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Is John on Steemit?

how can I develop like you are a friend, I want to be like you, your support may be able to help me to grow fast like you friend


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Thank You! ⚜

wonderful.. post i appreciate your crytocurrency news.. thanks for sharing.. carry on..

Well at the moment it sucks to not be Latina. 😒

how to use 25 bonus coins

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Thanks for the heads-up. Based upon your earlier post, Mr. Gotts is the right guy to get it off the ground.

Funny how the old ideology is becoming understated...

"when you gaze long into the mainstream, the mainstream gazes also into you."

  • Not Friedrich Nietzsche

Never heard of it. Let me check it out

nice post
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Such a amazing post sir just wonderful ........ :):):):)


John seems like a really smart guy. I've watched all the interviews done with connie from @bluerocktalk . I'm excited to see how bitcoin latina does.

Nice post sir DQmd2jgHAFSARX2WwPVxAu6je8WXij4twTsnYfZtGfBY1b6.gif

I ended up picking up a few BTS after reading
and then!/v/bluerocktalk/fvgq472z
What really got me going was his mention of cubecab.

Wanted to say thanks.

I am also writing because I received the following email that want's sensitive information. I recall hearing the distribution would begin on the 14th and they would appear in the wallet. I am posting this for clarity, as well as, a warning in case this is a fishing attempt.

The gmail address information:
BitcoinLatina via

  • "Hi again! We now have a new form in place that will allow you to give us your BitShares account name so that we can airdrop your BCL coins to you on February 15th. We apologize for the delay and for asking you to fill out this form again. You can use the same information already provided in addition to now providing your BitShares account name. Click the link below to complete the procedure to claim your coins: To claim your coins please complete your registration here Once you have completed this form you will be registered and able to receive two (2) free BitcoinLatina coins on the next airdrop happening on the 15th of February 2018. A Bitshares account is required to take part of the promotion, if you do not have a BitShares account, you can create one here. Stay tuned for how you can receive even more BCL for volunteering and other things that through your involvement will build, strengthen and grow the BitcoinLatina Community. Thank you! The BitcoinLatina Team"

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Yes to bitcoin latina