Jared's Defense, in his own words.

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Jared asked his community to have this posted in the event he was arrested..
Here are his words.

Jared Rice's Defense - in his own words

The fight for freedom is upon an entire group of freedom fighters around the world, across many areas that require a fight over the freedoms we are entitled to as citizens of the United States of America. While some fight for our President, others fight the banking industry, while others fight large corporations who have wrestled for control of our lives, our privacy, the way we live, the way we think, the way we love and the way we share and communicate.

I write this, while speaking on behalf of a small sector of patriots within the tech industry, who fight every single day to build free, decentralized software that is designed to wrestle away the same control that they originally took from all of us, in a strategic effort to strip of us our freedom and leave us without a single possible exit strategy. The US Government in January elected to raid us at gunpoint, after finding ourselves in the process of building the world's first decentralized bank.

After months and months, they have decided to indict me, Jared Rice Sr., with claims that my whitepaper, full of ideas for the future of banking, our decentralized banking product and our fight for freedom, were not ideas but were in fact statements. We believe as a collective that the US Government's motivated reasoning for choosing to define our freedom of expression and ideas via the AriseBank whitepaper, as statements of fact, completely conflicts with the definition of an expression and what our forefathers clearly fought for our right to do as Americans - the freedom to express anything we feel like expressing and that has and always will include our ideas.

It is a human right as well, not just a constitutional right, to express our ideas with those who want to hear them and it would be right to assume that our forefathers wouldn't have thought that the expression of ideas, wouldn't involve bringing people to those ideas in order to support them, whether that be financially or through basic supportive efforts, because ideas are worthless if nobody hears about them or if your right to express them is stopped at a point where you're trying to seek help in producing them.

Our whitepaper was meant to define our vision, it even states that in the whitepaper several times. We define our vision as "Ever-changing" because it's centered around constantly changing software and technologies, that were still under development. For this reason, it would be impossible to take a whitepaper, that clearly has a version number, in an industry known for sharing their forward thinking visions via whitepapers like this one and claiming them to be public statements. When in fact, they are clearly not public statements and anyone can come to that conclusion by reading your choice, of five random blockchain-based whitepapers and then reading the definition of the word "Statement".

The free communication of thoughts and of opinions is one of the most precious rights of man: any citizen thus may speak, write, print freely, except to respond to the abuse of this liberty, in the cases determined by the law - Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (1789), Article XI

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. - First Amendment to the United States Constitution. December 15, 1791.

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty, than those attending too small a degree of it. - Thomas Jefferson to Archibald Stuart, Philadelphia, December 23, 1791

Every time I brought up my constitutional rights to an attorney in the past, I was always told that "They don't apply here", when in fact, they do apply and they will ALWAYS apply. Our constitutional rights as citizens are far more important and relevant than any right a government elects to gives itself, to impose their authority and processes on our citizens, without honoring our rights first, because our rights supersede their rights, regardless of whom thinks they can overrule that fact. Mr. Jefferson always warned that a day would come, when they imposed their evil will on our citizens and those days are beginning now.

Our President is under attack, as many of us are onlookers to the cruel punishment that he's having thrown down upon himself, his family and his children. Whether or not Mr. Trump is wrong, obnoxious or has conducted some sort of criminal behavior in the past, he is still the President of the United States of America. If we are willing to chalk up the torture of our President as acceptable, you must understand that you are also finding it acceptable for them to do the same to us.

Whether citizens of this country realize it or not, we find ourselves in a trap and a noose we cannot possibly get out of, unless we team together to overcome this tyranny. With Arise, we sought to create the world's first decentralized bank and we were so adamant we would succeed, the public was able to see that and agreed in unison that it was time to take away the deep state's most powerful weapon - the central banking system and take it back for us - WE THE PEOPLE. Arise wasn't simply called "The People's Bank" for marketing, it was called "The People's Bank" because it could never be owned or controlled by any other entity. Congress nor the Senate or even a President could overrule the technological blockades, put in place by the software, to permanently place banking in OUR hands for eternity.

While some say it's ok to disregard one's constitutional rights out of hatred or pure disagreement, one must also understand what a precedent has become in our great country and why dangerous precedents such as one's constitutional rights being violated, becomes a destructive tool for a deep state agenda, dead set on killing and controlling every single one of us, regardless of your political affiliation. Our political affiliations have become a measuring stick and identifier for us as people, as to who they can go after first and who will give them the destructive tools, to ultimately accomplish their wildest dream - a new world order.

As an example, my due process rights were violated by a federal judge in Dallas, along with the federal government themselves, my property was sold, I was found guilty without a trial by jury and I was punished for having thoughts and ideas for decentralizing the central banking system, that I decided to open up and share with the world. If my ideas and my thoughts were not truly worthy of people's attention, I wouldn't have received any attention to begin with. We instead received an overbearing amount of support from citizens across the world, not just American citizens, because the centralization of money and other value-based assets has become a commonplace utility in every government's control strategy, when it comes to ruling over its citizen population.

In closing, we must do better and we must fight as I said in my original manifesto, to fight the powers that be, for our right to express our ideas via decentralized technologies and continue to take their power away, piece by piece, until WE THE PEOPLE have cemented our right to call the shots, for the rest of time. For our children, our grandchildren and future decedents, we must fight for their rights, more than we fight for our own. This period of time we find ourselves in is far more crucial than any other time in American history.

