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In my last article I pointed out how Max Wright, Jim Rickards, and a host of feckless doomsayers claim that the global economy will not be allowed to collapse under its own decaying weight. Those tin foil hat conspiracy theorists are betting that the global elite will destroy the whole thing, on purpose, at a time of their choosing -- just to bring in a New World Order in which all economic traffic flows on a their private cashless Yellow Brick Road designed to give them absolute power.

Route 666.

Some believe they don’t even care how much of our personal wealth is destroyed in the process as long as they control everything that’s left. The world’s population needs to be capped at ½ billion people anyway.

Well, of course, this is ridiculous. Nobody that evil has such power!

But, yet, what is the fundamental raison d'etre! of digital currencies in general and Bitcoin in particular? Aren’t we building a new frictionless peer-to-peer economic superhighway because we are fed up with the quality of service we have been getting from those banks?

Think of the things you don’t like about your current bank...

The arbitrary limits they place on you
How long it takes them to wire money or send checks somewhere.
How much personal info you have to give them.
Low or even negative interest rates.
High fees and short banker's hours
Closing accounts on a whim without notice.
Taking reckless risks with depositors money and sticking them with the bail-in haircuts.

Banks add friction and delays every step of the way.
And every few years another part of that system collapses somewhere.
We may well be due for The Big One.

I’m sure putting an alternative level playing field in place for the whole world is why Bitcoin’s developers and miners struggled all year (before saying “fork it!”). Why else would they feel the need boost Bitcoin from 7 to 14 transactions per second? Maybe they just wanted to catch up to Ethereum’s 25 TPS? It’s obvious! They need to get ready to handle Visa’s current 4000 transactions per second and all the other 40,000+ transactions humming along on the crumbling financial highway before something bad happens! At this rate, they’ll be able to do it too… by 2041. That’s plenty of time to save us from the nefarious elite goal of enslavement, war, plagues, famine and, um, triggering work spaces.

But, I’m not at all worried. I know that the digital currency industry will be ready when the current bridge is blown in 2018.

You see, unnoticed by any other busy bridge builders, BitShares has constructed a real-time industrial grade financial superhighway capable of handling all the world’s traffic. It’s been up for three years and already crunches as many transactions per second as VISA and all the leading digital currencies combined. And it will scale to millions when it upgrades to EOS next spring. All we have to do is make sure everyone knows how to use it by then.

How hard could that be?

Shall we play a game?


"All we have to do is make sure everyone knows how to use it by then."

Maybe that is how we separate the wheat from the tares. Some will learn how to use it by then, some won't. Those who don't want to learn how to use it, but can nonetheless feel what is coming, had best befriend someone who does :-)

Who has mastered the current financial system then? None. We are just using paper money to buy goods and services. But we really don't know how it works. You will just parrot what you memorized in school and thats how stupid it is. I know how central banking works blah blah blah. Yeah really.

Truth revealed on old tv show, many people still ignorant...!/v/ragetester/6xicf9st
Feed the government!
Or was I looking for a different f word?

I do appreciate the hard work the team continues to do ramping up the awareness.

I do think it could still be easier to on-ramp, as I'm not aware of enough easy ways in for the masses.

I'm still a rookie in crypto but I've been financially active via brokerages. The number of hoops that i needed to get thru to purchase bitshares was challenging.

Wire money in, buy BTC, transfer it to, put in a buy order, do it wrong and cancel it, put in another buy order and watch it get partially filled.

It wasn't easy for me and it's why I've mostly stuck to Gemini to buy my BTC and then transfer it as needed.

I'd like to think we're going to move to the next layer of usability with this - like ShapeShift wants to become the browser of crypto the way Netscape really launched Web 1.0.

Maybe this stuff is more like Snapchat where I don't get it but the kids today do. And, I'm stuck in Facebook-land, with a side of Twitter.

"BitShares will value more than gold!" okay this is my statement! But I know some people won't agree with me! But the speed, and the power wise BTS is the best choice for the industry!
Today coinmarketcap says "BitShares $361,414,313 $0.139082", next year same date you can see the miracle! Yeah, how many of us worried about BTC price, how many of us suffer WTF why we didn't brought BTC at $0.13?
People who suffered about BTC price, god decided to give a "Second Chance". So, here BTS now at 0.13$!
A better solution than BTC drama, a better speed than BTC turtle! If you wish to be a millionaire or a billionaire in 2020 you should spend few hundreds of $$$ today ;)
I'm just saying! We are lucky we have experts in BTS like @stan, @onceuponatime, @steempower, and etc... (There are more, but I know these guys are genius)
Decision is yours... a path to be a millionaire is already opened!


