890.14661498269,289$39,481.80 -0.383%
Reserve Pool1,002,707,9060.146614981,002,707,906$147,011,999.58 -0.019%
Accumulated fees50,9460.1466149850,946$7,469.45 3.180%
BitUSD3,564,8196.9324,704,196$3,564,819.00 -4.106%
BitCNY80,129,3681.02482,052,473$12,030,121.66 4.912%
BitEUR104,4148.13848,886$124,459.38 0.871%
BitBTC75.229,6272,227,950$326,650.90 5.915%
BitSilver8,485116.8991,048$145,302.48 -2.505%
Ruble2,446,6110.1155282,584$41,430.98 -4.183%
HERO1,9231,0932,101,839$308,161.08 1.692%

Referral Stats

This section will track user referrals, to gauge active refers overtime. The chart below shows in blue the total number of referred users and in orange the new referrals for this week.

AccountReferralsChange W/W

Vote Proxies

This section will track the change in proxy voting

AccountOpinionsFollowersWeight (M)Weight Change (M)
bitcrab6439230.9 1.4
xeroc35192219.6 -1.5
laomao354149.3 1.4
baozi296552.9 -0.3
fav219236.1 -1.9
abit4348912 -0.1
dahu2338.5 0.1
bunkerchainlabs-com37208.4 -0.2
hellobts30197.6 0.1
blckchnd213566.5 -0.1

Committee Members

This section will track shareholder approval of committee members

AccountVotes (M)Votes Change (M)
bitcrab799.4 1.3
abit774.8 0.7
bhuz746 3
clayop676.6 1.1
xeroc629.9 5.4
bunkerchainlabs-com590 6.1
witness.still573.8 -2.7
openledgerdc408.3 3.8
harvey-xts403.7 -4.3
chris4210384 2.6
ebit375.8 1.3

Active Witnesses

This section will track top 25 active witnesses and the changes in support

RankWitnessVotesMissedMissed W/W
1in.abit 1.6.35 835.9703
2wackou 1.6.18 812.61791
3fox 1.6.16 809.83347
4 verbaltech2 1.6.34 805.516682
5 bhuz 1.6.17 804.81560
6rnglab 1.6.45 766.818261
7xman 1.6.64 76116021
8 delegate.baozi 1.6.37 757.514461
9 witness.yao 1.6.71 754.83540
10 witness.still 1.6.69 744.289251
11 elmato 1.6.20 743.24073
12xn-delegate 1.6.59 71827542
13xeldal 1.6.22 685.91873
14roelandp 1.6.74 639.59
15openledger-dc 1.6.76 624.95062
16blckchnd 1.6.75 617.85921
17sahkan-bitshares 1.6.73 574.47923
18delegate-1.lafona 1.6.28 5601566
19abc123 1.6.65 559.612593
20delegate.freedom 1.6.63 511.648521
21mr.agsexplorer 1.6.24 505.25713863
22harvey-xts 1.6.23 5035809
23delegate.btsnow 1.6.40 486.940539
24spartako 1.6.15 469.920884
25delegate-clayop 1.6.27 4584842

Top 100 Distribution including Exchanges

This section looks at the top 100 rich list and compares account balances, this section will seek to identify changes in ownership which may lead to interesting investigations and early warning signs of upcoming projects

RankAccountBalance(inc orders)OrdersChange W/WChange W/W %
1poloniexcoldstorage230,001,2030-60,000,000.00 -20.69%
2chbts188,539,25706,365,625.00 3.49%
4bitcc-bts-cold124,056,1570-3,000,000.00 -2.36%
5bittrex-deposit100,422,840011,671,342.00 13.15%
7jubi-bts94,252,800014,886,766.00 18.76%
9bterdeposit44,594,024014,978,785.00 50.58%
10poloniexwallet22,569,216020,177,157.00 843.51%
11aloha19,363,6440-10,000.00 -0.05%
14yun-bts14,137,57301,507,373.00 11.93%
20cass9,424,4490-165,761.00 -1.73%
24chsend8,426,9430145,341.00 1.75%
34abc.btsbots6,500,076250004,999,998.00 333.32%
35millibit536,000,0000-234,726.00 -3.76%
49enki4,398,44615772,523,656.00 134.61%
50bitcoinindonesia4,364,7680-335,841.00 -7.14%
55tkoba994,014,8281559656,340.00 19.54%
58bts-198003,785,60102,582,500.00 214.65%
59bts-morning3,496,3610-109,714.00 -3.04%
62blocktrades3,276,1856674-445,002.00 -11.96%
68cryptonomex3,169,7470-125,012.00 -3.79%
69do1233,103,4530-377,401.00 -10.84%
70dan-dan3,047,69602,947,696.00 2947.70%
83hodor2,509,88002,409,880.00 2409.88%
88hjj19982,281,9810281,974.00 14.10%
92bts-198hot2,203,8240-564,338.00 -20.39%
98wackou2,117,4870-36.00 0.00%

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Bittrex is not using cold storage for BitShares? :-o

That is an excellent point !! :-o indeed

I feel like it might be something they could introduce soon; their market share has been growing as Polo has been messing people around to some extent.

