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RE: BITSHARES HELP DESK & SUPPORT RESOURCES - How to get answers fast! OpenLedger included!

Many thanks for this post @intelliguy. I have to admit I'm learning how to use the platform; and, made TWO trades incorrectly, after trying to follow the steps of two separate, and equally inaccurate diy postings.

After researching, I decided to create a ticket; and, have waited now for nearly two weeks to get the matter addressed.

I did submit a follow up, which per your post, didn't help matters.

It's good to know that the operators are volunteers; and, makes it understandable why it might take a while.

I've accepted that the PROGRESS will occur as it occurs; in Divine Timing, as I like to consider things.

Thankfully, my amounts were $10. each. I have not attempted to make any trades since then; because, I have not yet found a trustworthy tutorial on how to make the sell Steem/buy crypto transaction properly.

If you have access to an openledger diy tutorial on selling and buy crypto, it would be appreciated.



Without knowing your particulars, I know someone who sent STEEM but put the wrong memo code in...

..and another time, they sent STEEM to the SBD user address... All common mistakes, but enough to put a kink in it.

Would you mind emailing me at [email protected] I'd like to know more about what happened and see if I can help. Thanks.

I'd like to know more

@intelliguy I've been keeping a 'blog' on the experience as an opportunity to help the novices in the community.

Here are links sharing in detail my experiences:

I'd like to know more:

I hope this helps.

Many thanks!



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