BEOS Launches Today - Here's how to get yours!

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The long days of waiting are finally over. The BEOS Limited Cooperative Association (BLCA) announced today that it is releasing the BEOS blockchain and activating the website where you can get everything you need to get your free BEOS tokens.

All 2.6 Billion of the publicly available BEOS tokens will be given away over a "rainfall" period of 89 days beginning a week from this posting on April 9th, 2019. All you have to do is move your bitshares onto the new BEOS chain and leave them sit there for up to 89 days to collect your corresponding share of the BEOS tokens proportional to the total number of BTS everybody deposits there. (If you have 1% of the total deposits, you'll get 1% of the total BEOS given away every hour of every day in the rainfall period.) RAM tokens to give access to memory resources will be given away over a much longer 80 week period.


BitShares EOS (BEOS) is conceived as a middle chain sitting between BitShares and the EOS main chain. It will give smart contract capabilities to BitShares assets and make BitShares assets portable across the EOS domain. In its first release, however, it serves only as a way to get BEOS tokens delivered into the hands of participating BitShares supporters.

Here's what you need to do.

BEOS Rainfall - The Video

  1. Go to the special bitshares web wallet that can transfer BTS to BEOS:

  2. Create a new BTS account there.

  3. Transfer some BTS to your new BTS account from wherever you've been keeping them.

  4. Go to the Legacy Deposit page, read thru the transfer agreement (will include info about BLCA membership requirement, see below), then buy a BEOS account (500 BTS cost) and transfer remaining BTS to BEOS. You can also transfer your BROWNIE.PTS the same way and they count the same as BTS for collecting rainfall.

  5. Download the BEOS wallet (there's a link to BEOS wallet on the deposit page).

  6. Get private keys from your new BitShares account and put them in your BEOS wallet to gain control of your newly purchased BEOS account.

Membership Agreement

The following rules have been implemented to maximize BLCA regulatory compliance stance in the United States and therefore globally.

To qualify for the initial BEOS token distribution, a member must (a) join BEOS LCA (BLCA is a Utah Limited Cooperative Association, operating on a non-profit basis for the benefit of its members); (b) create an account on the BEOS network (the “BEOS Account”); and (c) fund that BEOS account with any amount of BTS via the BEOS network gateway in your BitShares wallet.

Any member may create one or more BEOS accounts for a one-time fee of 500 BTS each. The BEOS network gateway will read the public keys of the Bitshares account from which the account creation fee is paid and automatically assign the same keys to the Member’s newly created BEOS account. Thus, the member can use the same private keys to control both accounts. Thereafter, the member may change their keys at any time on either account.

When a member deposits BTS via the BEOS network gateway, the member’s BEOS account is credited with an equivalent amount of a BTS IOU token. BLCA will retain 2/7 of the 3,674,470,000 authorized BEOS tokens in order to support Association purposes. The remainder will be distributed to Members.

BEOS tokens will be distributed to account holders on an hourly basis over a period of 89 days and 64GB of RAM will be distributed over an 80-week period. Both periods begin on April 9, 2019 and extend for "7 weeks and 40 days" or "40 fortnights" respectively.

During the applicable distribution periods, BEOS and RAM tokens will be apportioned between member account holders based upon their proportionate holdings of BTS IOU tokens. For example, if there are only 2 BEOS accounts at the end of an hourly reward period, one holding 90 tokens and the other holding 10 tokens, the 90 token holder will receive 90% of the BEOS awarded for that reward period and the 10 token holder will receive the remaining 10%.

BEOS tokens are backed by BLCA Quint holdings, such that 1 million BEOS tokens equals 1 Quint. This sets a floor on BEOS value, and ties it to Specie Legal Tender, without limiting potential demand for the token due to its limited supply and its inherent utility.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Until a withdrawal is made, the “actual BTS” deposited to the BEOS network gateway will be held in an account called “beos.gateway” on the Bitshares network. This account is managed by the Board. By making deposits to this account, a Member explicitly grants the Board the right to vote the BTS so deposited in ways that support the health and growth of the BEOS network.

Members have the option of withdrawing their BTS IOU tokens via the BEOS network gateway at any time (*) back to their own control.

  • *The BLCA directors will do their best to keep the gateway operational at all times, but a malfunction either on the gateway or the new BEOS chain itself could result in BTS funds being locked up temporarily until the problem is resolved. If you lose the keys to your BEOS account, the trustees cannot refund BTS locked up as BTS IOU tokens in your BEOS account, because the trustees cannot reclaim the IOU tokens and have no way to determine if the account is permanently lost.

