The Planned Collapse Of The Economy Has Begun

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I just recently went on top independent radio show in Europe, The Richie Allen Show, to discuss the current state of financial markets including the volatility we have been seeing within the cryptocurrency and stock markets. We also had a chance to touch upon the globalist infiltration into Bitcoin.

I mentioned how strange it was that we saw the Dow Fall 666 Points on 33rd Day of the Year which was followed by several other corrections. And how the US has more than doubled its national debt in the last decade since the financial crisis in 2008 racking up, officially, more than $20 trillion in debt (even though the real number is much higher than that).

After all, we are now in 2018, the year the 1988 economist magazine, controlled by the Rothschilds, told us we should be ready for a new world currency.

And now that supposed small-government, selected president, Donald Trump is in office and very marginally lowering taxes for US tax slaves, he is running up even larger deficits and continuing to devalue the dollar via the hidden tax of inflation which most people never notice because it takes a while for retail prices to catch up to expansion of the money supply, especially because much of the money created is immediately injected into propping up the stock market.

To hear all about these topics in addition to our broader discussion regarding secessionist movements, geopolitical strategy, insider trading and creating systems to make government obsolete; check out the full interview between Richie and I by clicking the link below:

There is a lot going on right now in the financial, monetary and political spheres and The Dollar Vigilante Summit, coming up on February 19th, is a perfect time for a lot of the top thinkers in the space to give their take on what is going on and how to prepare for the rest of 2018.

Anarchapulco, from February 15-18th, is sold out at 1,500, but many people are still coming down to attend many of the workshops and events which will be before, during and after the event and are able to still watch the entire conference via LiveStream HERE.

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But hasn't the planned collapse begun already? I know this time it is different

It's merely speculation. You have made quite a few predictions of the dollar\economy collapsing in the past and none of your predictions panned out. You have linked your past predictions to numerology and silly things such as the Shemittah. I do agree with you that one day the US dollar\economy will collapse. However I believe that day is not coming as soon as you think.

The planned collapse of the US economy has been starting for the last 18 years ever since the year 2000 when a giant dragon was going to eat the sun. Then again, it was also supposed to happen after the Mayan calendar ran out of steam.

I believe a collapse is coming, I don't believe it's planned and I do believe it will be precipitated by events no one saw coming,

This has been coming for decades. So from what I can see crypto is the transition into the non-physical money system. Any hedges against being sucked into the machine or are we forced to go in? Crypto or starve I guess.🤷🏻‍♂️

I admire people who try to learn more about crypto currencies and the blockchain technology. They love bitcoin not because of promises of quick money but they understand how it works and they know how it can change the world. It's a very interesting discussion. Please watch the whole video!😀

yes exaclty!
Some people think: it is escaping taxes, doing any criminal activity etc. But this is actually jumping on the "Noah's boat" to save ourselves.

Has anybody considered the possibility that it's the banks that built the boats before they caused it to start raining? Just saying that solutions usually appear before problems manifest. Coincidence?

Maybe Satoshi Nakamoto is Barrack Obama:o
But seriously, if Bitcoin was made by banks or some government, that would be quite the plot twist. Then they either they played themselves (at least short term) or maybe they created a seemingly anonymous system which they could use to get surveilance of illegal money transfers:o. Regardless, I'm kind of surprised that banks don't buy up massive amounts of crypto just in case. Or maybe they do...

I don't think they really care if the currency collapses or not, this plan has been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years. They already own and control most of the world's resources...just my thoughts

You keep using this word (worst case scenario).

I do not think it means what you think it means.

To draw your comparison even further: Noah has a couple of boats. He has one Litecoin-boat, one Bitcoin-boat, a Dash-boat and so on. You have to buy a ticket to get aboard, and you can even buy multiple tickets to bring more of your possessions on this boat and then the price of the tickets get higher and higher and more and more people want to go on the boat. And more and more people who have not yet bought a ticket, are starting to realize that the its raining, and maybe that it's raining a bit too much, but they don't like Noah's boats, so they try to make dollar boats, but in this comparison, the rain represents the dollar, so they are trying to make boats out of water. Also, sometimes Noahs boats get over-hyped in the media, so many people bring too many possessions on the boats and then the boats roll over every now and then and a lot of people fall in the ocean, but the boat is still floating.

your description of crypto currency is perfect .......... it may be our salvation when government currencies collapse much more debt we can sell? we are close to a boiling point

i try to enlighten people about our artificial world through the distraction we call sport

Yes, it makes me feel much safer than the US economy right now!

