Awareness of Bitcoin is Now More Important Than Awareness of Geoengineering

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

A sea change in the awareness of Bitcoin and what it ultimately represents is nearly upon us. Once this realignment in our understanding of money, who owns it, and how it comes into existence evolves, then great great strides in throwing off the old financial paradigm will be well underway. 

This monumental change will empower We The People in ways that are presently unimaginable, and represent changes in the concepts we hold of ourselves so great that we just have-not dare let ourselves "go there". 

Recently, the Ethereum/DAO debacle was, for me, a brilliant example of establishing a framework to fund projects, really Big Ideas potentially resulting in civilization changing inventions without having to go beg your bank or crowd fund (which is shining and affording opportunities in it's own right).  The immense amount of money raised, the excitement generated was, and is to a degree, still inspiring. A far larger number of people now know that the crypto universe is forward looking, solutions oriented and committed to bringing this vision of a better way of doing "money" into Today. The DAO, that damn one line of code out of place...

I have hope and yet I know that with crypto's the future of this planet can be returned into our own hands and most importantly we can manifest our own destiny not being a vessel or subject of the Crown any longer.

It is my growing belief that our presently distorted relationship with money changes then the revolution we have all hungered for yet didn't know how to execute, will be nearly won. #Bitcoin 

Progress is painfully slow at times when the solution is obvious.

All the very best to my fellow #steemers as the force, the hashing power, IS with us!


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Yes we should see beyond the DAO. The opportunity which it represents is way more than the debacle.


When a pothole opens up in the road we don't go asking Siri for a detour. We power through, that's what tires and suspensions are for. We will and have survived learning from this necessary experience how to execute better in the weeks and months ahead. This is the future.

After the rails were laid across the West two centuries ago the robbers showed up and got rich. This analogy applies to this new technology even today.


This was a great article. Thank you.
I believe the panic has started, and you'd be crazy not to see the opportunity in Blockchain, to survive what's going to happen in the economy.


We, steemit folks and the BTC community, are early adopters. We have recognized the problems and have also begin to work with, familiarize ourselves with and share with others the solution to a centralized "illegal" money system.

The real panic will set in when the Chinese can't sell their high dollar real estate to the next fool. They will then pledge to themselves to never ever again buy non-liquid assets on credit. Then the "panic to own" this digital asset class will be underway.

Many many families will then, within the decade, spend their entire lives living on less then 0.01BTC the value will have grown to such a value!

Funny, I use to think along these lines in the opposite direction. I came with a strong technology background and more recently woke up to Geo Engineering. When that happened, my thinking was: Wake people up to reality and they will really know how important it is to take money into our own hands. When billions of people are fully aware and don't want something, well I think they will get their way.

Thanks for pointing out the economic aspects, I had not thought about that in a while! I wonder how this would play out. This would make a great movie.

I am kind of amazed at how few folks actually watch videos! Forty-eight votes but only five additional views on the YouTube count. Fascinating.

I find it so much easier to speak rather than type out a "missive"... There just has to be some kick-ass recorded audio-to-text software out there!

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