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John Gotts and his Bitcoin Latina team may have just captured lightning in a jar. They have found a way to capture the best of Bitcoin (mining creation mechanism), Ethereum (initial release mechanism) and BitShares (operational real time performance) while creating the highest performance variant of the recent slurry of bitcoin forks, all in an scrupulously regulatory compliant package.

...and BitShares is the big winner because that's where it will all wind up running in day-to-day operations. This can mean a massive increase in people with BitShares wallets. It actually has everything that I was thinking of in the Fast Bitcoin proposal I suggested last fall, wrapped in a brilliant adoption package targeted into the near vacuum Bitcoin has left open in Latin America.

To top it off, they are giving a nice airdrop onto the BitShares community until tomorrow night at midnight.

Bitcoin Latina Announces Special Deal for BitShares

Connie Willis of Blue Rock Talk got the scoop directly from John Gotts last night...

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Join the Bitcoin Latina Telegram Group to ask questions and discuss!


I want to invest in BTC.
As it is not easy for me to buy BTC therefore i want some expert advice

Who can give a better advice than GODFATHER HIMESLF


Thare osm post

Thanks @stan!

I've loaded up on a few BCL!


Got me some too!


I think this could be huge for bitshares if this takes off. John sounded really good on the video. I think this could prove to be big for us.


It's Sunday today. Did you get your extra free tokens yet?


They are scheduled to be distributed on Feb. 14th


Thank you for your answer. Maybe I didn't understand it right. I bought some tokens and I expected to double them on Saturday. At least that was what I read.


I'm not sure where you read that.
I have found the best place for info on the project to be in their Telegram channel:

Some things have certainly been adjusted.

Here is some new info about the sharedrop part (not the part where you get one BCL given to you for every one you bought by Saturday midnight. The part where they are offering 2 to 10 BCL to every bitshares account) :

"We now have a new form in place that will allow you to give us your BitShares account name so that we can airdrop your BCL coins to you on February 15th. We apologize for the delay and for asking you to fill out this form again."


There was terrific response to the one-for-one bonus and nearly two million BTS were traded for BCL tokens at Those people will receive double their coins at 12am on February 15th. I sort of expected people to then sell off some or most of those coins since they now have as many coming as a bonus; but almost none did. Literally only hundreds of BCL tokens were sold of the nearly 30,000 acquired by supporters over the weekend.

We now have another bonus reward for early oyster eaters and will provide an additional 25% more coins to the total coins in your BitShares wallet as of 11:59pm February 14th.


Very good news indeed. Thank you very much for the information and your time.

@stan Funny thing is, there is absolutely no need for huge mining farms. It suffices to introduce a maximum power use into the bitcoin mining system and the algorithm will be adjusted to work with less computing power. The cost of energy for mining Bitcoin can easily be reduced to one billionth of what it is now.##Upvote/Resteem###

Hey stan, I'm trying to send steem from my bitshares2 light wallet to Cyberblock. Under transfer details, my account "cyberblock" is Unknown? When I click SEND it shows a different name "cyber" in the confirmation window.

Not sure what to make of this 10 BCL freebies that is to happen the 14th of February. As I understand every account on the BitShares network is supposed to get this. Currently it is going for 65 bts each, meaning its worth 650 bts total = circa. $150. With over 700k accounts that would be 105 million in total...


I totally agree if you calculate the numbers it makes no sense to airdrop that amount of tokens to every account. Is there a chance that they might change the airdrop method?

Great news, especially after this last plummeting Monday's events!

Thanks a lot for sharing this precious information, we can all gain from that. Much appreciation for it all. By the looks of it, Bitcoin Latina may very well be a game changer for the face of Bitcoin!?!

Namaste :)

Thanks :-)

Hi @stan, If someone has Bitshares holdings in exchange wallet and does not have a separate wallet, will that person be eligible for this benefit?

great post.
Upvote and resteem.

BitShares really is winning.

a very good information @stan, I really like to read about Bitcoin, because I want to learn about it. I do not have a high knowledge of Bitcoin. Thank you for sharing and hope you will be more successful in working

Useful and informative post thank you dear friend @stan thanks for shareing bitshare information
thanks for see u again

have a good day sir


Beep-Beep. Wow. "You never know who you're working for," or as I might add "who is working for you." The World is always in flux, and it always goes from one to the other. Paradigms are being broken and new ones are forming. Conventional wisdom will not always do. We are the stuff that dreams are made of.

Excellent post, thanks for sharing

I like****

OMFG this looks really bad for btc🤣🤣🤣
I like watching this as a kid👌🏾
Nice post 🤞🏾📈🚀♻️

Thats a really weird name...

Wonderful. Fantastic Stan. Very encouraging.

bitcoin fight is very stressful, currently bitcoin prices are very weak.

This is great. I love the bitshares platform. I shorted the dollar during the recent crash using the loan function. Friggin awesome. Are all bitshares owners going to be given bitcoinlatina? If so, by what mechanism?

This is huge for BTS. We need liquidity and this could give us what we need. Time to go long on BTS boys and girls! ...and BCL 👍


Beautiful post.

This is wonderful news, the first of many I hope.

We are seeing the advantage bitshares has over the other blockchains. The fact that we are sitting on a rocket of a blockchain compared to both BTC and ETH has to make it very attractive. Ironic that a bitcoin company opts to operate on BTS over is that for a kick to the face for that blockchain?

Many believe that the most successful tokens in 2018 will be the utility ones, i.e. those that are actually performing. The Bitshares network is one of the top performers along with STEEM. Enough pie-in-the sky stuff, who is actually producing results.

As we can see with this announcement, Bitshares is providing real world solutions. That is what is going to separate it from the crowd this year.

Price action, at some point, will reflect that.

So how the air drop will work?

Another good 'un, @stan. Thank you for sharing this. Once again, Bishares is a great place to be. Upvoted @100%

congenial & remarkable!