Yes the more research you do and follow the market
You will find out the real value

So true. I am selling off stocks now to fund crypto purchases. I'm certain the few cryptos that survive this massive speculative wave will change the world, and I can't wait to be part of that.

Yea, I hear you. I expect many panics in the years ahead. I'm just trying to get into the market ahead of the institutional money. You should too. Once investment companies and trust funds move into this space, you can bet prices will zoom. Not necessarily in a good way, but maybe. I'd rather have some skin in the game now, where these things are overvalued and cheap, than later, when these things are overvalued and expensive. At least if I'm invested now, the tech can catch up to the hype. And then, hopefully in a few years when the winners and losers get shaken out, I'll be holding some winners.

I guess it's true what they say, that technology is always overestimated short term and underestimated long term.

I hear You! Salute

I concur!! Crypto will change life as we know it...much like in ancient times when we exchanged rocks for fish, or animal hides for logs! physical money really has caused so much destruction and misery compared to the way we once lived prior to this.
Have you ever asked yourself or others? what is the purpose of money? Money is merely a tool of exchange for goods or services. This can’t exist unless there are goods/food/clothing and essentials produced, and people being able to produce them.

I now have BRAINFREEZE thinking about this!

I guess it's very is a material object of the principle that, we as humans who wish to deal with one another, have to deal by trade, and give value for values sake?


Lots of volatility in 2018...and it’s only just begun

33rd day a drop of 666 is all we need to know it was planned!
The Economist cover from 1998 is a debated topic though. Some say the original did not have 2018 written on it. I couldn't find the original, but just the image shared on social media (which started being shared in 2013).
Anyway brilliant analysis as always. What do you think of the situation in Italy which is overburen with debt and with an election in a few weeks? they are staging all sorts of psyop hoaxes there at the moment to rig the vote. I covered the last one:

As many of us know, all subjects that are related to the Elite are driven by Khabala, is not a coincidence to have such number. Nothing is a coincidence nowadays, even less right now when algorithms and bots are rulers of the stock exchanges.
Many have raised their voice that also cryptos will be in the future the end of privacy; therefore one could say of personal freedom. What an exciting topic to discuss in depth. Transparency is excellent, but what if only the Elite knows how to hide their footprints in the Blockchain while the "tax slaves" keep paying their taxes, with no foreseeable way to cut their share?

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The bots have taken over the stock exchange. No one can even explain the drop in the media.

I am with you, I work in Finance over here in Switzerland and many professional asset managers are quite shocked. They believe a Whale triggered a serious of algo-bots. Who knows? Please also check my blog for some insights (last post). Cheers!

I think they were just overextended, this was one hell of a bull run for stocks. Trump has certainly helped that with his deregulatory agenda. I think they were due a correction, but how much deeper this goes will be interesting to see!

“Only a psychopath would ever think of doing these things, only a psychopath would dream of abusing other people in such a way, only a psychopath would treat people as less than human just for money. The shocking truth is, even though they now have most if not all of the money, they want still more, they want all of the money that you have left in your pockets, they want it all because they have no empathy with other people, with other creatures, they have no feeling for the world which they exploit, they have no love or sense of being or belonging for their souls are dead, dead to all things but greed and a desire to rule over others.”
― Arun D. Ellis, Corpalism

i like you notice the 666 and 33

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The interview with Roger Ver on CNBC and the Bcash pump and dump were exactly at the same time that the Bitcoin selloff started. Why would mainstream media talk about scam? Why did this correction start?

We have to kick these globalists in the ass! Freedom and prosperity for all, not just the elites. Down with governments, WE THE PEOPLE...

I don't fully understand this Rothschild and all those conspiracy noise going on. I might be a noob but I keep hearing these stuff for ages.

One has to wonder if the rumors are indeed true, why don't they (Rothschild) just buy all the BTC there is if global control is truly their ultimate goal. They are pretty much capable of doing that shit, aren't they?