We must fight to define certain words, actions and standards, to allow developers, the new Paul Reveres' of our land, to completely dismantle every single button left on their control board and put freedom back where it belongs. As I closed in my November manifesto, that I would see you on the battlefield, I am here now. They are here now. The time has come to take back what our forefathers truly fought for us to have and it's time to realize we haven't had any of those things in a very long time. We will get them back though - as long as we want them bad enough.

Yall save this

This is for release when they announce the indictment

What can YOU do?

"We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."

- Benjamin Franklin,

Please donate generously. Jared, our freedom loving brother, cannot finish releasing his vision of a decentralized future for us all from within a prison cell.

BTS donation – justice-for-jared

EOS donation – Deposit MEMO 103505340 Deposit Address binancecleos

Bitcoin donation - 1BdA12SMQ8CTC9eb1XsXZGTsSTpjryXiah

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Litecoin donation - LSiinfe3GvDizZpoLUpzhbTuJStozt96bL

REMEMBER – You will not only be helping Jared. You will be helping the entire crypto industry and the decentralization of power. Regulators, corrupted by the deep state at the behest of the mega rich, are focused on destroying our vision. If we fail to support Jared, WE ALL FAIL.


Thank you, Stan, for this call to arms.

As a (small potatoes) investor in Arise Bank, and a strong believer in Liberty, I am one of the injured parties, and I feel that injury deeply. I stand strongly behind Jared in every way I know how, having already donated some and intending DV to continue to do so as I am able. I find it unconscionably and personally offensive that Jared is incarcerated rather than continuing to work on the development of his vision of a distributed and decentralized collection of financial tools for our use. This is not my first rodeo, as I have personally been resisting this beast at great cost for the last quarter century or so.

The SEC and FBI are both wicked and wily tentacles of the beast that need dressing down in the strongest possible fashion, for all the reasons you have mentioned, as well as many others. I urge you and those in direct contact with and support of Jared to seek and avail yourself of the skills of key members of the patriot and tax honesty movements who have a history of experience with dealing with this beast. There may be certain strategies and tactics available to Jared that may not have as yet occurred to his defense team. Please feel free to DM me for suggestions and for discussion of some of the history I've observed over 25 years.

"Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." -Ref.

It is blatantly evident to me that this battle is against demonic powers, embodied in the SEC and the FBI, and that those organizations in this matter are acting in a way that is utterly devoid of the Spirit of the LORD. I pray for Jared and for you, Stan, and for all who are supporting Jared, Arise, and Arisen in this fight. God bless us all.





Something else people can do is Join the Crypto Industry's Class Action against Facebook & Google's crypto ad ban at https://www.jpbliberty.com/

If we can get a good payout in this case for crypto investors part of it can be used to take on the next big case - fighting the SEC's attack on the Crypto Industry.

There is a Constitutional case that the SEC has no power to regulate the crypto industry because a blockchain is just a form of speech as all digital assets.

Sorry, but if you lie to investors and take the cash for yourself you deserve everything you get. Bitshares and the team should distance themselves from this divisive and irresponsible individual as soon as possible. He's done enough damage to the reputation over the last year:


There is no such thing as a 'bitshares team' and there is no sich thing as an 'official' 'partnership' with BitShares, as it is a blockchain. The only means to get the 'approval' of the community (read BTS holders), is to get a worker proposal approved.
Everyone claiming to be official should be seen with critical eyes - IMHO.

constitutional rights don't apply. First it's a contract. Second you never signed that contract. Third you're not a party to the contract. 4th in the civil war there wasn't a quorum. Abe formed a corporation and move the government into it. We've been run by a corporation since then. It's not a real government. Sorry about your friend. All the more reason to keep your wealth in crypto where you own the keys.

Yes, it's a corporation and everything you say is true, but, if you change your status, for example through the SPC process, or some other, you change your status from US 14A citizen to an American National. You then have rights and an appeal to the ORIGINAL constitution is not frivolous. But it is frivolous for a 14thA citizen.

Regardless of whether any government is lawful - and I don't think any currently are - in fact the only source of lawful authority is people, individual people, not masses of them. A mass of people has no rights the individual people in that mass don't have, and simply because a mass of people have more power than an individual does not give them new rights.

So, whether or not scribbles on paper or commanders of forces say this, or that, our rights actually exist, and a just society will constrain itself thereby. I agree this is not a just society. I do not agree that this means we should give up and simply load up on money so that we can profit from the way things are.

We are going to need to draw lines and fight for a free, just, and peaceful world, because our children will inherit what we leave behind, and not merely our money.

When the choice is between blood and treasure, I will choose blood.

I wholeheartedly agree however the declaration of independence is not the Constitution. And you can thank the first dictator of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, for stripping power from the constitution and this setting the president for future dictators to take more and more.

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Incredible story and an important one to share!

The Government is nothing more than s bunch of criminals with the power of law creation on there side. Even the mafia has more integrity than this crux.

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Champion is a man who wins for others. Jared is a Champion because he always win for others... Thanks @stan for this great article and truth

Merry Christmas and happy New Year in addy 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎄🎄🎄@stan

Love, Joy and happiness from Ilorin, Kwara state. Nigerian 🇳🇬🇳🇬.

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Goodness me. Rice is a MAGA Trumper - says it all!

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