Thanks for this great comment Sir!

Thank you very much!

This opens my mind what Bitshares could be and what it can do to my life. I'll invest some of my earnings here on steemit to BTS and be a Millionaire soon!

I think half a billion people is somewhat ideal to keep high tech scaling economies in balance with ecologic and human well being. Enough space for everybody human to live while keeping nature and all other species intact.
Half a billion is a whole lot more than the world population during the Roman Empire and is about the same as during the late Middle Ages.
To me to reduce world population of humans asap to 1/20th of that of now is a very very good plan.

You go first. :)

Yeah, that's the standard answer you'll always get when you dare to touch the taboo subject of overpopulation - maybe the NWO guys know what they're doing after all, knowing the stupidity of man.

There's no overpopulation. Check out the Midwest or Russia east of Moscow if you don't believe me. Less people is easier to brainwash and control though...

Of course there is overpopulation. All areas that are good for living are overpopulated. We need nuclear plants and ugly windmills everywhere to get energy. There are practically no more landscapes untouched. No more space to breath. We need to go back to a harmonious life style with nature. There's absolutely no argument for growth. Try to buy ground. It's become impossible, whereas it should be free. 50-500 million people worldwide is way more than enough. Ancient Egypt at it's peak had only 2 million people. Roman Empire at it's peak had only 30 million people.

with better economies comes reduction of population. Bangladesh is a prime example of that.
The wealthier people are the least likely they start having a gazillion kids.

So if everyone starts investing in Bitshares we might have a solution at hand 😜

Also I think there is probably a good reason why we can multiply ourselves endlessly it is meant to be like that, I don't think any person or any government should have any say in what the maximum is, this will be taken care off by natrual balancing.

I believe growth is already reducing.

has nothing to do with economy but with culture and politics.

Look at the ex-soviet states. Those without muslims have a population that shrinks. Those with muslims have a population that grows. Central Europe : no muslims, poorer countries, population shrinks. West Europe : lots of muslims, rich countries, population explosion.

China : 1 child policy for a few decades : today : Worlds top-dog nr 1.

you seem to very much focus on Muslims being the problem here, the economy will have a huge influence. As economies get bigger, women will have carreers and less time for more than two kids. Education is generally better when economies are better so people make better decisions in terms how many kids they can support.

On the other hand one could argue that better economies increase childbirth. I read different things now.

By disregarding all those variables you seem to be painting a very shortsighted version of the truth.

I agree though that cultural differences/ politics are a huge factor as well.

But the more people we have on earth the more potential there is one person finds a solution for making uninhabited areas on earth inhabitable.
Making desert land fruitful, creating water out of dry air. Moving to Mars and colonize there.

We humans are very resourceful

God is a first grade asshole

hahahahahaha great answer!

I guess its time to look into bitshares. Thanks for the exposure.

All true @stan, but I'm baffled as to why so many people don't like the bitshares platform. I think it works just awesome, and like you say has been for years. There was a bit of a learning curve, but once you figure it out the functionality and usability is the best I've seen. Can anybody offer an opinion on this?

I've heard it explained as the learning curve can be steep if the payoff is high (Like using Autocad) vs. a shallow learning curve on a less powerful platform (like hotmail / gmail).

If the path to getting in is as easy as using your bank website which may only require jumping thru 1-2 hoops (opening account at your bank, setting up your online profile, you're ready to go) vs. Buying bitshares (buy BTC / Eth somewhere else, transferring it to Bitshares wallet, selling it to buy BTS at the right price, possibly moving it off the exchange wallet after (because exchange wallets shouldn't be trusted, etc.).

I see it as one of the big challenges to mass adoption. For us in early it's awesome and worth jumping thru those hoops because the rewards can be astronomical, but for mass adoption we'll need to make the on-ramps smoother /easier.

Will do! Looking forward to it. I want to use more too. Nothing beats decentralized in this day. Ease of use and Decentralized. I'll buy a LTM at that point.

Hi Sauna, what do you use the platform for mainly and what could I be using it for?
I know about Hero and Smart coins, but I think a simple video explanation will do wonders.