We need to all stick together. That's why the ELITE always win, because they stick together while making all of us fight each other. We are the RESISTANCE, We are the CHANGE, we are the PEOPLE...

Even if the economy crashes the rich will still be rich, they always find a way to siphon their debt down to the 99% . They will buy bitcoin and other cryptos before most of the average people do then manipulate prices for their gain with their power. Hopefully at least this new system will allow more people to achieve wealth which will disrupt the current status quota.

You do know that before there was government there was no govt. We the People understood that for the benefit of the people, we need govt. Other wise, it is the mob rules

you just put kick globalists and down with the governments. That's completely contradictory seeing as taking down governments would also mean taking down borders and economic restraints

yes @doccrypto these government don't know the value of crypto so they are just screaming like shits.

Not that I disagree, but it feels like there is always some downfall or something around the corner. Is it really?

Seems easy to make a career out of this perpetual panic. I also believe the collapse will come, but Jeff Berwick talks about it in much the same fashion as a doomsday cult leader that keeps pushing back the date of the rapture with every failed prediction. The collection plate, however, never stops going 'round the church.

I feel as if the only thing that will make a real correction in society is for all these terrible things to actually happen. Really sad to think that I guess.

Holy crap "After all, we are now in 2018, the year the 1988 economist magazine, controlled by the Rothschilds, told us we should be ready for a new world currency." This is very interesting to look into

Some good points raised. Only time will tell if there is a crash on the cards. If it does all crash should we expect Ickies reptilian's to reveal themselves because the games up or will it be another bail out?

Conspiracy theories are fun to get into, but rarely accurate.

Conspiracy theorists love to smoke weed to alter their inner realities. No different from witchcraft or ceremonial magic, this time it is based on politics.

Very good interview and excellent point of view. The cryptocurrencies are the new revolution! It's time to invest and hold!

Interesting perspectives, great food for thought.

Maybe following the disruption models you highlighted— the largest hotel company owning no hotels, largest retail owns no stores, largest taxi company owns no cars, then maybe there’s no reason for the largest banking system to own no banks and be a cryptocurrency

It's not looking good, it's all driven by the bond vigilantes driving up yields. It means the debt is drying up and when that happens it's like someone has pulled the plug.

Thank you Jeff for giving us a very insightful video and article. You have a special gift of sincerely informing us of what is really happening in this crazy world that we live in, and I am very grateful for sharing it.

Amazing time that we are living. It is great to part of this new rally of opportunities.

I'm ready, Jeff, thanks to you. I look forward to the coming year and hope to finally make it to Cryptopulco! I've been a subscriber and friend for years, we just haven't met...yet.
I am new to buying cryptos, but I'm all in. Thanks again. Much love.

Cryptos are the future and people still haven't moved forward yet...😩

Thinking about how governments and elites want to take control over our lives just makes me sad. When we start seeing things on a bigger canvas, we see that everything is being controlled by only a handful of super-powerful, rich, and greedy elites. Governments impose heavy taxes taxes on us, and instead of spending it on our welfare, they spend it on wars, instead of making books available for every child, they want to slip guns in our hands and force us to kill each other. The governments are not working for us but for the elites. Now, they are trying to regulate cryptos because they want to us to be happy, they just want to see the world burn...these thoughts make me sad

dats so damn true.

true preposition

the very wealthy make money when the markets go up and when they go down so what they really like is volatility.

When there is so much volatility ...xiv and other inverse vol etn's had to forcing pressure selling

Literally my only response to this:

Don't worry, they are only taking their money out of the stock market, and investing it in cryptos. You can take it to the bank.

In this era, anyone against crypto is anti-freedom, liberty and prosperity.

Our fore fathers fought for the freedom of sound money.

yes man you are right we all know that nature believe in changing & we also have to change with the new currency & have to accept the cryptocurrency as the future ,which is not possible to ban.

It's just a natural progression to where the milk and honey flows.

Thank you to help us with this information.

