Hertz 28% activated! 5 more Bitshares witnesses to go! Also new Hertz developments!

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Hertz 28% activated! 5 more witnesses to go!

A few days ago, I wrote about the recent Hertz updates and began requesting price feed publishers for the Hertz Algorithm Based Asset (A market pegged asset which oscillates its price feed predictably based on time).

We require 7 witnesses to publish price feeds before the Hertz asset becomes live on the Bitshares DEX.

We have our second witness publishing price feeds for Hertz!

blckchnd !

A huge shout out to Blckchnd, after reaching out for witness price feed publishers on Telegram - BTSWorkers Dima from Blckchnd confirmed interest and quickly began publishing accurate price feeds for Hertz!

You can see the current price feed publishers on CryptoFresh at the bottom of the page.

New Hertz developments?

Reference Hertz price feed HUG API

I recently created a Bitshares HUG REST API, and created a reference Hertz price feed function for easily checking Hertz current price feeds.

Hertz Google Site

I created a Google Site for Hertz, and bought the domain hertz.network which should redirect to the Hertz Google Site in the near future.

Are you a Bitshares witness?

Please begin publishing price feeds for the HERTZ algorithm based asset.

I have sent private messages to most active witnesses via Bitsharestalk, or I have posted in your Bitsharestalk witness threads.

Need more info?

Example Python snippet

hz_reference_timestamp = pendulum.parse(reference_timestamp).timestamp() # Retrieving the Bitshares2.0 genesis block timestamp
hz_period = pendulum.SECONDS_PER_DAY * period_days
hz_phase = pendulum.SECONDS_PER_DAY * phase_days
hz_waveform = math.sin(((((current_timestamp - (hz_reference_timestamp + hz_phase))/hz_period) % 1) * hz_period) * ((2*math.pi)/hz_period)) # Only change for an alternative HERTZ ABA.
hz_value = reference_asset_value + ((amplitude * reference_asset_value) * hz_waveform)

Properties of Hertz (Hz):

  • Amplitude: 14% (NOT 33% nor 50% - It was changed to 14% for the first HERTZ asset).
  • Period: 28 days.
  • Daily price feed change: 2% per day.
  • Max price feed rate: $1.14
  • Min price feed rate: $0.86

Smartcoin settings:

  • Maintenance collateral ratio (MCR): 175%
  • Maximum short squeeze ratio (MSSR): 150%
  • Max feed lifetime: 1440
  • Delay for forced settlements (minutes): 720
  • Percent offset of forced settlements: 1%
  • Min number of feeds: 7

Price feed scripts:


Consider joining the HERTZ Telegram channel!

Best regards,

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This is very interesting.

Bitshares next wave eye on $2.10

Hi cm-steem, I am thinking to invest some amount of my saving in Bitshares , hearing alot of positive reviews. what do you think and what do you suggest? is this coin good for longterm or shortterm trade?


I can't give you financial advice, sorry. I've invested in it though.