You MUST read the full BLCA member agreement located at and click "I agree" before proceeding.

Limitations and Disclaimers

  • All of the past posts about BEOS should be considered as statements of vision, not promises of anything. Many of these visions have not yet been realized in the first release and some may never be.

  • Tokens distributed in the rainfall will not become transferrable until the rainfall ends in 89 days. This will limit the usefulness of the network for the rainfall period.

  • BLCA will be providing an initial set of block signing nodes during the rainfall period which will be publicly elected beginning one week after rainfall starts.

  • BLCA has not yet implemented jurisdictional agility features or placed nodes in international waters or international space.

  • To date, BLCA has only made BTS and BROWNIE.PTS portable between the BitShares network and the BEOS network. BEOS and RAM will become portable at the end of the rainfall period. More tokens, such as bitUSD or Quint, will be added in due course.


This has been a very wild ride, and it has only just begun!

Watch the full video on how to participate here:






You crazies are going to save the world

We can only do it with support from people like you.

Don't like this way of distributions, i am out!

Here is a walkthrough video of the website, the agreement, the wallet, and how to stake:

Solved, I didn't realize I needed to use my eos-voter pass.
I could still use help getting access to my private owner key.

After successfully creating and sending I received this message attempting to import the wallet in the eos-voter:

"The password entered does not match that of the wallet currently selected.
Invalid Password"

Is this because I created a cloud wallet instead of a local wallet?

I also generated new keys in attempt to import the wallet and now I find can't pull up a private owner key.

Any help is appreciated.

Hope I did this right... after downloading the beos wallet, rather than adding an EOS api address, I chose the other option about allowing a blockchain to choose...and I selected BEOS...seemed like the most logical thing to do. But there was a question mark next to it... (I added a screenshot of my wallet, hope that looks right). When creating the wallet, it asked for a local password, I created a brand new password. I went back to my new bitshares account (created on that new clone of the bitshares exchange). I sent the BTS to my BEOS wallet. Now in that BEOS wallet I downloaded, it does show the BTS, labeled "BTS (eosio.token). Question: Should it be showing up as BTS eosio.token, anything else I have to do? Question 2: I read the PDF about the member agreement, I'm pretty sure that by simply paying the 500bts to create the beos wallet, I've automatically "Joined the BEOS LCA" right? just want to make sure i didn't miss that step of joining... Question 3, I hope clicking BEOS (once I downloaded the wallet was the right thing to do, does the top left of my screenshot look right? Oh and I cant seem to test transfer bts back from my beos wallet to my bitshares wallet on the bts exchange.... how is that done? Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 8.04.59 AM.png

I had this same question - you won't be able to transfer BTS out of the wallet (unstake) until the rainfall period begins on April 9th.

Corrrect, since transactions from BEOS to BTS require you to have BEOS in your wallet.

was trying to test sending BTS back (now that rainfall has started) and I get this error: "Invalid account name, must be 1-12 letters" I typed my bts account (the bts account on the bts exchange that has the legacy deposit for the beos gateway). Am I missing something by chance? ALSO, wonder if there might be a bug. On the "Balances" tab, "staked to self" says 310 BEOS yet on the "staked beos" tab, it says "Total 155 beos" and "Staked 155 beos". Makes it seem like I have 155 total beos and that all 155 are staked...Yet on my "balances" tab of my eos-voter BEOS wallet, it says my total is 310 BEOS. Wonder if that field mistakenly adds up the other two fields. Ignore my question if it's dumb. Just thought maybe I found a bug.

new post totally solved first question. thanks!



Raindrop starts at block:


~ 9:40 EST (13:40 GMT) 9-April-2019

check here at what block we are

It's fishy, and pricey. Not convinced.
I'll just keep my BTS

More raindrops for me.

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How is it pricey when it costs nothing? A BTS Lifetime account costs 3000 BTS, a one time registration of your chosen custom account name is only 500BTS for a BEOS account. EOS doesn't let you get a custom account name when you create an account, it is a gibberish name with 12 characters. EOS auctions custom short names for tens of thousands of dollars.

Seems like a BEOS account fee is a steal in comparison.

BTS account is free.
EOS account cost 1$.
BEOS account = 500 BTS = 6$

For what?

Lmao don't get in then. More for me.

6$? 500 BTS is almost 35$ now.

This is such a horrible deal.

NEO is free. And simple.

Finally we have BEOS, congrats!

Congratz for the launch! A new chain which will bring more demand to BTS! Absolutely a brilliant idea!



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FYI. The download tab (video 19 min) is found on the BEOS blockchain tab now.

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