Bitcoin will win in the long term.
You can not trust governments, bitcoin presents new features and stands out for its efficiency, security and ease of exchange. Its biggest difference compared to other currencies, it is a decentralized currency, so no one controls it. Bitcoin does not have a central issuer like dollars or euros, the cryptocurrency is produced by people and companies around the world dedicating a large amount of resources to mining.

in the past 12 hours bit coin had a low of 7800 and high of 8600. How on earth can a business use a currency like that? Imagine if you are a business and you sell an item for 78 dollars and by the time you ship the item out 12 hours later, your cost to replace it went up to 86 dollars. It is not possible to do.

you mean like Steemit that no one controls ?

info is urgent, meaning the whole world must prepare for the monetary crisis. but they - those who will survive are creative people in making money and creative in managing their finances including managing bitcoin

@dollarvigilante Right on point! ReSteemed.
I happened to catch your chat with Richie, I have been an avid follower for a year now and that man definitely cuts the crap. Glad you were able to have such an in-depth discussion with a well renowned voice of the truthing movement!

I have spent a lot of time recently researching this whole inflationary vs deflationary currency question that’s at the root of cryptocurrcies debate, why does it have value vs why does fiat have value. We have been swindled into believing in something non tangible and inadequately backed since the move away from the gold backed dollar! Every day that passes our Fiat money is devalueing because of what you said above, and we don’t notice it other then on a generational perspective. My father walked out of high school and started making what I make now after 7 years with my employer plus the fact that he was paying for a $500 mortgage 2 years later which for me doesnt look like an option in the near future as $950 is the cheapest rent I can find and the best mortgage I was offered was almost $1500/month. Is that not a perfect example of how the inflation affects us generationally?

From my point of view the only option left is for the governments to try infiltrate the new currency system otherwise they are doomed to be fazed out with current movement of this society wanting to take back control of there lives and finances.

Why in gods name would I invest in something that is not transparent in the first place?

Cryptos are the future and people are too afraid of change

Just upvote n followed..thanks

Well it had to happen. Lets look forward to the come back. But i think its great value at the moment.

Finally the people on earth will soon be free, not controlled like a puppet in the hands of this shitty government!

Thank you for the info . hopefully will improve

I never miss Richie Allen's show. He makes alot of sense to me. Didn't realize you was on Steemit until now. Always get a upvote from me. I think this platform will be the top in social media over next year or two. Good to see you on here brother.

My God.!! You are great and wonderful.
doname 5 SDB .. for a poor child like me ... :)

I'm wondering if crypto market is actually so volatile or is it the "Big Players" playing with it. If digital currencies become very popular, think for a minute where do the traditional banks stand? No where. And what would be the future of Visa, Mastercard etc etc??? So, there is something big in there.

Nice to meet you. I first started to get into steemit. I'll follow you. Thank you for a good article.

I am wondering what will outperform in the coming months, crypto or gold? Inflation is definitely scary as it perks up behind the scenes.

The problem with gold is once the price starts dropping people will try to cash out all at once and as it is now a pawn shop gives you only 50% of spot price. During a cash out it may be 20% or less...

Pretty informative. It's interesting that we are all used to just endless contribution but steemit incentivizes less content that is more impactful.

Spamming degrades your value, but not posting enough does so as well. Where the happy medium is, is hard to find. And it can kind of suck when you feel you have to balance interaction with your account value/ability but I guess the end-goal may be worth it (curated, paid-out content)

Good to see PMs holding up so far in this crash. Even silver has been completely flat the past week or so. I still wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of reaction though, if stocks continue to plummet.

Thank you for this post @dollarvigilante.

It is very important to expose all those monetary schemes that control every aspect of our lives, it really doesnt matter where you live, it really doesnt matter which all seems to be a giant scheme manipulated at will by a bunch of people behind the scenes, there is a reason why the called "globalists", it is a global phenomenon.

Its ironic to see how the crypto market is being called a bubble, if people would only be a bit more aware of the bigger market, of the "real market", they would see numerous multi trillion dollar bubbles ready to erupt, not to mention a shiny quadrilion dollar derivatives bubble that is preety much hanging by a thread..

Its funny how almost daily i still get a reaction of "...but it is virtual money, it is not real..", when talking with people about cryptocurrency.

The "real" money is as virtual as it gets, the banknotes that they bother to print, are just a tip of a humongous iceberg, all the rest are just clicked away as if someone fell asleep on the fancy mining required...

Thanks for making all this great effort to share this knowledge...!! Thumbs up :)

My opinion to fix this current Market fluctuation issue, America need to increase their cash reserve.

cash reserve xbeast.jpg

Understanding the power of bitcoin and blockchain will better the world by creating more liquidity in so many different markets and industries which also redistribute the centralization of wealth.

