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Great topics discussed today Guys!



  1. 2FA implementation and public awareness, giving shard of keys to friends, multisig and
  2. Why there isn't an iPhone app, if it would be practical from an  UX standpoint (the Stocks app worked well even on a small screen the  iPhone 2G-4S had and there are plenty of examples of it) So it shouldn't  be hard to create a BitShares app on iPhone, if Apple approves of  course..


Hertz is seeking additional price feed publishers  

Hertz 28% activated! 5 more witnesses to go!

A few days ago, I wrote about the recent Hertz updates  and began requesting price feed publishers for the Hertz Algorithm  Based Asset (A market pegged asset which oscillates its price feed  predictably based on time). We require 7 witnesses to publish price feeds before the Hertz asset becomes live on the Bitshares DEX. 

We have our second witness publishing price feeds for Hertz!

blckchnd !

A huge shout out to Blckchnd, after reaching out for witness price feed publishers on Telegram - BTSWorkers Dima from Blckchnd confirmed interest and quickly began publishing accurate price feeds for Hertz! You can see the current price feed publishers on CryptoFresh at the bottom of the page.  

New Hertz developments?

Reference Hertz price feed HUG API

I recently created a Bitshares HUG REST API, and created a reference Hertz price feed function for easily checking Hertz current price feeds. 

Hertz Google Site

I created a Google Site for Hertz, and bought the domain which should redirect to the Hertz Google Site in the near future.  

Are you a Bitshares witness?

Please begin publishing price feeds for the HERTZ algorithm based asset. I have sent private messages to most active witnesses via Bitsharestalk, or I have posted in your Bitsharestalk witness threads. 

Need more info?

Example Python snippet

hz_reference_timestamp = pendulum.parse(reference_timestamp).timestamp() # Retrieving the Bitshares2.0 genesis block timestamp

hz_period = pendulum.SECONDS_PER_DAY * period_days

hz_phase = pendulum.SECONDS_PER_DAY * phase_days

hz_waveform = math.sin(((((current_timestamp - (hz_reference_timestamp + hz_phase))/hz_period) % 1) * hz_period) * ((2*math.pi)/hz_period)) # Only change for an alternative HERTZ ABA.

hz_value = reference_asset_value + ((amplitude * reference_asset_value) * hz_waveform)

Properties of Hertz (Hz):

  • Amplitude: 14% (NOT 33% nor 50% - It was changed to 14% for the first HERTZ asset).
  • Period: 28 days.
  • Daily price feed change: 2% per day.
  • Max price feed rate: $1.14
  • Min price feed rate: $0.86

Smartcoin settings:

  • Maintenance collateral ratio (MCR): 175%
  • Maximum short squeeze ratio (MSSR): 150%
  • Max feed lifetime: 1440
  • Delay for forced settlements (minutes): 720
  • Percent offset of forced settlements: 1%
  • Min number of feeds: 7

Price feed scripts:



@michaelx has negotiated a  deal to acquire the domain for 250,000 USD. The plan is  for Cryptonomex to use these funds to complete the negotiated deal. If approved, any accounts that are referred from this site will be  set to the BitShares reserve fund as a way to replenish the costs of the  worker proposal. Michael's arguments for acquiring the domain are:  

  • Prevent someone unfriendly to the BitShares ecosystem from using the domain
  • Many people by default only search for .com domains
  • Cryptonomex will cover the cost of hosting the domain
  • The site will have a new website that is being prepared by @richcg
  • Pledge by Michael and @stan to refill the reserve fund with the equivalent (BTS or bitUSD?) from referral fees


Web Site

The Foundation had previously discussed its desire to provide a  website to be the "the one and only source of information for a  potential owner of BTS and inform and educate all authorities and bodies  involved." The decision has been made to use the site as the web site that will be prepared by the  Foundation. 

Legalities in the US

In order re-list the BTC:BTS trading pair, Bittrex Inc. required an  accurate description of the BitShares blockchain and the Bitshares token  (BTS), which was previously written by the Foundation one month ago,  and needed it to be approved by legal counsel in the US. The Foundation  has retained the firm Paul Hasting to do this. The Foundation will seek worker proposal to be approved to pay for this expense in the future. The firm will also be tasked with asking the US SEC for a "non-action  letter". The request will highlight that (a) BitShares had no Initial  Crowd-sale (ICO), and (b) there is no reward policy for simply holding  BTS. 

Upcoming Graphene Conferences

There will be two conferences on Graphene coming up this year. One  will be held in Shanghai in April/May, and another will be held in  Amsterdam around September/October. 

Distinction Between Two Entities

  • "The BitShares Blockchain Foundation (BBF), that stands behind,  offers open mailing lists, publishes press releases, keeps contact to  exchanges and operates multiple workers for the community with highest  transparency yet to be found a second time anywhere the entire crypto  ecosystem."
  • "The BitShares Foundation (BF), which is in existence even  longer and offers what is called multsignatory contracts by means of  Escrow, e.g. for an ICO, for parking funds before release, or for  parking funds in a disputed situation to put the matter of available  funds at rest."

EOS - Tuesday 8pm EST

Bitcoin - Wednesday 10pm EST  

Bitshares - Saturday 9am EST

Bitshares Discord Channel 

EOS Talk Discord Channel  

Bitcoin Talk Discord Channel

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