Yea, I hear you. I expect many panics in the years ahead. I'm just trying to get into the market ahead of the institutional money. You should too. Once investment companies and trust funds move into this space, you can bet prices will zoom. Not necessarily in a good way, but maybe. I'd rather have some skin in the game now, where these things are overvalued and cheap, than later, when these things are overvalued and expensive. At least if I'm invested now, the tech can catch up to the hype. And then, hopefully in a few years when the winners and losers get shaken out, I'll be holding some winners.

I guess it's true what they say, that technology is always overestimated short term and underestimated long term.

I hear You! Salute

I concur!! Crypto will change life as we know it...much like in ancient times when we exchanged rocks for fish, or animal hides for logs! physical money really has caused so much destruction and misery compared to the way we once lived prior to this.
Have you ever asked yourself or others? what is the purpose of money? Money is merely a tool of exchange for goods or services. This can’t exist unless there are goods/food/clothing and essentials produced, and people being able to produce them.

I now have BRAINFREEZE thinking about this!

I guess it's very is a material object of the principle that, we as humans who wish to deal with one another, have to deal by trade, and give value for values sake?


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