EOS USA Interviews Stan Larimer and Michael Taggart on BEOS

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Team EOS USA interviewed Stan Larimer, Co-Founder of Cryptonomex, and Michael Taggart, President of Cryptonomex about their newest project called BEOS.

Stan explains that "Bitshares will get an EOS" as the two plan to merge these technologies under a new side chain of EOS called BEOS. Along with these plans Stan explains that BEOS will launch a new internet in space and at sea that will provide "jurisdictional agility" for this new chain. Customers will no longer have concerns whether they are operating under proper jurisdictional law, because they will be able to choose the jurisdiction in which they operate.

Michael explains how the crypto community can now focus on building apps and no longer worry about the other stuff. There are no laws in international waters and there are no laws in space. Michael claims that building on his platform BEOS will allow you to comply with any jurisdiction you wish.

To learn more about BEOS, visit their website at https://beos.world/

To learn more about Quintric, visit their website at https://quintric.com/

We had a fantastic time meeting with Stan and Michael, two icons in the crypto world. It is their goal to provide "jurisdictional agility" to a new internet. Team EOS USA is willing and ready to get started!

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Great interview!

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