Whats your view about too many ICOs being launched?

Agree to a certain extent but dont want the banks to take over the crypto world.

Great article! will include a mention in the next report regarding Cryptonomex working with the TXSRB

Your weekly BTS report is one of the most recommend BTS article that I am reading.
Actually, BTS is an innovative project and according to my view point this is the next BTC. But here, there are a lot of ICOs, and market seems complex than ever.
Is there any procedure to survive in this complex market? Sometimes I might be thinking WTH is this... (I'm talking about crypto market) And price of the BTS little dropped and still not recovered as I thought before.
I think BTS support and decision makers should aware about this.
I really wish a long future for this project and invested and feeling confidence than millions of new dumps. But we should try to attract more investors here. Is there any way to absorb LSBTC features into BTS? It might be a big step ahead... You know the trend ;)

Finally thank you very much for this great summary report. I appreciate your effort to write this document and thank you very much for sharing this document with us.

Cheers and wish a bright future to BTS~

Thanks you for your kind words and questions.

Agree with you in regards to the complexity of the ICO's coming out; i think more and more projects are looking to obscure their value proposition with complexity which leave the average investor dumbfounded. I think the key is to have a focused value proposition that serves and actual use case and with more and more regulations being force onto exchanges (i.e Bitfinex ban US customers) i think Bitshares value is clear.

Also the ability to create assets and trade directly on the DEX is a great use case.. despite being a murky area in regards to the quality of projects/ICOs which can launch - but this is not a Bitshares problem, Bitshares is merely providing the rails and supporting infrastructure.

You are absolutely correct steempower. Actually this is not a problem of BitShares, this is just a problem of ICO scams. BitShares is a crystal clear in this dmn fuking market pulses. I like the way you think, and the way you act!
Do you know the value of your report? Most of my friends are awaiting to read your weekly report and based on this report we decide where to go! I will def think about DEX index. Actually, I am a day trader and little new to the field too.
Really appreciate your tips and guidance!

Thanks friend!

You are too kind :) Thank you very much!

@steempower This report is one of the best I've read so far. It is informative, with very good content on a wide array of topics, with links included for in depth info on the viewer's main interest(s), yet was so well written, even someone with little crypto or blockchain knowledge could easily understand everything. I could easily spend the entire day following each link but, I am quite the geek and have been obsessed with Cryptocurrencies for over two years now. Yesterday, I first discovered you, reading a post on Bitshares and the DEX. I immediately followed your link, created my account (my name is crypto-investor), and spent the rest of the evening and night on the Bitshares platform reading about it. Thank you so much for sharing! The DEX is absolutely amazing and I am very impressed with what little I've learned so far. Now, I'm off to read more on several topics you covered in the report, check out your blog, then back to the Bitshares platform to learn more. Steem is so much more than I ever dreamed I would find in a social platform & believe it may be the only one capable of implementing change quickly and efficiently enough to keep pace with all the changes occuring in technologies almost daily anymore. I'm eagerly awaiting the next update :)

Hi KC,

Appreciate your comments, thank you very much for your kind words and really glad to hear you are having so much fun with Graphene based chains (Steem and Bitshares). It is true that their is a lot to take in and learn depending on the level of understanding you wish to obtain.. Graphene is an incredible technology!

If you are looking to play around may i suggest checking out the Bitshares Testnet ( This will allow you to dig deep into the technical side (Asset issuance, prediction markets, margin trading, account permissions etc etc) without any risk to your main accounts or bitshares balance

If needed let me know an i can send you some testnet tokens to play around with.

Love these updates. Yes China certainly loves Bitshares and soon looks like the Japanese will too. :)

Would love to see China and Japan fight it out for trade volume dominance :)

shared on twitter

virtualtoken Virtual Growth tweeted @ 16 Aug 2017 - 22:58 UTC

Bitshares - State of the Network - 15th August 2017… /

@Beyond_Bitcoin @bitshares @Steemit

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thanks VG :)

Hey @steempower, are you attending the 34th Bitshares Hangout tomorrow to talk about the state of the Bitshares network?

I will be there as always - looking forward to it.

Thanks @steempower for sharing updates of a great decentralize exchange platform.

Cheers man! Thanks for reading :)

Again, an excellent piece of information for us all to delve into and digest. Thanks a lot, namaste :)

Very useful information master, happy to read your post. I already have additional knowledge thanks to read your writing in.saya hope will be able to continue to follow your post.

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