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Final Update

今天早晨,巨蟹投出赞成票,改进后的工作提案正式通过。Bill 在Github上的README.md中,详细介绍了这一悬赏项目的工作模式。我已完成翻译并PR,今后也将继续为关于这一项目的双方技术讨论提供及时的翻译,并为中外社区更新此项目的最新消息。

This morning, @bitcrab finally voted "YES" for the modified worker proposal, which means it was approved. The detailed introduction of this bounty program was added to the README.md(https://github.com/bitshares/bitshares-ui) of Bitshares-ui on Github. I have already translated the README.md and waited for the acceptance of PR. I will provide Mandarin assistance for this project and keep both Bitshares community (West and East) informed about the newest progress.


Bill Butler 在telegram上提到:


@billbutler on telegram:

I've proposed to modify the proposal in an effort to convince abit and bitcrab to vote for it. I've suggested that all issues, located at bitshares-ui GitHub be assigned hourly values and that anyone in the community could submit a fix, and if it passed, could be paid the bounty for the fix. If you examine this thread, you can see that alt hinted at a positive outcome to this but I have not yet seen a reply to my final question. By modifying the proposal in this way, it forces accountability in that only accepted PRs trigger a payment. https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php/topic,24755.0/all.html


@billbutler 愿意将此份工作提案改为发展基金,任何对UI做出贡献的人都可以获得报酬。需要进行项目管理和工作量评估,例如:修改一个问题,得到多少工钱。@abit 大神对此表示很有兴趣。期待进一步讨论^_^.

Quote from @billbutler:

What if we formally modified the proposal to state that anyone in the community could claim an issue and work it for a bounty.

For example, we could attach a dollar value to each issue and members could submit a PR and be paid the bounty amount for each issue. This would open the process to anyone who had the necessary technical skills to resolve the issue? Would this strategy allow you, @bitcrab, to support the proposal?

In essence, this would turn the worker proposal into a UI development fund.

Quote from @abit:

This idea is interesting.

A project manager analyse/classify the issues (as you're doing now), identify priorities, work with devs to identify what tasks need how much work/fund, or let the devs bid on the prices, after the work is done, review / merge to the code base (may need a team to do the reviews, may also need fund).

Periodically, report to the "management team" for performance review, but not only to an escrow who will release the fund no matter what's done.



Indeed, for Chinese people, $150k sounds expensive, and here are my own opinions:

  • bts是国际币,工作提案的薪资水平不能单单参考中国国情。薪资高,能吸引更多人才为比特股社区办事。国内朋友也欢迎写提案,我相信外国友人对于合情合理的提案也会投票通过。

Bitshares is international. The salary level of worker proposal could not only refer to China's national condition. The higher salary will attract more elites who work for Bitshares community. Chinese people can also propose a WP and I am sure that foreign friends will vote "yes" to the reasonable proposals.

  • 外国友人欢迎公平竞争,国内大神也可以写这个提案,招木愿意象征性地收点费用,全心为您翻译,拿给国际社区讨论

Foreign friends welcome the open competition. Talents from China can also write a proposal about improving UI. I will spare no effort to help you translate it in English and hand it to the international community.(with a nominal fee, LOL)

  • Github上的这一项目积累过多问题,而已经有一年没人管理,急切需要有团队不间断地维护进化,他们是第一个站出来的人。上次bts出漏洞,多亏比特股社区的努力和BM的出面,及时修补,但是市值也是闪崩了几个亿,还有不利于比特股社区的谣言流出。如若此项目没有人管理,出问题了,损失不会仅仅是几个亿。

This project on Github has accumulate a lot of issues and there was nobody who step out to maintain and improve it. Bill is the first person who stepped out. When Bitshares met bug last time, thanks to the dev group of Bitshares and BM came up and fixed it. However, there is still a lot of lost in Bitshares market value due to this incident. If there is nobody who manages this project and something goes wrong, we will lose more.


In a conclusion, this price is not that unacceptable. Plus, the proposer is willing to open a dialog and reach a compromise.



I joined Bitshares community two months ago. It cannot be considered as a long term, but I just fell in love with everything about Bitshares : The unbeatable tech among all other blockchains and the Bitshares community, that everybody tries his best to make any possible contributions to. All the things here remind me of the prototype of the Utopia.


Recently, a worker proposal about Bitshares-UI was proposed, which makes me more assure the bright future of bitshares.


Of course, there are some small incidents happened due to the language obstacles and the cultural difference between the east and the west. After knowing this worker proposal, I just could not wait to announce this information in Chinese Bitshares community, however, without a detailed and complete translation of this worker proposal.

  给人的印象就像是“居然要比特股社区花15万美刀的价格,供美国三个大爷吃喝玩乐,然后他们磨洋工,用6个月时间,做一个在中国三千块钱找外包,十天就能搞定的比特股钱包” 。

This leaves a wrong impression that, it costs you $150k to hire three western people from the Bitshares community who could spend up to 6 months to make the Bitshares wallet that you could get someone from China to get it done within 10 days for only 3K CNY instead.


So I sincerely apologized for urgently asking Chinese big guys to vote without a fully-translated worker proposal, which is too disturbing.


In fact, this WP is about costing $150k to hire a three-people development group for 6 months. Every two weeks, they review the issues published on the github, set some milestones to sprint , including adding some new futures.