They want to limit the intrnet ...... Let's support SKYcoin now and take the internet !!!

I'm ready to get this processes moving. We know we can handle it, just tired of the looming fear-mongering. Let's get to work, ya know?!

You mentioned that 1988, they speculated that we world would be ready for a new world currency in 2018. Do you think that will ever be possible for us to achieve in the future? For me it seems to far fetched, especially because of platforms like Forex-exchange, and others,making money out of how different currencies react to the economy and one another.

It's happening!!!!

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This is a great opportunity to invest

Now the hard currency is no longer as good as the American dollar, but instead it starts to buy crypto money. The world market is now the crypto money of today.

Sooner or later we will see the total crash of world market.

One thing I continue to tell my friends, family and mostly crypto associates is that crypto IS changing the world before our eyes.

Lets bring the power back equally to the people. If we cannot achieve human equality, AI please take over and end this chaos.

That really is crazy how it was a 666 drop.

ive always been looking forward to the time when cryptocurrencies will rule the world.

To be honest I think this has been the gameplan all along to eventually switch to crypto, I am not surprised stocks fell so hard when Bitcoin was as low as it was and all of a sudden it goes back up after SEC senate hearing, could be coincedence but I doubt it.

wow Wonderful photograpy
Gread post Dear @dollarvigilante
i like it #resteemed

Love Richie Allen....have been subscribed to him for ages. I am well aware of the elite's infiltration of Bitcoin but I would suggest that they are in the process of sticking their ore into all cryptocurrencies. They have been trying to implement a cashless society for a while now and if they gain control here they will succeed. We need to fight I am not sure but if there are any experts on this platform they must step forward with ideas. I am sure the steemit community will back them in order to keep decentralisation a key component.

This could be the big one. Let's wait and see what happens tomorrow. Wouldn't be surprised by a little fake out upward.

The DOW is down 1100 points . . .AGAIN. But Crypto is holding up. HODfL Hold ON FOR DEAR FuCKING LIFE! Holla if you hear meh!

666 ah ha - Nothing would surprise, lets face it we are all tax slaves, live your life to the fullest, Crypto is our Saviour:)

I'm blessed to learn this content @dollarvigilante..

I think that the collapse has been in the works for a while since the beginning of the central banks buy back programs. For now I think that a lot of what we are seeing is some of the larger market players taking profit and some algorithmic selling. When we see that 10 year bond go above 3% here in the US and the commodities prices move out of their ranges then it might be time to head for the hills.

The collapse of the economy was planned since the 60s. look up cloward and piven. If this happens, it is an opportunity to restore The Constitutional republic; not some collective nonsense

DGx2Vb_UwAAbm1Y.jpg the economist

good interview.

This post disappoints me, 666 33rd stuff, with a slant on fear. Really mate, freedom fighter. How much freedom have you won so far by being 'that guy?

Great article,and these are definitely exciting times!I'm so curious to see how blockchain technology can disrupt the current monetary system.By the way I always need to ask: more than $20 trillion in debt to WHOM?

Interesting stuff. There is so much going on behind the scenes that it boggles the mind. Good thing there are people like you to help us stay somewhat up-to-date.
Thanks for sharing.

This article is nothing, but a speculation. There should be more intense explanation on a given subject. You can just look on history and few facts from past and try to imply to the situation in which we are right now.

Good work Awesome

I for one knew this Blow out in Crypto Market Cap is a targeted shot by the Deep states who still doesn't understand the concept of disruptive technology- The Blockchain.

Good to see you @dollarvigilante on Steemit. Didn't know you post here. ;)

Would be sick if you would make an in-depth article on what, in your opinion, people should do regarding possible collapse. Tips, action steps.

Cheers fist (1).png

How?The Planned Collapse Of The Economy Has Begun to see...say

The "globalist infiltration of Bitcoin" is what worries me. I'm based in the U.S., and it seems like every day, there's some new plot by the big Wall Street banks to co-opt the cryptocurrency market all for themselves...

Bitcoin is down forty five percent “45%” this year — but it really is no longer what is demanding cryptocurrency exchanges @dollarvigilante