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Dear @johnsmith sir, I am just trying to bring some relief for those who are holding Bitshares (BTS)and getting panicked by the Bittrex scheduled(13/10/2017) delisting news. And I just found your excellent comment in one of the post in steemit and where you have given very in depth details about Bitshares and I am sure after reading those people shall have feeling of relief and continue to have confidence on BTS. So I just thought that your comments are worth of post, then why not bring those comment in this post.

Please correct me, If I am violating any of the rules of this community.

I am just copying and pasting those valuable comments of @johnsmith, I request all the reader to read it and I think you will be feeling great after reading those comments.


A quick PSA that Bitshares has had more new releases, adoption, transactions, good news and development happen in the past three months than any other coin in the market - I follow the top 20-30 on CMC religiously. Here's a quick summary:

(1)Bitspark is moving millions of dollars of remittance volume from Bitcoin to the Bitshares DEX because Bitshares is faster, offers smart coins (bitCNY, bitUSD, bitAnyCurrencyInTheWorld) and is scalable to 100,000+ transactions per second (currently does 10,000 tps, upgrade as needed)

(2)Bitshares is a TXSRB clean token and will not be subject to SEC or other government crackdowns (happening right now!)

(3)Bitshares is being used to create the STOKENS exchange for issuing and trading SEC-compliant tokens. Most/all ICOs will be moving to Bitshares instead of Ether in the future as companies are forced to follow the rules set by the SEC and other government/regulatory agencies. Already there are many ICOs happening on Bitshares - Smoke, Kexcoin, Bitspark,, Bondonblockchain, Crypviser, YOYOW from the top of my head - many more on the go!

(4)The Billion HERO Campaign is bringing in huge marketing and media visibility to the Bitshares brand and technology. They are bringing Bitshares tech to governments in the US and the Caribbean, celebrities, public companies and traditional startups

(5)Bitshares will migrate to EOS when EOS launches. Bitshares was built by Dan Larimer, the main developer of EOS. Bitshares has a plan in place to upgrade the Bitshares chain to EOS tech, enabling sub-second block confirmation times and theorectically unlimited transaction speeds (currently BTS can do 100,000 tx/s, EOS will take it to >1,000,000 tx/s)

(6)Bitshares is actively upgrading the exchange user interface and fixing tons of bugs, they are spending over $160,000.00 USD in the next six months to upgrade the exchange to a world class interface

(7)China is shutting down centralized exchanges; the US and other countries will follow soon. SEC has recently filed charges against a US based-ICO and they are using it to build a model to crack down on all the other ICOs. Decentralized exchanges are the future of trading crypto and Bitshares is the No. 1 DEX on the planet by any metric - transactions per second, scalability, security, volume, adoption, speed, number of assets, etc.

(8)Bitshares has been running for over 3 years and has not been hacked

(9)Trading fees are cheap

(10)The community and developers are one of, if not, the best in the world

(11)Private, stealth transactions!!!

(12)Bitshares is the most heavily used chain in the world, routinely exceeding the transaction/operation volume of Bitcoin and Ether combined. Bitshares recently hit 900,000 tx/op in one day and didn't even break a sweat

(13)Bitshares is the longest chain in the world

(14)Bitshares recently released an iOS app for the DEX - first DEX in the world to allow you to trade directly on your iPhone. Apple approves!

(15)Bitshares is currently the most undervalued token on the planet. Why? Why would the crypto with the best tech, fastest transactions, most scalability, biggest DEX, most development and most exciting news be so undervalued?

Here's a hint: Bitshares is designed to put centralized exchanges out of business. Bittrex is delisting on some trumped up technical reason (that has never caused them an issue to date! and doesn't actually exist)... hmmm.

Bitstamp, Bithumb, GDAX, HitBTC, Kraken, Gemini etc. all refuse to list BTS despite it being one of the oldest, most used and highest volume coins on the planet.... hmmm. Seems to be a pattern there that has nothing to do with Bitshares.

People call Bitcoin a honey badger. Bitcoin is a like a pet gerbil compared to Bitshares. Centralized exchanges that misuse customer deposits (to invest for themselves), get hacked and lose customer funds, stop you from withdrawing randomly, go down randomly so you can't trade, charge ridiculous fees, and are generally shady are obsolete and they know it.

Bitshares trade volume is climbing steadily every day. Bitshares adoption is skyrocketing both by individuals and businesses. Bitshares development is chugging away funded by a $100M USD reserve fund. Bitshares has one of the largest, if not the largest, development teams in the world and it is growing every day.

And if you're wondering... hell yes, I bought Bitshares today!

I am quite sure that you will have a sense of relief after reading this post and the entire credit goes to @johnsmith and I am feeling grateful to him for getting such an insight on BTS(Bitshares). Thank you so much.


Thank You & Have a Great Day

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I cam to know a lot of things about crypto and BTS from you sir, I should be grateful to you.

Thank you again


Thank you and glad to be of service!

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Thank you so much @shivohum2015 ? I wish see you here always


Thank you..

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