Also I think Bitshares the exchange platform, it might be me, but I think the black color doesn't do itself justice, it doesn't invite people to stare at it for long, much prefer white or a lighter color.

Well let's see, I transfer value around as bitshares (someone wanted to get paid partly in bts), I have bought and sold bts, btc and a handful of user created assets such as brics. I'm also using the openledger dex for holding my Qora as I couldn't get their wallet to work. So, you can use it as a wallet, (you control your keys), and you can trade dozens of coins and assets in a de-centralized manner. I believe you can change the colour to something else. Never bothered with that, I don't mind the black.

@stan - Sire, crypto world seems in a trouble. thousands of fake coins, fake market pulses, fake icos & itos making this place worst & worst every day. but we have few good coins as BTC, LTC, ETH, STEEM & BTS too. according to your view bts is the only network which can handle the upcoming transactions traffic jammed. yes, it can be Sire.
the power of BTS eco system & the block chain technology can handle this upcoming traffic jam without an issue. and also BTS is a stable coin with reputed dev team Sire.
Nice post Sire. nayone can understand the power of BTS through your post Sire. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post Sire.

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I feel the banks were doing whatever it took to prevent crypto from taking ground. Today we see the banks getting involved in the crypto world.

Maybe they're embracing it?

  • Do they know the inevitable?
  • Do they know the system they have created is obsolete?

If so, what would this mean for crypto?

I will do my part and I suggest everyone else do what I'm doing. Tell your friends and family. Tell them how important it is to -AT LEAST- learn about the blockchain. This will direct them to discover more at their own pace.

It's important for everyone to know what is to come.

I love your vivid diagrams. Especially that of Ethereum because it's the one that's beginning the infrastructural change.


As you may know, inspiration through the Ethereum network could lead to a bridge much more complex, beautiful and a network of many routes.

The banks know what is coming. One could argue they dictate to the government what to do about it. That is why the major banks are filing patents as fast as they can, to stay relevant. As Stan illustrated so well, they want to gather the tolls on the coming toll road.

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I smile knowing they are late for dinner.
The meal is still hot, but the guests are already served.
The banks will be sitting at table 19.


Upvoted! Understood where you are going; however, @stan I need electricity to run my computers and routers, I need telephony for the Internet and I need an OS and software to access Bitshares, etc. When the elite finally flick the switch you can guarantee that to get electricity or more importantly access the internet it will be harder than it is now. Bitshares is part of the solution but as some steemians who live in countries with more authoritarian regimes know they need to go to considerable lengths to mask their activities.

To those living in supposedly democratic countries ("the free world?") please understand that the majority of the population is as free as the elite in government (or shadow government) allow. For many you are "modern day slaves", the elite know that if they can keep the major happy and satisfied, they will not need to spend a lot on security forces to control a rowdy population as they will live out their lives oblivious to the truth (or happy not to ask the difficult question/s) - in the meantime they just keep working for the elite.

So coming back to my point - people can now generate their own electricity - say with solar, they can get reliable computer systems that run open source OS and software that will last many years - now we need a method of meshing our decentralised computers together without the traditional wired (or government regulated wireless) internet.

Exactly governments own the internet.

Do you really think bitcoin classic will be totally obsolete in the near future? Judging by your photos you chose I believe that is what you were implying. @stan

Bitcoin classic was replaced by Bitcoin Segwit, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin United's Fast Bitcoin (FBTC) on August 1, 2013. So Satoshi's original is no more.

That said, we will always need special purpose foot bridges. But that alone won't bypass the coming reset.

I believe gold is the ultimate money and investment. It can beat them all. Cryptocurrencies are also very very good but they are not perfect. They don't stand a chance in war like situations where there is no law and order and where the infrastructure that supports a civil society is broken. A prolonged power blackout or internet outage can separate you from your money. Hackers will also double down on their activities and raid cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets with impunity in the absence of a deterrent like a functioning justice system. I am just looking at what a wasteland the middle east has become, how the U.S. is rapidly changing from what we used to know it for, it looks like Europe is being overrun by terrorists and then we have this new kid on the block Kim Jong Un. Is there an assurance that the world will be able to maintain reasonable amount of civility for the transition to cryptocurrencies to happen without serious disruptions?

Very interesting article. I am rather new at cryptocurrencies so I am doing my research as much as possible so that I can learn how to deal in the market. I do believe that by 2018 the fiat currencies systems will implode. The interesting thing about that is there was a Economist magazine cover with a phoenix wearing around its neck a new global currency with the year '2018' on it. Possibly a warning about the future? Looking forward to your content.

