BTC38 hacked?

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It seems BTC38 got hacked.
Hope you guys haven't had a lot of coins there.

Evidence 1

504 Gateway Time-out

Evidence 2

At least their BTS hotwallet has been emptied to a new account about 7h ago:

Original Reddit Post


Had to lol because I forgot that is x-posting my opening posts on reddit to steem. Nice to see it's still working tho not many people use it :)


Not surprising at all... Technically not competent exchange.

BTC38 coin here we come ;)

ugh the industry really needs exchange deposit insurance.

The industry really just needs to stop using centralized exchanges. It's a single point of failure and we have better options now. Prices are higher on decentralized exchanges because everyone seems to be happy having their money sitting in a ruby on rails hot wallet trading script made by some 12 year old kid living in his mom's basement instead of using services like bitsquare or the bitshares decentralized exchange.

great point! i agree...the age of centralized exchanges should be nearing an end. it's kinda crazy that no matter how many security breeches we still don't have more capital in the p2p exchanges, like the Bitshares DEX.

that said, centralized exchanges ought to cover deposits with reliable third party insurance. that's a no-brainer and, like you said, contributes to the higher cost of centralized exchanges.

I thought btc38 was bigger. Maybe it use to be. Thank you for posting this here. Also I will try to take the time to config this streemian/reddit feature. It's pretty neat.

wow if thats true, its gonna be big

I am thinking now might be a good time to flee back to altcoins

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much kudos xeroc


Hi xeroc, is streemian down? I noticed steemd is down, and I wondered if the two are somehow connected because my curation rewards dropped all of a sudden.

Dam I would of been pissed, thanks upped back.

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