(Please view the original edition of this WP to know the more specific working contents).

Currently, most of wallets are based on bitshares-ui (for example, OpenLedger's), and they only made a few modifications. The bitshares-ui has accumulated many issues, which should be modified immediately. Plus, making ongoing and official improvements for bitshares-ui(reference wallet) that are funded by bitshares foundation(like building a wheel), can make the third-party wallets development easier, quicker and more convenient.

  国外比特股社区最先对此的反应也是,工作提案相当模糊,而且竟然没有提到一个最终产品,表示不理解。后来工作提案的发起者Bill Butler,针对各位投票代理人的意见,做出了解释,并修改了工作提案,承诺定期给出界面效果的模拟模型。众位代理人看出了他们的诚意,也看其为比特股的发展做出过很多贡献,自身经验丰富,(其中@svk是bitshares-ui的长期维护者,billbutler是几大代理人之一)便投出了赞成票。

Initially, the response from the international Bitshares community was that, the worker proposal was pretty much vague, which did not mention a "final product". The proxies did not understand and did not vote. Then, the proposer @billbutler, made the explanation for their concerns and modified his WP, he made a commitment that he will give the mockup for UI. Proxies voted this WP because of his faith, his former contributions to the Bitshares and the team's development experience.


After this, the proposer found me, he wished that i could translate this WP into Chinese. I knew he urgently wanted to open a dialog with the Chinese Bitshares community and I embraced the offer.(I asked a nominal fee for 100 bts, LOL)


After translation, I broadly spread it in Chinese Bitshares community again. There are more and more people knew the real goal of this WP and began to vote.


It is more exciting that, tonight, the people I admire ,@alt and @abit, finally showed up in bitshare's telegram group and they were willing to open the dialog. @bitcrab spared his precious time writing an ariticle about his concern and he was also willing to open the dialog.
click here to see the discussion on the Bitshares forum


ZHAOMU is just a little figure. The reason I actively and voluntarily promote this WP is to make a contribution for the successful running of self-governance of this decentralized community. During this process, I am so glad to be a bridge that makes an effort on eliminating the obstacles caused by language difference and cultural gap, to make Chinese and the rest shared their opinions freely and adequately. Perhaps the opinion about this will not be the same in the end. However, I see so many people trying their best to make a contribution to this community. They all have a huge goal.


It is great honor for me, as a little figure, who do not have much voting power, but I can communicate with these big guys directly and try to help them reach a consensus.


Thank you very much for taking the time to post and translate this!
Do you see any way to bring the idea of the worker proposal closer to the Eastern shareholders? In all these times of BitShares, I haven't ever seen a single worker from a Chinese.

Just as a minor remark: @svk is from Norway/Europe :D

Sorry, I do not know he is from Norway. I think worker proposal is the key for BTS's development. To be honest, not everybody is willing to work voluntarily for Bitshares, especially for people who join this community lately and people who do not have many shares. We need to give talents a good price to attract them. What's more important is that, all the contributors of this community must be respected.

Exactly! BitShares is designed to be a decentralized autonomous corporation. That means investing everything and then some into growing the business - even if it means operating at a loss during the growth stage. You need look no further than Amazon for proof that this strategy can be absurdly effective. And so goes the saying, "you have to spend money to make money."

@lzmlam, thank you SO much for translating this! The state of the UI is probably holding BTS back more than anything else. Today, new traders arrive - see all the long wicks, place orders trying to catch one, see another one, that dipped lower than their order, and decide that the price must have dipped because there's a candle wick, but their order didn't fill because BTS is broken. Then they leave. It's impossible to know how many potential users we have been unsuccessful in attracting to our platform because of this, but I have no doubt it is a significant number.
They might make a post on /r/BitShares or here, essentially asking "WTF?" If we're lucky, someone capable of understanding and conveying of what actually happened sees the post. If we're very lucky, they might decide to stay...
If we are to ever see real volume, we simply NEED more traders to join. There is absolutely no way around this. Wealthy holders running market maker bots can only work as a temporary bootstrapping measures, considering how easily changing market conditions can cause a maker bot to operate at a significant loss.
So we need traders, but if we want traders to seriously consider using our platform we should really be able to offer them more than the ability to trade without counterparty trust (for OPEN.tokens, with significantly reduced counterparty trust, compared to a centralized exchange). Undoubtedly included a responsive UI that is free of bugs, and packed with the features traders rely on.

Additionally, I must commend all of our eastern shareholders for their hard work. The bootstrapping of bitCNY should be a shining example of how to lift a SmartCoin from obscurity to a state of usefulness. It is the first ever SmartCoin to be listed on a big exchange (currently #2 globally by trading volume). I think at this stage it is appropriate to start requesting addition of (at the very least) bitCNY:fiat pairs to exchanges other than Bittrex, since it is already listed there (but only on a bitCNY:BTC pair). May their accomplishments be inspirational to the rest of us.

Thanks for all your help. You are a great asset to the Bitshares community :)

You did a good job to translate to English for wide understanding. I thinks I will borrow your concept too

Thank you and great work on the translation. It is much appreciated!


怎能漏了技术大拿猴哥 alt!
alt (BTS 账号:baozi)从比特股 1.0 还在襁褓期就一直守护着比特股网络的安全!对比特股的主打功能——交易——相关的机制更是有独特的认识!





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