I keep seeing this 2018 date thrown around...

Any clues as to why?

Thanks for this.

Runnin' hard, tryin' keep up!

Mean while at the Dash camp. . . They don't even need roads anymore.


400 MB transactions incoming via the Dash network. How is debating who is in the lead of scalability even in question?

Kind time of the day, (H) take a little time🙏. I want to tell you about the new ATB coins, it is very, very promising based on its parameters. It will revolutionize the world of crypto-currency. Its launch is scheduled for September 1, 2017. You can buy it today at an affordable price of 1.5💲 beforehand to buy it before the start of trading on the stock exchange. Where the price will naturally be higher than the purchase price plus a purchase bonus. In general, you decide. More information on the official site or here In general you decide https : // ref = ByHAtrSrb

A planning team is being assembled for the 2018 Global Reset. it is a great planning the 2018 global reset.
Although confident about bitcoin, it may have major flaws.
But your opinion is right.
Therefore, we must face everything.
great post and great writing. thanks your posting.

amigo #resteemia at your service

'You see, unnoticed by any other busy bridge builders, BitShares has constructed a real-time industrial grade financial superhighway capable of handling all the world’s traffic.' absolutely correct. BitShares is the future of all crypto networks. pay a penny, be a member of billionaire's club. nice work @stan

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

you are wrong about evil not having control. you are wrong about the new world order not being strong enough to execute. sorry. facts disagree with your opinion.

My sarcasm must not have been sufficiently apparent...

You may need to update your font to the new Sarcasto font.

Really great article! Thanks!

That image about says it all I just wish some of these cryptos would get their **** together already

Would you like to see my bunghole?

Are you threatening me!?

I sure need me to get some more Bitshares :D First coin I ever invested in together with Steem. Got some invested in EOS as well ;)

Interesting article. I bought some Bitshares a while ago through Bittrex but didn't know anything about them or how the system worked. I sold them but after reading this article I might reinvest a little bit of my BTC profit. I've been reading a lot about the silver price being low, am I right in thinking I can invest in silver using bitshares?

The traffic will be escalate the masses!

muy buena nota, realmente no estaba enterado del bitshares estudiare mas

A problem we have is that Bitcoin is still the "gateway" to access (most of) the other cryptos. Most people will have to buy bitcoin first before they can then access Bitshares (and most other Alts). Until a day when that changes, Bitcoin will remain the focal point of this industry.

No problem. It can remain a gold standard reference currency, just don't imagine it as a payment system.

Perfect answer!

Will keep an eye on BitShares for sure!

Really like your post and the picture at the end explaining the comparative nature of Cryptocurrency was really good! :)

@stan The one thing that Bitcoin has delivered is the 24 hours worth of service that it offers no need to wait for it to open for it is always open. That is why nobody can compete with it. It is transparent. You can browse through a block explorer and see all transactions that a particular Bitcoin address has in its lifetime. That is true service.

2018 Global Reset is announcing to be really great. I'm glad you do that, you're very talented

Great post. I'll read anything about bitshares and bitcoin. So glad I live in the crypto age and no longer have to work like a dog for minimum wage.

Whatever you set your mind to do.... It can be done

I am looking for people to teach me, and you are well educated on this, thus, I am following you to learn more. I have a huge following i can offer when i learn more.

it's so strange that's why get so many upvote, I wish we could give a upvote.

Wow.. What a great review about cryptocurrency..😊
Well done @stan..👌
Upvoted for you..👍

my concern with bitshares is that they ... are starting out exactly how the fractional reserve scam did... They keep a "balance" on site and sell you bitshares credits... this is exactly like the fractional reserve scam of holding a balance... and selling you frn's... how are we to know that bitshares has at least as many coins in their balance as they sell in credits? What is to prevent them from just selling shares that have no btc backing? and therefore printing their own money out of nothing?

Well, that's curiously positive, fingers crossed.

I've got 3 bank accounts and I'm liquidating one of them into crypto currencies over the course of a few months. I'm sick of the long ACH transfer times, the endless fees, and the horrible customer service. I've also noticed this particular bank has been closing branches like crazy lately so I don't want my money sitting there for a piddly 1% return annually at best. The risk of that bank going under or there being a run on it is too high to justify this pitiful return rate.That and the dollar isn't looking too good lately so I want to diversify.